Alfonso Faustino: Television Series: On-Location in New York!

1-July-2022: I’m on-location in The City acting in a network television series.

I love views. Views help me settle in when I prepare for my role. I like to create my character, read my script, and memorize my lines while overlooking my views. Falcon’s Crest is located at the Upper East (Upper East Side) and is ~450 ft. AGL.

I am SO ELATED! I booked my first Co-star Role in a major network television series; and, I am living my dream! I finally achieved this ever so elusive goal!

1-July-2022: On-location: Astoria Park, Queens, NY. That’s Danny — former US Army Infantry. He is our security detail.

I worked hard to manifest this dream into a goal, and to create quantifiable objectives for me to achieve my goal.

1-July-2022: On-location at Astoria Park, Queens, New York. This trailer is my office until I’m wrapped.

I prayed, had hope, visualized, used my positive mental attitude, studied, learned, and busted my ass in the Los Angeles and New York City markets.

Zoom Acting Class: Circa: June 2022: Every Saturday: 1515 – 1900 Hours.

This is my life as a full-time Los Angeles actor for the past four years (2018-present)…

the left stack, pictured supra, are the three auditions I booked (1: web series, 1: Voice-Over, and, most recently, my first co-star role in a television series (my goal)); the right stack is all the auditions that I attempted, which is well-over 300 now: 9-1-1, Law and Order, Magnum P.I., Hawai’i Five-0, Walking Dead, and so on.

Despite all the 300+ attempts, I never gave up. I maintained my positive mental attitude and was hopeful with every single audition that came my way — I NEVER missed an audition, and I gave each audition my best — as if my life depended on it — I never took an audition for granted nor disrespected an audition in any way — I treated each audition as if I booked the gig and was on-set filming the scene.

3-July-2022: Sunday run on Fifth Avenue near my home.

One of my acting instructors said, if you wanna be a working actor, it’s gonna take at least five years to get casting to know and trust you in order to get your first gig. Of course, do you have the tenacity to handle all the rejections and not give up?

At a very early age, like around 8 years old, my father conditioned me to get to my goals — I achieved and EXCEEDED all of them in my adult-life thus far — and, this one, has been my hardest one to achieve — four emotional and spiritual grueling years…I wanted to give up so many times; and, I thought about suicide, three times, for the first time in my entire life while pursuing this dream/goal. It was so serious I surrendered all my four of my Sig Sauers and my Colt 38 Special to my sister while in this state; but, the Trinity, my mum, my sis, and my GF, picked me up, dusted me off, and got me back on the horse to ride it out another day, and another, and another…until, one day…I finally got this break; I did it; and, I wish my pappy was alive to see me succeed and get this goal and watch me living my dream! He would have been so proud and happy for me.

This is the importance of family — great parents and great sister — this is the importance of extended family: Girlfriend and my Four Friends — this is the importance of a support group, which is my circle-of-trust: agent, managers, acting coaches, several acquaintances.

Photo Credit: Alvin: Tadich Grill: Circa 26-July-2022: Dinner with my HAM Mentor and close friend, Tom Naso.

My sister knows me so well and knows exactly the things to say to me when I was weak:

If you give up, a lot of people will be happy you gave up — are you gonna let those fuck-holes win?

I’m all about the win — she slapped the sense into me, and I fought another day, and another, and another, and I still fight to get another break after getting this break. That’s what I do…I fight.

My father told me, when I was 18 years old:

The chasm that separates you from getting that goal is paper thin…all it takes is just one more push to break through. A lot of people give up getting to that goal not realizing how close, so very close, they were to breaking through.

This is the main reason I keep auditioning; because, I am hopeful and always positive that this audition is the one that gets me my gig — my break! Hope, my passionate interest to learn and make changes when needed, and Positive Mental Attitude allow me to visualize my win — important tools for me!

25-July-2022: Photo Credit: Girlfriend. Dinner with mum sister and close acquaintances.

I embrace my multiple attempts (colloquially, failures) to get this goal and my future goals — I don’t believe in the idea and notion of failure — failure, to me, is nothing more than an attempt. I use all those attempts, and I learn from them; and, I use them to get to my successes. I am constantly learning and changing myself.

I’m always hanging out with better actors so I can ask questions and learn from them.

Matthew McConaughey went through a similar journey, as did other well-known actors.

My successes are the result of my parents being active in my life from when I was born to present. This is the most important blessing from the Trinity — my parents and my sister. Man, I’m thankful for having parental and my sister’s guidance in my life — yesterday, today at 57 years old, and if I live to see another day…tomorrow.

I do what I gotta do, and I ignore everyone that are irrelevant to me, which is the entire world, and I keep my focus on my goals.

3-July-2022: So tempting, but, I don’t wanna gain weight, so I don’t. My vanity and ego keep me away from eating these types of food. I look great and feel great, and I don’t want to lose my accomplishments of my athletic and fit build; hence, I continue with my run and run away from the temptation.
3-July-2022: Sunday run on Fifth Avenue near my home.

My acting instructor was pretty darn accurate. I became a serious and focused full-time actor in Los Angeles and New York, at 53 years old — I started in 2018. Four years later, at 57 years old, in 2022, after 300+ auditions and 300+ attempts, I achieved my goal and dream; and, now, I’m in New York City living my dream!

1-July-2022: Upper West and on one of my favorite streets in The City — Columbus Ave.

I am truly blessed and grateful to the Trinity, my mum, sister, girlfriend, cousin, agent, and manager. I thank the casting director, and the studio for selecting me for this role!

