Alfonso Faustino: Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040

I am so happy with Alan, Master Technician, at United Watch Services. Like my Seiko Pogue, Alan did a great job in bringing my Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040 to better-than Seiko Factory specifications.

Alan mentioned that the Seiko movements can do more than the specifications set by Seiko; hence, my Seiko Pogue and my Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040 has been set to the same accuracy standards as the Rolex movements; and, my Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040 Water Pressure Specifications exceed that of Seiko’s Factory Settings; hence, the water resistant settings from my Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040 is:

20 BARS: 203.95 Metres: 669.12 Feet, as opposed to Seiko Factory setting of 150 Metres.

Alan doing a high pressure water dive test on my Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040. The case is sitting in water that is pressured at 20 BARS.

Once I picked it up, I immediately put it on, and I wore it.

I enjoyed looking at Alan’s work; the casing, and like my Seiko Pogue, Alan put the Seiko Factory sticker on the rear casing.

It hasn’t left my wrist, and the time still matches the time that I set it to on my iPhone 13 Pro.

My 1960s/1970s Black Leather Bund presents my Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040 very well.

I wore it last night, 1-April-2022, to dinner with my mum and sister. Check out my BLOG: What Time Is It?

Alan did excellent work with my Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040, and I am so happy that I have him to service my wrist timepiece collection.

In 1983, I went to the Post Exchange (PX) at the Presidio of San Francisco. I was just looking around after school, and I wasn’t really expecting to purchase anything. I went to the wrist timepiece counter, and I looked around, and I spotted this bad-ass Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040. I asked Annie, the Sales Rep., about it, and she pulled it out from the glass counter, and I tried it on; and, that was it — I pulled out my wallet, and pulled out $100 from my wallet — it cost me $90.

I liked the heft, the weight, and the face with large markers.

It’s always kept accurate time, even prior to my bringing it to Alan for servicing on 17-March-2022, for the first time since I purchased it in 1983.

The casing is so well-built that despite all it’s time in the ocean, in the shower, and in the bath, the gaskets in my Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040 did not need to be replaced — Seiko builds quality stuff!

Although it looks big, bulky, and heavy, it is surprisingly comfortable on my wrist. I don’t know the way Seiko designed it so comfortable despite being so big and bulky.

Many wrist timepiece collectors speak highly of the Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040 and recommend one to the collection.

Like my Seiko Pogue and all my other wrist timepieces in my collection, I’m the original owner of my Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040 — except, of course, of my 1942 WWII Hamilton Frogman USN BUSHIPS Canteen.

My Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040 has dive-time in its history with me: SCUBA and snorkeling. When I was in Hawai’i in 1988 with an ex-girlfriend, we went snorkeling in Kua’i; and, a stingray popped out from below me, and almost did a Steve Irwin on me. Anyway, my Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040 was on my wrist during that underwater excursion.

In September 2008, I took my Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040 on day and night SCUBA dive excursions in the Channel Islands; and, it did very well. It was a useful and functioning tool providing me with accurate data: air time.

On one of my SCUBA dives, at The Channel Islands, the ocean was turbulent, and the water was murky; but, my Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040’s face stood out through the murky waters. It definitely calmed my anxiousness…there is something about having history with my Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040 wrist timepiece…it’s like having a buddy on my wrist…I guess the reason I feel this way is because I looked and relied on that face to give me crucial information: time; and, every time I looked at its face, it never failed me.

The face of my Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040 somehow personifies the wrist timepiece to like having a buddy. I don’t know the whole dynamics of my relationship with it; I just feel calm when I look at it when I’m SCUBA diving or snorkeling.

Although my Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040 is able to dive down to Ed Harris’s Abyss level because of Alan, I won’t be taking it out on SCUBA Dives — I retired my Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040 tonight, 2-April-2022; and, now, its primary function is to accessorize my outfits, giving me something to brag about at social events, and to be used for my pure enjoyment of just looking at it, touching it, and reliving the diving memories I had with it.

The Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040 and derivatives thereof, via similar Seiko Turtle Diver models, has been popular with celebrities.

Photo Credit: Getty Images: Mick Jagger wearing his Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040 on his left wrist while talking with Peter Townsend.
Photo Credit: 20th Century Studios: The The Abyss: Ed Harris with a Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040.

I really enjoy bringing my Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040 out of the safe and back on my wrist. Its simple yet bold face gives it a unique presence of doing business and possessing power in calm and tumultuous environments.

Here is some information about my Seiko Turtle Diver 6309-7040:

The Watch Company.

If you need your wrist timepiece service or repaired, check out Alan at United Watch Services.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino