Alfonso Faustino: Clint Eastwood: Dirty Harry Sunglasses

Clint Eastwood is my favorite actor, director, and businessman. He is also of similar life-principles as my father:

  • mind your own business; and,
  • if you want something, get off your ass and work for it — ain’t nobody gonna give it to you.
Photo Credit: Magnum Force: Warner Brothers: Scene with David Soul.

Lately, for the past week, I’ve been on a Clint Eastwood movie binge; hence, I’ve been watching Play Misty For Me, Dirty Harry, Magnum Force, The Enforcer, and Sudden Impact.

Photo Credit: Getty Images: Play Misty For Me: Ray Ban RB4089.

I noticed Clint Eastwood wore a pair of cool black-framed sunglasses in Play Misty For Me, Dirty Harry, Magnum Force, and The Enforcer. I really dig those black-framed sunglasses, and I wanted a pair; hence, I did some research, and I found the brand and model number to those Clint Eastwood black-framed sunglasses: Ray Ban RB4089.

My new Dirty Harry Sunglasses: Ray Ban RB4089.

So, I picked up a pair; and, I’m so glad I did. Like all my other Ray Ban Sunglasses, the RB 4089 is comfortable, functional; but, most importantly, they have that retro cool and groovy look, while keeping their serious and powerful look, which keeps them from being a toy-like costume-fashion-fad pair of sunglasses.

These ain’t fashion-fad sunglasses that are in today and out tomorrow; because, some idiot fashion designer says so — no, no, no!

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.: Magnum Force.

These are stylish Ray Ban sunglasses that are impervious to fashion trends and fads. I always buy stuff that fit my life-style — I’m not about fashion — I’m always about style; and, you should be that way too — be about style — if you don’t have style or don’t know what your style is, create one.

When I studied at The Beverly Hills Playhouse, we had an exercise called, The Picture Exercise, whereby, I would have to pick a picture of a person, not a celebrity, and capture the essence of that person in picture and hold it like a statue. I would have to dress exactly like the person in the picture. Then, my classmates and acting instructor would compare my pose to the picture I selected to see if I successfully captured the essence of that person in the picture. I made an attempt to capture Dirty Harry’s essence in the scene of Magnum Force, whereby Dirty Harry is disgusted by a statement Officer Davis says.

These are serious eyewear made by one of the industry leaders in eye lenses and frames: Ray Ban.

My Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry Ray Ban RB4089 Sunglasses, coupled with my my 1960s/1970s Black Full Leather Cuff Watch Strap.
My 1960s/1970s-style outfit: Wrist-watch: Reference #116610LN Ceramic Bezel Model: 1960s/1970s Leather Cuff with screw-down rivets modifications: Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry Ray Ban Sunglasses: Tom Ford Silk Black Mock Turtleneck.

The name, Ray Ban, defines the RB4089 as real sunglasses engineered to filter harmful rays from the sun through their established polarized lenses, and designed to wear well with time with any present-day style.

They are sunglasses made with style — not fashion; hence, even though these sunglasses made their debut in the 1960s and 1970s, their style still wears well with today’s look.

My Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry Ray Ban RB4089 Sunglasses, my 1960s/1970s grey unbranded sweat-shirt, and my 1960s/1970s Black Full Leather Cuff (Bund)Watch Strap.

So, if you’re interested in getting that 1960s/1970s retro groovy-looking style and vibe, coupled with Ray Ban’s reputation of making quality lenses and stylish frames, then check out Clint Eastwood’s Ray Bans. I am really happy with them; and, you might be, too.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino