Alfonso Faustino: Motorola APX 8000HXE, Motorola XPR 7550e, and Yaesu FTA-850L: Every-Day-Use

Circa: 18-June-2022: Beverly Hills, CA. Photo Credit: Girlfriend. Coordinating Check-point Charlies with other drivers for our hike.

As mentioned in my previous BLOGs, I use my Motorola transceivers primarily for auxiliary communications in the event the mobile phones fail; and, I use my Motorola transceivers for my volunteer work with the USCGAUX and Sheriff’s Office.

I also use my Motorola transceivers and my Yaesu FTA-850L for every-day-use to help me coordinate activities with my GF, family, friends, and acquaintances.

I like to plane spot with my Yaesu FTA-850L. This plane just got towed out and heading to the runway. Its final destination is Midway.
  • Airport Pick-ups: This weekend my GF flew in from San Francisco, CA to visit me; and, I used my Yaesu FTA-850L to track her flight from take-off, to landing, and up to the arrival gate. Sure, I can use an Apple iPhone 13 Pro Flight Application, which I do, but the flight application doesn’t provide the full details, such as, but not limited to, arrival to gate. I tracked her flight to the gate, and I knew exactly when her plane arrived. She texted me indicating that she was deplaning. Then, she activated the Motorola XPR 7550e, which I gave her, to coordinate our rendezvous for her pick-up at LAX — much easier than text messaging or holding an iPhone up to your ear or constantly calling each other back due to changes in pick-up locations and traffic;
  • Group Hikes: One of the things we first did when she got all settled in, was a group hike at Laurel Canyon. Our group consisted of 10 people in our blended social networks. My GF and others used my Motorola XPR 7550e; I used my Motorola APX 8000HXE, along with my Garmin inReach Explorer+. Through the Motorola company, of which I sit on the Board Of Directors, we have our own private commercial frequencies; so, all the transceivers were programmed to the commercial frequencies from the company. Throughout the hike, we split up, but we had constant contact with each other via our transceivers — after the hike, we used the Motorola transceivers in our caravan of cars on the 405 to our dinner meet-up at Matú.
  • Sailing: Last night, we took two sailboats out for an evening sail and dinner. On my buddy’s sailboat, we had my Motorola APX 8000HXE and the onboard iComm Marine Band transceiver. The other sailboat had their onboard iComm Marine Band transceiver, and we executed boat:boat comms in MAR10. We coordinated our sea adventure through our transceivers, and we pulled our sailboats into the restaurant’s dock for an ocean-view dinner;
Circa: Christmas Eve 2021: My sister’s BF’s sailboat — manning the helm to Alcatraz.
  • Disneyland: We all hit Disneyland — there was about 20 of us, and Disneyland allowed us to use our transceivers…it’s hit-n-miss with Disneyland…they are really strict about the use of walkie-talkies…in the past, a few acquaintances mentioned they were not allowed to use walkie-talkies on the premise, but such was not the case today with my group, albeit, we did get our transceivers inspected by the park managers. Anyway, it was so convenient to use our transceivers to coordinate meeting spots throughout the day and night; and,
  • Fly-Fishing: Yuba River: When the guys and I do a day-trip or a weekend trip to the Yuba River, we are all connected via our transceivers, and I also bring my Garmin inReach Explorer+. In my Motorola APX 8000HXE, I have all the SAR and Medical Frequencies programmed in case we have an emergency; of course, my Garmin inReach Explorer+, which is an iridium satellite communications device, also does the trick in case we need an emergency helo evacuation.
  • Good Ole Fashion Entertainment: When I’m alone, I enjoy listening to air communications, boat communications, and public safety communications.

My girlfriend and others don’t like listening to this stuff unless they hear something exciting like a helo rescue or something like that — otherwise, I’m alone listening — it relaxes me; and, sometimes, when my girlfriend does spend the night, I take my Motorola APX 8000HXE, and the communications put me to sleep.

3-July-2022: In Falcon’s Crest: Upper East (Upper East Side), NYC: listening to communications on my Motorola APX 8000HXE: waiting for my girlfriend to get ready before we hit 5th Ave for shopping.

Heading back to The City (there’s ONLY one City) after our stay in SoCal. My GF and I flew into LGA, 23-June-2022. In San Francisco, CA, my family has Eagle’s Nest; and, in New York, NY, on the Upper East (Upper East Side), my family has Falcon’s Crest. My driver is taking us to Falcon’s Crest. My girlfriend has never been to Falcon’s Crest. I will be residing at Falcon’s Crest for the remainder of the year — of course, I will fly out to other states when I book a gig; though, Falcon’s Crest will be my primary nesting ground. 2023, I will return to Eagle’s Nest.

21-June-2022: My sister pulling out The Car out of Eagle’s Nest Paddock to drive my girlfriend and I to SFO. Photo Credit: Girlfriend.
Sister driving me, my GF, and my assistant, Melissa Kavanaugh, Esq., to SFO: 21-June-2022. Even my sister, GF, and I use Motorola Transceivers to coordinate. Photo Credit: GF.
2-July-2022: Falcon’s Crest: Upper East (Upper East Side). Photo Credit: girlfriend. Communicating with my driver with my Motorola APX 8000HXE, getting real-time updates from him regarding his ETA to my apartment; so, my GF and I can meet him downstairs without delay.

My driver has been with me and my family in The City for over 20 years. He is the best — I’m never late, and I’m always relaxed whenever I reach my destination — City driving is no fun — I seldom drive these days; I prefer being driven whether I’m in LA, SF, The City, or Italy. We use Motorola Transceivers to coordinate our pick-ups and ETAs.

28-June-2022: Audition for NBC’s Quantum Leap: New York, New York.

Tonight, we have dinner plans at Nobu 57 with two other couples, also in the film-industry.

2-July-2022: Falcon’s Crest is home to my Uniden Scanner, Motorola APX 8000HXE, Yaesu FTA-850L, and my Garmin inReach Explorer+.

I have my Motorola APX 8000HXE, Yaesu FTA-850L, and Garmin inReach Explorer+ on this excursion.

Of course, none of these devices won’t be on or near my person during our dinner at Nobu 57…too distracting and cumbersome; and, it just wouldn’t properly add to the James Bond-look I’m going for tonight, 21-June-2022 — a slim cut Canali Suit with a Motorola APX 8000HXE hanging off my belt? Pssst…James Bond doesn’t do that! More importantly, my GF wouldn’t dig me lugging my Motorola APX 8000HXE to Nobu 57…just ain’t right.

2-June-2022: GF and I at Original Joe’s in San Francisco, CA.

22-June-2022: GF and I will dine at Le Bernardin on West 51st — one of my favorite French restaurants.

A feature film director buddy of mine was intrigued with my Motorola APX 8000HXE. He wants one; hence, he will get a brand new one, just like mine, straight from Motorola. It will be my gift to him.

I’m so happy with my Motorola APX 8000HXE — it is my primary auxiliary communications device, and I enjoy it a ton. It took me a long time to learn the way to program it, but I learned by hanging out with people smarter than me, and I met my goal. I still need to learn more about this transceiver, but, for now, I got it to do the stuff I want and need it to do.

Circa: November 2021: Frank Sinatra’s House Courtyard.
2-July-2022: Listening to stations on my Motorola APX 8000HXE in Falcon’s Crest, before my GF and I hit 5th Ave to shop and eat. Photo Credit: Girlfriend.

Occasionally, I’m on 30 Rock’s VHF Repeater talking to my NY HAM operators.

2-July-2022: On the deck of Falcon’s Crest. Talking to a HAM on 30 Rock. Photo Credit: Girlfriend.

I still dig my Motorola XTS 5000 — it’s still awesome; though, I don’t use it that much; because, I have my Motorola APX 8000HXE, which covers all the frequencies I use; hence, I don’t need to carry any other transceiver for analog and P25 stuff.

Other than auxiliary communications, what other ways do you use your transceivers?

1-July-2022: On Location: Astoria Park, Queens, NY: acting in my FIRST major network television series, as a Co-star!

Check out my recent Booking in a network television series, as a Co-Star: On Location in New York. This is a dream come true and a goal I’ve been working SO hard to achieve; and, I did it!

Check 6!

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