My name is Alfonso Faustino, and thanks for visiting my BLOG-site. I am unexpectedly surprised by all the visits my BLOGs get; and, I thank you for all the kinds and wonderful emails by my viewers, as a result of reading my BLOGs.

By way of background, I retired from Corporate America at 40 years old. I worked at several well-know Fortune 500 Corporations . I am an enthusiastic passport-stamp collector; and, I lived abroad. I learned and experienced many different cultures; and, I enjoyed all of them.

I believe in acquiring as many life experiences as I possible can before I leave this planet; hence, I’m on my personal journey to learn and experience all that I can to aid in my growth on all levels: spiritually, physically, intellectually, and artistically.

My positive mental attitude (PMA) is one of the many tools I use to effectuate my goals and dreams.

One of my keys to success: “Know my goals, and get off my ass each day to get to those goals.”

Another element to my ongoing success is I CHOOSE when to accept and when to ignore critics and opinions that come my way…if I choose to IGNORE the critics and opinions that come my way it’s because those people don’t mean anything to me, and they don’t pay my bills nor do they have anything to do with my life — it’s my life — I grip it and rip it my way.

I definitely don’t give any time to people that hide behind anonymous names when critiquing me in a positive or negative way. I don’t believe in anonymity when I critique a person — I always give my real name whenever I post or email my thoughts; hence, I NEVER read negative nor positive comments nor emails from anonymous posters or email senders, respectively.

For safety reasons and efficient use of my time, if you want to send me mail or deliveries, you MUST tell me beforehand. All mail and deliveries, without prior notification to me, gets trashed without being opened.

Deliveries sent to me, without notifying me beforehand, are rejected at the door or immediately left to trash without being opened.

I enjoy reading BLOGs that are written by passionate people; because, if you are passionate about something, the way you express your passion will entertain me — passion, in my experiences, brings out many positive things, such as, but not limited to, creative ways of describing the subject that is the source of your passion.

Even though I might not agree your points-of-view nor fully understand your subject matter, as long as you, the BLOGer, is passionate about the subject-matter, I will read it and learn from you.

My BLOGs are a small glimpse of my journeys in life: physically, emotionally, intellectually, artistically, and spiritually.

I believe we all have stuff to learn from each other through our experiences; and, I hope my BLOG will add value to your life as your BLOGs have done with mine.

Check 6.

/s/ Alfonso Faustino