Alfonso Faustino: What time is it?

This BLOG will chronicle my wrist-checks throughout my travels and activities in life.

I’m digging my modified vintage leather Bund that Daniel at Frank’s Shoe Repair in San Francisco, CA, did for me. I dig it so much, I did my Paul Newman Rolex Daytona pose with my vintage leather Bund and wrist timepiece (reference #116610LN Ceramic Bezel Model). Recently, I purchased the Paul Newman Leather Bund from ETERNITIZZZ for this wrist timepiece, shown, supra; once, I take possession and custody of my new Paul Newman Leather Bund and pair it with my wrist timepiece (reference #116610LN Ceramic Bezel Model), show in the picture, supra, I will do a wrist-check here in this BLOG.

I am anxious to get over to Europe once I feel comfortable with the effects of the pandemic, and do some wrist-checks there.

My first stop will be Bologna, Italy, to check out a little villa as my pied-à-terre — this has been heavy on my mind for the past three years, and it’s time that I check out the scene.

So, What time is it?

It’s 13-May-2022, and I have a very SPECIAL GUEST; a follower of my BLOGs wanted me to post his wrist-checks today. I am so happy when I received the text messages. He is in Sweden and purchased a collection of Rolexes.

This is a 1975 Rolex Red Submariner, which is absolutely stunning, and he bought it today along with several other Rolexes shown in the pictures below.

He is also gonna purchase this beauty!

The purchase-tray shows the other wrist timepieces he already purchased today.

Do I see a Rolex Kermit The Frog in that purchase-tray? My gosh — this is an amazing collection you just purchased!!!!

Every wrist watch collector has at least one Rolex in the drawer, even if you don’t like Rolex….I have never met anyone that didn’t like Rolex.

In the past, I took wrist-checks from my BLOG visitors, but my iPhone blew up; because I got tons of wrist-checks per day. I could not keep up. So, I had to stop, but this wrist-check deserves being in this BLOG!

Thank you for putting a smile on my face today; and, congratulations for effectuating and living your dreams! You’re a bad-ass.

It’s Thursday afternoon, 12-May-2022, and it’s time for Dennis and I to work on our fly-casting at Golden Gate Park’s Casting Pools in San Francisco, CA.

It’s definitely a nice and relaxing break from my daily tennis routine; and, the weather was absolutely splendid.

Dennis wanted to prepare for his fly-fishing trip with his daughter up at the McCleoud River this coming weekend; so, we were working on a short cast and roll cast and adding a little zig-zag in the line before the tippet and fly hit the water. The zig-zag compensates and reduces drag in the line from the current of the river.

I was working on my short targets in the video, below. The reason I let my rod tip go low on my downstroke is to work on getting my fly to land softly on the water’s surface in the bulls-eye blue ring, then immediately pull it off the water: touch-n-go.

I was about 50% accurate today due to the intermittent heavy winds. The wind played havoc on my fly-line.

Dennis is working on his roll-cast, in the picture, supra.

Dennis and I use Sage Fly-rods. I use the #6; and, he uses the #5. I use the Abel Reel #1, and he uses the Sage Reel, and I forgot the model name.

If you wanna practice your fly-casting or learn to fly-cast, drop by Golden Gate Park’s Casting Pools in San Francisco, CA; the location is stunning, and the people are friendly and helpful.

It’s Wednesday afternoon, 11-May-2022, and it’s lunch at Hummus Mediterranean Kitchen in San Francisco, CA, with my acting classmate/friend and another friend visiting from Greece.

Did I mention I can feed on Mediterranean ALL the time? Well, I can, and I do — not all the time but most of the time.

Of course, I ordered my Red Lentil Soup, Turkish Chips (for the table), Hummus (for the table), Lamb & Beef Gyros Wrap.

My friends got beef dishes, but I forgot the names of those dishes; I will get the names and update.

Hummus Mediterranean Kitchen in San Francisco, CA, is one of my favorite spots for Mediterranean food. The staff is friendly, professional, and clean. The ambiance is lively, clean, and roomy. The food is excellent — well prepared: healthy, not greasy nor salty, flavorful, and lots of food in big portions!

If you want great Mediterranean food, check out Hummus Mediterranean Kitchen in San Francisco, CA.

It’s Monday afternoon, 9-May-2022, and it’s lunch with my mum and sister at Sultan’s Kebab Mediterranean Cuisine in Pleasanton, CA.

Mediterranean food is one of my favorite epicurean genres. I can feed on it all the time. As usual, I started with the Lentil soup.

Of course, I have to get my garlic and feta cheese chips. I also enjoy pita bread with my Lentil soup.

My mum and sister ordered the Kafte Plate.

I ordered my usual Lamb Shawarma.

I really enjoyed my meal, as did my mum and sister. The food is fresh and high in quality. It’s a clean-cook, meaning it’s not sloppy with drippy grease and animal fat. It is naturally tasty without having to add any condiments. After my meal, I don’t feel heavy, which means my digestive system is easily breaking the food down. The staff is friendly and look clean and are professional and helpful. The atmosphere is comfortable, roomy, and clean.

If you’re interested in high quality, healthy, and tasty Mediterranean food that doesn’t break your credit card nor wallet, check out Sultan’s Kebab Mediterranean Cuisine in Pleasanton, CA.

It’s Sunday late morning, 8-May-2022, and it’s Mother’s Day brunch time with my mum and sister at Yank Sing Dim Sun Restaurant in San Francisco, CA.

Yank Sing is my favorite Dim Sum Restaurant. My father use to take us there in the 1970s for dinner when they were just a small hole-in-the-wall just outside of Chinatown. They were located near the entrance of the Broadway Tunnel. The children turned that small small hole-in-the-wall into a Dim Sum empire.

For brunch, we ordered a lot of stuff; but, this is my favorite dish. I usually eat 5 orders of these dumplings in one sitting, but I only ate two orders; because, I was still full from dinner at Dunyā Bistro in San Francisco, CA, last night, followed in the wrist check-in before this one.

If you want great Dim Sum and excellent service, check out Yank Sing Dim Sun Restaurant in San Francisco, CA. It’s a bit expensive, but well worth the price.

It’s Saturday night, 7-May-2022, and it’s time to feed with my tennis acquaintances at a Mediterranean restaurant called, Dunyā Bistro in San Francisco, CA.

We started off with the Combination Platter.

We enjoyed talking about fly-fishing, tennis, watches, and jade.

She really liked my 1946 WWII Vintage Leather Bundesrepublik, which ETERNITIZZZ made just for me. She, like a lot of people, was drawn to the unique beauty of seeing my high-end luxury watch on a really cool leather strap. I really enjoyed all the attention. The couple next to us also complimented my watch and leather strap, while he wore his Rolex Explorer with the OEM Jubilee Bracelet. I have home the link to my BLOG-site to read about Vintage Leather Bunds.

My jadeite Type A ring also got a lot of compliments. Then, our main courses arrived.

They really enjoyed their burger and chips; and, I enjoyed my kabob combo, consisting of lamb, beef, and chicken.

Dunyā Bistro is one of my favorite Mediterranean restaurants. If you’re interested in tasty and high quality Mediterranean food with large portions without the large prices, check out Dunyā Bistro in San Francisco, CA.

It’s Sunday, 1-May-2022, and it’s time for my mum and I to head out to Pacifica, CA, for brunch. My Sunday began with playing tennis from 0700-0830 hours with an acquaintance of mine, Ruju. I had an enjoyable time hitting with her — she is a good athlete with good hand:eye coordination. After tennis with her, I headed to meet Raj, and we hit from 0900–1015 hours.

I hustled back home, showered, and I changed to get ready to head out to Nick’s Rockaway Cafè, in Pacifica, CA, with my mum.

We both have been wanting to hit Nick’s; and, now, it is one of our go-to feeding spots. The food, the staff, the ambiance, and the location are awesome!

Nick’s is situated along the beachfront. The manager gave me and my mum a nice seat at the window to enjoy the beachfront views.

Both of us ordered the whole crab sandwich with onion rings; and THEY WERE ABSOLUTELY SPLENDIDLY DELICIOUS! Lots of fresh tasty crabmeat that wasn’t salty and goopy. The crabmeat was firm and cooked just right! The onion rings were the best onion rings I had — crispy and not soggy with goopy grease. The service was attentive and quick to respond with any requests that are normal during feeding time — refills on drinks, condiments, and “room for dessert?”

The portions are big; the food is of high quality, and the prices are more than reasonable for all the stuff you get.

If you’re interested in getting some great-tasting food along the Pacifica beachfront, check out Nick’s Rockaway Cafè, in Pacifica, CA.

It’s Wednesday, 20-April-2022, and it’s time to meet my girlfriend for an afternoon walk on the beach in Pacifica, CA. This morning I had a high-intensity 2-hour tennis workout with my buddy and coach, Greg B.. Now, I can cool down my jets and enjoy a leisurely walk along the beach with my GF on a sunny Wednesday afternoon.

She left work early; and, it was a nice treat for me to spend time with her while the rest of the world was busy at work — no traffic and hardly any people at the beach.

It’s Easter Sunday, 17-April-2022, and it’s time for Easter Brunch with my mum at The Wayfare Tavern, in San Francisco, CA.

This is now one of my go-to spots for an awesome meal! Quality food, large portions, and great ambiance — price is never a concern for me, AS LONG AS THE QUALITY AND PORTIONS ARE GREAT — and, the Wayfare Tavern exceeds in both quality and quantity! This place is expensive for most people.

I ordered the Organic Buttermilk Southern Fried Chicken (it’s half an organic free-range chicken) and the Mac-N-Cheese.

My mum ordered the Eggs Benedict, and she mentioned, “it’s one of the best I ever tasted.”

The chicken was so flavorful and non greasy — it’s an organic free-range chicken, so it’s smaller; because, it ain’t pumped up with chemicals, but naturally large in growth. I liked the Mac-n-Cheese; because, it wasn’t salty, and the cheese they used was packed with a lot of punch! Of course, my girlfriend’s Mac-n-Cheese is better, and I mentioned in this BLOG earlier, below.

If you’re in the mood for good American-style cooking, check out The Wayfare Tavern. I saw their burger, and it looked amazing — I’m gonna hit that burger next week.

It’s 16-April-2022, and it’s time for my Master Actor’s Class, with two very talented, experienced, and accomplished Master Acting Instructors: Elissa Kapneck, Emmy-Nominated Actor for The Young And The Restless, and Lindsey Shaw, who has been in many hit television shows, such as, Pretty Young Liars and Lucifer.

For the last three months or so, I have been working on two specific acting skills that Elissa and Lindsey told me to do.

It has been a difficult process, but today, during class, while working on my scene with my scene partner, I broke through; and I am so happy.

Acquiring these two additional skills and being able to execute at will, are invaluable tools for me as an actor, as I move forward with this journey.

I won’t reveal the two skills I’ve been working on until I book a major gig using those skills; then, I will reveal those two skills, in addition to the other skills I have been taught by Elissa and Lindsey.

That way, my television and/or film credit will legitimize my training in successfully booking a major gig.

I don’t ever want to be at the end of the question with no answer, when some asshole asks me, what do you know? Followed up with the statement: You’ve never been in anything major on television or film.

I’m so happy with my break-through, and I can’t wait for next class to build upon these two skills with new skills Elissa and Lindsey will teach me!

It’s 12-April-2022, and it’s time for my mum’s awesome Chinese sausage garlic fried rice.

I just flew in from Southern California, and I was exhausted. I just couldn’t wait to get home from SFO and hit my bed. When I got home and to my front door, a container was at my door. It was from my mum welcoming home with one of my favorite dishes. I got energized, fumbled my key into the keyhole to my front door, got in my home, put my bag down, sanitized my hands, grabbed a fork, and began to feverishly feed.

Daaaamn — that was good!!!!

It’s 9-April-2022, and it’s time for my fall-off-the-bone beef spareribs. Yes, contrary to popular belief, I do cook — all I do is unbox and stick it in the microwave — only kidding; I can prepare dishes from scratch, as I did with these ribs. I have a secret recipe to my rub, and I rubbed this rack and two other racks about two days ago. The three rubbed racks have been marinating for those two days in a vacuum-sealed bag. This morning, I broke the seal; and, I slow-cooked them in my Weber BBQ pit for about 1.5 hours on low heat after creating a hard-layer to the rack to seal in the flavors during the slow burn.

My girlfriend came over with her friends, and my buddies came over, too; they brought the sides…my girlfriend made awesome Mac-N-Cheese; but, this ain’t your cheap-o Mac-N-Cheese…this is 5-Star Mac-N-Cheese using 25-year-old French Cheese that has been cultured in a cave in France, and Italian home-made pasta. I guarantee you have never tasted Mac-N-Cheese the way my girlfriend prepares it. My guys brought wine and beer; and, my girlfriend’s friends brought salad, potato salad, corn, and French pastries for dessert.

Feeding time took place at the penthouse deck: and, the weather was absolutely amazing.

Great company, great conversations, and great food — I have no complaints, and I am truly blessed.

It’s 7-April-2022, and it’s time for my sister’s awesome double-wrapped pork and cabbage lumpias! Yes, this is a repeat-time, and I never can get enough of my sister double-wrapped lumpias. Before my father died, my sister learned from him to make one of my favorite dishes — double-wrapped lumpias!

These will all be gone within 30 mins — get me a trough and a drop-cloth — my feeding time is gonna be ugly — these lumpias don’t have a chance!

It’s 6-April-2022, and it’s repeat-time for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, in Corte Madera, CA, with my mum and sister.

Such a beautiful warm sunny day in the San Francisco Bay Area today; and, the night air is still and warm — I dig nights like these — I can go out to dinner, without a jacket, and eat under a starry night sky. Life is good, and I’m blessed.

My mum and sister had the Steak Diane and the Steak Medallions, respectively.

I played three hours of high intensity tennis, and I burned over 3000 calories under the 80-degree F sun. I needed calories; hence, I ordered the Fried Chicken Sliders and the Avocado Egg Rolls.

Get me a trough and a drop-cloth — my feeding time is gonna be ugly. I’m famished!

The Cheesecake Factory, in Corte Madera, CA, is one of our go-to places: great food, great prices, and great service. The portions are large; hence, bring a big appetite, or you should be prepared to bring back a doggie-bag or two or three.

It’s 3-April-2022, and it’s time for sandwiches and crisps at Boudin’s Bakery, in Walnut Creek, CA, with my mum.

My mum ordered the Jalepeno Melted Cheese Pull Pork Sandwich and crisps,

and I had the BBQ Pulled Pork Sandwich with crisps.

Boudin’s Bakery is located throughout the Bay Area; I normally don’t hit this place often; but, I will in the future. The sandwiches were high in quality and flavor, and the menu is robust with tons of selections.

Of course, the clam chowder bread bowl

and the chili bread bowl are two of my favorites dishes on the menu; but,

Walnut Creek was 75-degrees Fahrenheit — too warm for me to eat a chili or soup bread bowl.

Boudin’s Bakery is definitely worth a visit — their robust menu will definitely satisfy your appetite.

It’s 1-April-2022, and it’s time for French Pasteries at Cafe la Taterine, right across from Marufuku Ramen, with my mum and sister.

After the awesome dinner at Marufuku Ramen, mum and sis decided they wanted French dessert; hence, at Cafe La Tatertine, I ordered the apple turnover, and my sister and mum split a coffee cake.

They were absolutely splendid — especially, the apple turnover — the flaky crust melted in my mouth, and the coffee cake was moist and soft. Check out Cafe La Tatertine if you have a craving for Parisian desserts.

It’s 1-April-2022, and it’s time for ramen noodle soup at Marufuku Ramen, in Redwood City, CA, with my mum and sister.

My mum and sister split the Hakata Tonkatsu,

and I got the Hakata Tonkatsu DX (large).

For the table, I ordered the Spicy Chicken Drumettes, without the spicy sauce,

and the Pork Belly Chiao Su Bao.

If you want excellent, authentic, fresh, homemade ramen noodles, with or without the soup, check out Marufuku Ramen. The food taste great, large portions, quality homemade Japanese dishes, at an affordable price with polite and friendly staff.

It’s 27-March-2022, and it’s time for ice cream at Swensen’s in San Francisco’s Russian Hill.

After a long drive back to San Francisco, CA, my girlfriend and I wanted to get ice cream at Swensen’s in San Francisco’s Russian Hill. She lives half a block away from Swenson’s.

I got three scoops of Turkish Coffee Ice Cream on a waffle cone, and my girlfriend got two scoops of Chocolate Mint Ice Cream in a cup — she usually gets a waffle cone, but I think that brunch really filled her up.

Swensen’s is my favorite ice cream parlor; I have been going there since being a kid in San Francisco, CA. I always get the Turkish Coffee Ice Cream — if you are ever in the mood for ice cream in San Francisco, check Swensen’s: excellent quality ice cream, great prices, huge servings, polite, clean, and friendly people behind the counter.

It’s 27-March-2022, and it’s time for a massage at The Murieta Spa and Inn, at Sacramento, CA, with my girlfriend.

After my acting class, I picked up my girlfriend at her crib in the Russian Hill District in San Francisco, CA. We drove up to The Murieta Spa and Inn. This morning, we got our massages and spa treatments.

Afterwards, we went to The Gate to get brunch; we both ordered the Corn-beef Hash with two eggs over-easy — very yummy and large portions. The entire staff was so friendly and attentive.

It’s 26-March-2022, and it’s time for my Master Acting Class: 1500-1900 Hours, via Zoom.

I have two very talented, experienced, and accomplished Master Acting Instructors: Elissa Kapneck, Emmy-Nominated Actor for The Young And The Restless, and Lindsey Shaw, who has been in many hit television shows, such as, Pretty Young Liars and Lucifer.

I’m learning so much from these two talented, experienced, and accomplished actors. They push me to get the best out of me in class; so, that I can be competitive with my auditions. Their master class covers many different acting techniques, coupled with the importance of learning to put together self-tapes, which is now the industry standard since the start of CoVid-19.

It’s definitely challenging doing acting class over Zoom — I miss the physical contact of doing a scene with my classmates. The nice thing about the new way of doing acting classes over Zoom is that it challenges me to present my acting skills that is more camera driven and specific; and, that’s an important tool and knowledge to have; because, ultimately, if I book the part, I’m gonna be on set in front of a camera; so, the transition from Zoom to the set is a somewhat natural transition.

19-March-2022: Audition for NBC’s, Days Of Our Lives.

I’m really blessed to have found Master Acting Instructors: Elissa Kapneck, Emmy-Nominated Actor for The Young And The Restless, and Lindsey Shaw, who has been in many hit television shows, such as, Pretty Young Liars and Lucifer. They bring real-life combat field experiences into the classroom; and, in most things in life, especially acting, I believe it’s best to learn from people who are in the fields or have had field experiences to teach new soldiers like me.

It’s 25-March-2022, and it’s time for dinner at The Cheesecake Factory, in Corte Madera, CA, with my mum and sister.

I just got home from my crib in Beverly Hills, CA, and my mum and sister wanted to celebrate my return home by taking me out to dinner on this wonderful clear and warm San Francisco evening — as we cruise across the Golden Gate Bridge.

I ordered the Spicy Chicken Sandwich;

my mum got he Broccoli Chicken Pasta; and, my sister got the Roasted Chicken Penne Pasta.

For the table, I got the Avocado Egg Rolls.

The Cheesecake Factory, in Corte Madera, CA, is one of our go-to places: great food, great prices, and great service. The portions are large; hence, bring a big appetite, or you should be prepared to bring back a doggie-bag or two or three.

It’s 25-March-2022, and it’s time for me to wear my brand new Clint Eastwood Dirty Harry Sun Glasses: Ray Ban RB4089, which I ordered earlier this week and just arrived today, 25-March-2022.

I’m so excited to show these off today while doing my errands in San Francisco, CA.

It’s 25-March-2022, and it’s time for my sister’s awesome double-wrapped vegetarian lumpias! I haven’t had these for a long time; and, before my father died, my sister learned from him to make one of my favorite dishes!

I just got back from my crib in Beverly Hills, CA; and, my sister welcomed me by leaving her double-wrapped veggie lumpias in my crib! My eyes popped out of my head, as I walked into my crib after a long flight from LAX to SFO.

I saw her double-wrapped veggie lumpias staring at me from my counter.

Immediately, I dropped my bag, sanitized my hands, and I began to feed — it was an ugly sight, as I can only imagine looking at myself, as a third-person, shoving my sister’s double-wrapped veggie lumpias in my mouth while making grunting noises like a wild hog during feeding time.

I was in such a feeding frenzy, I didn’t take a picture of the whole dish…it wasn’t until I came up for air that I realized, I should take a picture; and, at that time, only two were left for this picture!

I am so blessed that the Trinity birthed me into a wonderful, loving, and close family!

Now, it’s time to kill the last two double-wrapped veggie lumpias! Bye for now!

It’s 21-March-2022, and it’s time for lunch at Poke-Nomics, in Sunnyvale, California.

My girlfriend is from the Netherlands, and she works at Apple in Cupertino, CA. We met about four years ago — she came to see a play I was in called, Yellow Face, at the Beverly Hills Playhouse in Beverly Hills, CA. I was in a relationship at the time; so, I was only able to meet with her as a friend. We’ve been dating for close to one year now. Our age difference, which is ~23 year younger than me, I’m 57 years old, hasn’t been a factor, and we seem to be very close — at least, that’s the way I feel right now. She’s at Apple HQ today, and I met her for lunch. She took me to Poke-Nomics.

She ordered the short-ribs tacos, and I ordered my customized tuna and salmon poke bowl.

For the table, I ordered Inari Sampler and the SPAM Wasubi.

I’ve been to many poke bowl places; and, I gotta say, “Poke-Nomics is my favorite!”

The ingredients are fresh and the variety of sauces and the flavors of the dishes are vibrantly flavorful. The staff is friendly, helpful, and professional, and the location is clean.

The menu provides many options, and you have the option to customize your dish to your liking if you cannot find your wishes on the menu.

If you’re in the mood for quality, fresh, and flavorful poke dishes, check out Poke-Nomics.

It’s 20-March-2022, and it’s time for brunch at my favorite Jewish Deli: Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen, with my lovely girlfriend.

Our Sunday started in the mid-morning with breakfast/brunch at my favorite Jewish deli called, Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen, in Berkeley, California.

I have a soft spot for the Jewish people and their culture.

Photo Credit: Cornell University: Jewish Studies Program.

Jewish Families and Asian Families’ priorities and backgrounds are similar; hence, the majority of my my past girlfriends are non practicing Jews, like I’m not a practicing Catholic. (I have my own private and personal daily relationship directly with the Trinity — I don’t believe in organized and group worship and gatherings; and, I don’t acknowledge popes, priests, brothers, sisters, pastors, rabbis, elders, or any other people of these sorts. If I wanna talk to the Trinity, I do it directly — I don’t need to go through a middleman, and I sure as hek don’t need the advice or guidance of these sort of people.)

Back to Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen in Berkeley, California…

She ordered the Open Face Corn-beef Sandwich with Cole Slaw; and, I ordered the Chicken Schnitzel Sandwich with Potato Salad. For the table, I ordered, Potato Latke and Blintz.

My girlfriend is Christian, which is rare for me — as I mentioned, most of my past girlfriends are non practicing Jews. Notwithstanding my present girlfriend not being Jewish, she and I have similar backgrounds in the most important ways to me: family priorities and values are the fundamentally similar; we are both loyal, and we are both considerate of each other…

BUT, MOST IMPORTANTLY, the key to our successful relationship, thus far, is we both dig Chicago Deep Dish Pizza from Zachary’s! Okay — this is for another wrist-check — this wrist-check is about Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen.

After we enjoyed our meal, we packed up and headed for our hike. It was a beautiful sunny and mild day, and she and I enjoyed our Sunday Hike while burning off the calories we packed on from Saul’s.

If you’re in the mood for Jewish food, or wanna try it for the first time, check out Saul’s Restaurant & Delicatessen.