2-July-2022: Falcon’s Crest View: ~450 Ft AGL: I dig views! Upper East.

Okay, let’s get started…

30-June-2022: On-Location at The Studio in LIC (Long Island City, New York): CoVid-19 Testing and Wardrobe Fitting:

After I got PRC-tested and Rapid-result-tested, which turned negative results, I was allowed on-set to work and get fitted for wardrobe.

30-June-2022: Rapid Test.

I tried on all these clothes. Wardrobe took pictures of me; the pictures were sent to the decision-maker, and he or she selected my outfit for my role.

30-June-2022: Wardrobe Selection.

Stripped out of my own clothes to try on the studio’s wardrobe.

Prior to wardrobe, the studio let me sit in their war-room. This is the place they viewed my audition and decided to hire me.

30-June-2022: The Studio in LIC, NY.

Then, I was released for the day. I walked around the studio to get acclimated.

This is Studio H. This studio in the on-set location for part of the television series.

30-June-2022: LIC, New York: Studio H.

It’s a secured set; hence, I was not allowed to take pics on-set. I like to meet the crew, and I like to get a feel for the energy to get acclimated before I hit my mark 1-July-2022.

After I felt acclimated and toured the studio, it was feeding time — Where’s Kraft Services?

There’s Kraft Services!

1-July-2022: It’s Showtime! On-location: Astoria Park, Queens, New York.

I was greeted by wonderful super-cool, Tina — a Production Assistant assigned to handle me.

She walked me for about two or three blocks to get me to my trailer.

1-July-2022: On-location: Astoria Park, Queens, New York: Base Camp.

Here’s my trailer.

1-July-2022: On-location: My office until I’m wrapped.

First order of business, fill out forms.

1-July-2022: Inside my trailer until Tina gets me.

Next order of business, go over Green Script for my shoot.

1-July-2022: Studying my new lines in my trailer.

Tina knocked on my door to get me to hair and make-up.

Linda is so awesome. I really enjoyed talking with her and her energy — I wanna work with her again. She said, Well, you have great skin; so, there isn’t anything I need to do — just put some anti-shine and chapstick, and you’re done here — just gotta getcha to Sotoko to do your hair.

Sotoko is awesome, too. I wanna work with her again. She said, you have great hair — just gonna trim it, and you’re done.

Tina picked me up, and she walked me to my trailer.

Then, she knocked on my door, and told me to change into wardrobe.

After I changed, she said, Your driver is ready to get you to the shooting location.

We hop on and get to St. John’s Prep.

Camera, lighting, boom, and crew are moving in a controlled-rushed manner to break-down and set-up scenes — my scene included.

The production crew, director, assistant, camera operators were so awesome to me.

Rashida and I clicked. We met at Studio H on 30-June-2022, during my wardrobe fitting, and we just clicked, and it was so nice to see her on-location!

Well, after this stage, everything is TOP SECRET. I can’t show the pictures of me acting at my location…until AFTER my episode airs.

After I was done shooting my scene, the wonderful Tina grabbed me, got me to my car, and the driver got us to base-camp. Tina walked me to my trailer with dinner waiting for me in my trailer.

After dinner, I was wrapped for the day.

That’s a sad time for me…being wrapped — I can spend all day and night on-set acting; but, all good things must come to an end.

1-July-2022: Maintenance work on the apartment building for safety and enjoyment.
1-July-2022: Falcon’s Crest View: ~450 ft. AGL.

I went back home, and I prayed. I thanked the Trinity for blessing me with the achievement of this dream and goal. I thanked the Trinity for my positive mental attitude, hope, faith, wisdom, tenacity, hard/smart working abilities, agent, managers, mum, sister, cousin, girlfriend, casting director, I also thanked The Studio, production crew, and the visualization exercises to get this dream and goal!

1-July-2022: I like to listen to the comms of FDNY, NYPD, Bronx PD, Brooklyn PD, Queens PD, and Staton Island PD on my Uniden Scanner. I also enjoy listening to air traffic with my Yaesu FTA-850L.
2-July-2022: Using my APX 8000HXE to hit 30 Rock.

I thanked the Trinity for my blessed life; the great people I met on-set; the core people supporting my life as an actor, and the awesome day I had on-set.

20-June-2022: Mum’s Birfday: China Live: San Francisco, CA. Everyone always tell me I must be adopted; cuz, I don’t look like my mum and sister. What do you think?
30-June-2022: Dinner with my cousin in The City’s, LA PECORA BIANCA, on Columbus Ave. Everyone can’t believe we’re cousins, cuz we don’t look alike…people say my cousin looks more like my mum and sis…what do you think?
Girlfriend and I at Eagle’s Nest before our flight to The City: 21-June-2022.

I just LOVE the way she drapes her left arm over my shoulder — body language is worth more than words…she is in love with me, and I’m the happiest guy around. My GF and I are enjoying the warm San Francisco evening on my penthouse deck overlooking the view of the San Francisco skyline. This will be our last night at Eagle’s Nest; we fly out to my crypt in Beverly Hills tomorrow then to New York City for my shoot. Photo Credit: Charles Scott, M.D..

After I prayed, it’s back to the hustle — I have two auditions that came up while I was on-set from my manager:

  • Beverly Hills Cop: Feature Film
  • NCIS: Vegas: Television Series

I will give these two auditions my best, and I will work hard, visualize, hope, stay positive, and pray hard that I book these two gigs through the Trinity’s will and righteousness.

2-July-2022: Next to San Francisco, I consider New York City home.

Time to get back to work!

I did it…I actually did it…This is my life as an actor; and, I LOVE IT!

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino