Alfonso Faustino: Jade

On 10-May-2022, I took possession and custody or this wonderful Untreated Type A Jadeite Ring from Gransky Jewellry ⬅️ that’s the way they spell it — not my spelling. Gransky only sells Untreated Type A Jadeite and Untreated Type A Nephrite. They have excellent customer service and have a money-back guarantee. Matt, the Owner, is really great. If you’re interested in Untreated Type A Jadeite or Untreated Type A Nephrite, check out Gransky Jewellry.

For this BLOG, Jade(s), Jade Piece(s), or Jade piece(s) mean Untreated Type A Jadeite or Untreated Type A Nephrite Jade.

I NEVER buy anything less than UNTREATED TYPE A Jade pieces.

You should always get Untreated Type A Jadeite or Untreated Type A Nephrite Jade. I ain’t gonna write about the nature of Untreated Type A Jadeite or Untreated Type A Nephrite Jade; you can research that shit on your own from gemologist, jewelers, and scientists — of which, I am not.

Jade is one of my favorite gem stones — some Jades, such as the Imperial Jade, are worth more than diamonds, and I prefer them over diamonds.

I like Jade, so much, even though this Untreated Type A Jadeite Ring, pictured supra, was made for a woman, it spoke to me, and I was drawn to it; I was absolutely mesmerized by the color and its unique characteristics that I didn’t care it was made for a woman — I wanted it, and that’s that! Unfortunately, Jade ring bands are mainly made thinner for women, since that seems to be the market.

I always wished Jade jewelry masons would make wider band for men…hmm, what’s that saying? Be careful what you wish for.

That’s the thing about Jade pieces…you know it is the one for you when you feel a connection with it; hence, Jade jewelers will often ask the customer holding the Jade piece, does it speak to you? It’s a bond that I feel when I know a Jade piece speaks to me; and, I feel an energy and unifies with my energy when I hold a SPECIFIC Jade piece — not all Jade pieces feel this way to me.

This Untreated Type A Jadeite Jade, pictured supra, is over 100 years old; and, it was my grandmum’s piece. She use to keep it in her pocket or purse and hold it in her hands and rub the Jade piece throughout the day.

When she died, she gave it to my mum. The 24 KT chain was my grandfather’s chain, which was given to my mum, and she gave it to me. I had my jeweler transition the Jade piece to a pendant; so, I can wear with with my crucifix and grandfather’s chain.

Yes, it’s gotten greener and more stunning since it has been handled many years by my grandmum, mum, and, now, me. I’ve been wearing it for many years.

The crucifix was a gift from my ex-girlfriend, Sheena, from Norway. I wear it all the time…I wonder how’s she doing?

After I purchased my leather bunds from ETERNITIZZZ for my two wrist timepieces: Reference 116710BLNR and Reference #116610LN Ceramic Bezel Model, I checked out the Jade products, and out of all the hundreds of Jade pieces I saw, this one SCREAMED at me; and, look — it’s a wider band — I ALWAYS wished for a wider band Jade piece ring!!!Wide bands are rare.

It’s Sold Out; because, I purchased it — and, it’s a one-off — I like having things no one else can get or have barriers to getting — like affordability.

What? It’s a one-off? A one-and-only?

It’s a real Untreated Type A Jadeite Ring AND it’s a one-off — Now, you got my attention, Matt!

Actually, no two Jade pieces are the same; so, by their very nature, they are all one-offs — the sculpting or cut adds to the uniqueness or one-offs in the market place.

I don’t purchase any Untreated Type A Jade pieces, Nephrite nor Jadeite, without physically inspecting the piece through my sense of touch and vision with and without a 10X loop; but, this piece was an exception.

A lot of fake Untreated Type A Jadeite and Type A Nephrite are out there; and, jewelers are blatant about lying about an Untreated Type A Jadeite or Untreated Type A Nephrite piece — fucking assholes!

I made an exception; because, I built a relationship with the owner of Gransky Jewellry, Matt.

After he established confidence and trust, and backed it up with a full money-back guarantee for whatever reason for my return, I referred this transaction to my attorneys do a check ☑️ on his business; and, his business has been around for many years. I also checked out his reviews. Okay, I did my due diligence, and I was ready to take the calculated risk. I transferred the funds and closed the deal.

This Jade piece is absolutely stunning in real-life, and the moment I held it, I was confirmed that this piece belonged to me; because, it spoke to me.

The pictures don’t do my Jade piece justice.

When I went to Yank Sing Dim Sum for Mum’s Day, I got so many compliments — of course, people first saw my watch, and they complimented that, then they saw my Untreated Type A Jadeite Ring, and that was another conversation.

The moment I put it on, it was an instant connection and union — just like Thor and his Hammer — I felt energy from this Jade piece connecting to my energy.

My jeweler, who made my 18KT white gold black Onyx in-lay Croix de Lorraine ring, supra, which is a one-off; because, I designed it, confirmed my Jadeite ring was an Untreated Type A specimen — all natural and high in quality.

If you’re looking for an Untreated Type A Jadeite or Untreated Type A Nephrite Jade piece, contact Matt, Owner, of Gransky Jewellry. ⬅️ That’s the way they spell it — not my spelling.

I dig my Jade pieces, so much…they mesmerize me — especially, when viewed in the sunlight.

Okay, I’m gonna go out to brunch with my mum and girlfriend today, check out my What Time Is it? BLOG to find out the spot we hit today.

Here’s a hint in the picture, supra, of me, today. Have you figured it out?

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino