Alfonso Faustino: ETERNITIZZZ Retro Vintage Handmade Straps (Leather Bundesrepublik)

I was looking for a specific Vintage WWII Leather Bundesrepublik for one of my wrist timepieces.

Photo Credit of Paul Newman: Rolex One of my favorite race-car pilotis, Paul Newman, wearing a Black Vintage WWII Alligator Leather Bund with his Rolex Panda Daytona…colloquially named, Paul Newman Daytona. I’m wearing my brand new Vintage WWII Special Blue Leather Bund made just for me, by ETERNITIZZZ — my Bund matches the blue on my all ceramic two tone bezel (reference 116710BLNR) — I met my goal!
Photo Credit: Paul Newman’s Daytona sold at an auction for ~$17.5 Million — the most expensive Rolex, and the most expensive wrist timepiece in history. You can’t go wrong in purchasing a Rolex — in my case, four brand new ones — I never buy used gear; and, I buy the best regardless of price — as long as the quality, durability, and reliability are present, price is not my concern. When asked if he was ever tempted to cheat on his wife? His reply: Why would I go out for a hamburger when I have a filet mignon at home?

I needed a specific shade of blue to match the two-tone (noir and azul) ceramic bezel of my wrist timepiece (reference 116710BLNR). I searched Amazon, and I couldn’t find the specific shade of blue I wanted.

I only buy new and the best gear; and, my Northface pants is one of the tactical pants I purchased. I’ve had this pair of pants since I was 30 years old; and, they have been through many excursions with me at locations with extreme conditions — invest in quality stuff.

I decided to open my Etsy application to see if I would have better luck in finding a Vintage WWII Leather Bundesrepublik in the shade of blue that matched my wrist timepiece’s (reference 116710BLNR) two-tone ceramic bezel, as show, below — do you see the blue on the black and blue ceramic bezel?

After half an hour or so, I came across ETERNITIZZZ. I saw their product-line, and I was impressed with the leather-work of their leather Bunds; but, they didn’t have my shade of blue that matched the blue in my wrist timepiece’s two-tone ceramic bezel.

I sent ETERNITIZZZ a Private Message, and I spoke to Dickson. I told him I liked a product he designed, but the blue Vintage WWII Leather Bundesrepublik, in the picture below, doesn’t match my wrist timepiece (reference 116710BLNR).

He asked for a picture of my wrist timepiece, and he concluded he could make a special Bund for me matching my specifications. He gave me his price, and I agreed and made payment.

This yellow/tan leather Bund wrist strap is one of my favorites out of my collection. It nicely contrasts every single wrist timepiece I have. Even though it’s off-the-shelf, I customized all my leather Bunds, and I posted my customizations from my leather-smith: Daniel: Frank’s Shoe Repair in San Francisco, CA.

Dickson mentioned he needed time to create the leather dye to match my wrist timepiece.

After about 1.5 months, I finally took possession and custody of my Special Blue Leather Bund from Dickson, and he exceeded my expectations. It is absolutely stunning in the real world — the pictures don’t do my Special Blue Leather Bund justice.

I got my Bergeron spring bar tool and watch clamp out and began the installation process; and, wo-la — done!

My Vintage WWII Special Blue Leather Bund Dickson made just for me matches my wrist timepiece (reference 116710BLNR) two-tone ceramic bezel, and the leather is soft, comfortable, and durable. As you know, I like having things that no one else has nor can get. I like businesses making me one-offs.

The special blue stitching also matches the color of my wrist timepiece’s (reference 116710BLNR) two-tone ceramic bezel, and the buckle and pin are polished stainless steel.

Everything compliments each other, and my Special Blue Leather Bund creates a striking contrast to my wrist timepiece (reference 116710BLNR), highlighting my wrist timepiece’s characteristics of its polished and brushed stainless steel, polished two-tone ceramic bezel, the striking face, hands, and indices, and the sapphire crystal.

Absolutely stunning combination of leather and steel when it’s done right!

If you’re interested in a Vintage WWII Leather Bundesrepublik, check out ETERNITIZZZ, and ask for Dickson.

Tonight, 8-May-2021, I just ordered the Paul Newman-style black Vintage WWII Leather Bund for my other wrist timepiece (reference #116610LN Ceramic Bezel Model), which has an all-black ceramic bezel, shown below — do you see the all-black ceramic bezel?

Of course, I purchased it from ETERNITIZZZ, shown below.

I can’t wait to receive it; once I do, I will post pictures of it with my aforementioned other wrist timepiece (reference #116610LN Ceramic Bezel Model), shown above and shown below.

I always do my best to get leather Bunds to match my wrist timepieces; and, I always do my best to get NATO straps that match my adidas tennis shirts. I only wear adidas tennis sportswear — why? Well, that’s a topic for another BLOG.

Presently, I use NATO straps, which matches the colors of all my adidas tennis shirts; so, I’m looking forward to getting the Paul Newman Alligator Leather Bund for my aforementioned other wrist timepiece (reference #116610LN Ceramic Bezel Model), shown supra and below.

This aforementioned other wrist timepiece (reference #116610LN Ceramic Bezel Model) will have access to two different leather Bunds: the Paul Newman Leather Bund, which, as I just mentioned, I ordered just now, and my 1960s/1970s Vintage Black Leather Bund, shown below, which has been modified by Daniel, Owner of Frank’s Shoe Repair in San Francisco, CA.

I really dig my new Vintage WWII Special Blue Leather Bundesrepublik, by ETERNITIZZZ.

Thank you, Dickson! Since mine is a one-off just for me, you can name it, Alfonso Faustino Azul Speciale. 😉 If you want to — just sayin’.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino