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2-June-2022: Photo Credit: Melissa Kavanaugh, Esq.: Italian Leather Jacket

A good acquaintance of mine, Brian, owns and created, Gear Patrol; and, I have been a fan of Gear Patrol for a long time; and, the thing I really find useful is their BLOGs about various topics, such as, but not limited to, watches, cars, and outdoor gear.

Speaking of watches, Brian is a watch-fanatic. — specifically, Rolexes — he also likes Pitak Phillipe, and he will be purchasing one very soon; once he gets possession and custody of it, I will post it in this BLOG-site.

In addition to our passion for Rolex, we are both passionate about GEAR — as you know, I’m a GEAR-freak, and I only buy the best gear for my volunteer-work with the Sheriff’s Office, USCG, and now, my new volunteer-assignment with, WildCare Animal Rescue, which I just completed my training last week.

Hey, Brian…you need to get some Motorola Transceiver-Gear, Ferraris, and Rolexes in Gear Patrol! I have first-hand experiences with all these products; hence, I can definitely help out should you embark in these markets.

Anyway, Brian and I have a passion for gear, and he took that passion and created Gear Patrol, which covers BLOGs of all types of gear and lifestyles ideas: cars, watches, wardrobe style, and so on.

Here are some of Gear Patrol’s BLOGs you might find useful:

For my BLOG viewers who find it hard to shop for their SOs, who, like me, have everything, check out his article from Gear Patrol:

What To Get The Guy Who Has Everything?

For my high-end luxury/exotic car owners, here is an wonderful article from Gear Patrol about the new Alfa Romeos that are hitting or have already hit the markets:

This Custom Alfa Romeo Is Crazy Expensive — and Worth Every Penny

Summer is just around the corner…here are some Summer Essentials from Gear Patrol:

Today In Gear: Summer Essentials Edition

For my Seiko-philes, here’s an article about Seiko’s GMT line:

Seiko Just Dropped the Most Affordable Automatic GMT Watch We’ve Ever Seen

Check out the many article-topics and merchandise at Gear Patrol — it’s really a wonderful source of information, covering all sorts of topics and merchandise to get you IN GEAR for a night on the town with your SO or your next Mission Impossible adventure!

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino