Alfonso Faustino: 1946 Vintage Leather Bundesrepublik (Bund) & NATO Watch Straps

Alrighty now…let me address the emails and text messages I got from my viewers of my BLOGs: 1946 Vintage Leather Bundesrepublik (Bund) and NATO Watch Straps.

Although your email and text messages to me varied, they all ended to this one question:

Why would you use a cheap watch strap for your [wrist] [timepieces]?

Answers to your question:

  • I like the way NATO Straps look on my wrist timepieces;
  • I like the safety feature if the spring bar fails;
  • The NATO Watch Straps create a nice contrast between the wrist timepiece and a NATO Watch strap;
  • NATO Watch Straps gives me the illusion of having a brand new different wrist timepiece with each change of the NATO Watch Strap; and,
  • James Bond wears one.

One night, I had insomnia; so, I was cruising the Internet, and somehow, these two pictures showed up:

Wow, that’s interesting — those ain’t the OEM bands for the Rolex Submariner and the

Omega Seamaster; but, they do look very cool; and, if two of my favorite James Bonds are wearing them, shouldn’t I?

That started my detailed research on the British Military-issued NATO G10 Wristwatch Straps.

The really cool feature is if I have a spring bar failure, the NATO Watch Straps will prevent the my wrist timepieces from getting loose and dropping to the ground — I wish all wristwatch straps had this feature.

As you can see, the NATO G10 watch strap livens up my wrist timepieces and make them fun and more sporty looking without taking away from the features of the wrist timepiece.

NATO G10 watch strap provides a nice contrast that compliments the wrist timepiece; and, in some ways, make the wrist timepiece look more intriguing to view.

NATO G10 creates the platform to present the face of the wrist timepiece.

The NATO Watch Strap’s subtle yet prominent presence doesn’t detract from the beauty of my wrist timepieces.

The NATO G10 watch strap becomes an accessory to my wrist timepieces.

Here is some information about the G10 NATO Strap: NATO Watch Strap.

Now, let’s get to my 1946 Vintage Leather Bundesrepublik(s) (Bund).

I was a kid of the 1970s and and 1980s. Back then, cool rebel Rock-N-Roll dudes, like my favorite male vocalist and performer, Elvis Presley, wore cool wrist timepieces with bad-ass big leather straps, known as Bunds or Leather Cuff Watch Straps — for the sake of simplicity, I will use the term, Bund, to include the full leather cuff watch strap.

19-March-2022: Auditioning for Days Of Our Lives, wearing my 1960s/1970s Brown Leather Bund.

So, when my father gave me my 1972 Seiko Pogue for my 10th Birfday in 1974, I immediately changed out the Seiko 1972 Pogue OEM bracelet to a double-buckle Bund like Elvis; hence, at 10 years old, I was sporting around my 1972 Seiko Pogue with my Elvis-like bund.

Here are some other well-known people from the 1960s and 1970s sporting Bunds with their wrist timepieces.

Photo Credit: Getty Images: Nina Rindt, trackside, with her Universal Genève on a leather cuff. Nina Rindt is one of my favorite fashion models; she wore a Universal Geneve 885103/02 with a full leather Bund/cuff — I just think she is so cool and absolutely stunning! Great looks, wears big wrist timepieces, usually worn by men, and loves fast cars!
Photo Credit: Paul Newman with his Rolex Daytona on a black leather Bund.
Photo Credit: Getty Images: Steve McQueen sporting his wrist timepiece with a brown leather Bund strap.
Photo Credit: Sony Pictures: Brad Pitt in Once Upon A Time In Hollywood with the Citizen Bullhead on a leather Bund.
Photo Credit: Getty Images: Eric Clapton and his Universal Geneve Tri Compax (AKA: Eric Clapton) residing on a leather Bund.
Photo Credit: Robert Redford, wearing a Doxa Sharkhunter Divers Watch on a brown leather bund in, Three Days Of The Condor.
Photo Credit: Getty Images: Another one of Nina Rindt — my favorite picture of her. This photo is my iPhone Pro 13’s Wallpaper. Shhh! Don’t tell my girlfriend.

I decided I wanted to relive my childhood; so, I went on another shopping spree…this time on Amazon; because, a lot of Brick-n-Mortar stores don’t carry Bunds — it’s such a specialty item.

I bought one bund, specifically, for my 1972 Seiko Pogue, which is the 1946 Vintage Leather Bundesrepublik (Bund); and, I got another other Bunds for my other wrist timepieces.

This Bund is such a wonderful piece — it’s as close to the one I wore at 10 years old in 1974.

19-March-2022: Auditioning for Days Of Our Lives, wearing my 1960s/1970s Brown Leather Bund with my 1972 Seiko Pogue; check out the way the face vibrantly radiates energy from the studio lights! Beautiful and stunning timepiece that no other face can replicate!

It compliments all my wrist timepieces, and it gives my wrist timepieces a BOOMING presence like a bad-ass rebel kinda wrist timepiece.

I got so many compliments about my wrist timepiece today, and chicks really dig it…I went shopping at Trader Joe’s after spending the day with my girlfriend and this attractive young lady smiled at me and said, “Hi.” I smiled, and I said, “Now, how can I not stop to a pretty smile and face like yours…Hi…I’m Alfonso, what’s your name?”

I think I’m one of the few guys that wears a wrist timepiece these days, and I have my own unique style with my wrist timepieces.

I think when people see a guy like me wearing a wrist timepiece, they kinda take notice in this day and age; because, most people are using their iPhone 13 Pro to get the time; so, I think I’m a bit of an anomaly.

I don’t carry my iPhone 13 Pro when I walk; it’s in my pocket or in my vehicle, and I wear a cool looking wrist timepiece, which makes me smile and further enhances my already strong positive energy.

I think all those elements might be the factors that trigger a friendly response from women I meet during my errands — like grocery shopping.

Anyway, I’m just really happy to be nostalgic while wearing this wonderful leather Bund.

Here is some information about the 1946 Vintage Leather Bundesrepublik (Bund).

Check out my 1946 Vintage Special Blue Leather Bundesrepublik that ETERNITIZZZ made just for me and one of my wrist timepieces: ETERNITIZZZ Retro Vintage Handmade Straps.

Check out the modifications Daniel, Owner of Frank’s Shoe Repair, in San Francisco, CA, did with all of my 1946 Vintage Leather Bundesrepubliks (Bunds).

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino