Alfonso Faustino: Seiko Pogue: Chronograph Automatic: 6139-6005

NOTE: Pardon me; throughout this BLOG, I’m gonna repeat myself many times about my strong liking for this wrist timepiece. It’s a very special wrist timepiece for me — it is my favorite out of my collection; so, please indulge me and my being impressed by the beautiful face of this wrist timepiece.

Finally, just like my other wrist timepieces in my collection, I am the original first owner of this Seiko Pogue in this BLOG; and, it is NOT a FrankenPogueeverything is original from the factory, to the military base, to my wrist.


After three weeks, Alan, Master Technician at United Watch Services, contacted me; hence, today, 17-March-2022, @ 1230 Hours PDT, I picked up my 1972 Seiko: Pogue: 6139 (Movement Calibre) -6005 (Model) -6009R (Dial Model): Chronograph Automatic, hereinafter, Seiko Pogue.

Alan, Master Technician, United Watch Services, presenting my Seiko Pogue to me, after he worked on it. It is better-than-new; because, Alan adjusted the Seiko Pogue’s movement to the accuracy levels of Rolex, which exceeds Seiko’s Factory settings for the Seiko Pogue.

Alan mentioned that he tuned my Seiko Pogue to the same accuracy specifications as Rolex; he mentioned the Seiko movement is a top tier movement, and it can be tuned higher than Seiko’s marketing statements. I was surprised to learn this about the Seiko movement.

I was so happy to get my Seiko Pogue back; and, Alan was so proud of his meticulous work on my Seiko Pogue. I am truly happy to have found United Watch Services; Alan is awesome, and he does great work!

I immediately put it on my wrist; and, once I got outside, I couldn’t stop looking at the face…it was radiant with golden sunburst!

It has been on my wrist since I picked it up except for when I play tennis and when I shower or take a bath or when I change Bund straps.

When I got home, I took my Seiko Pogue off my wrist to look at the quality work Alan performed. I was so impressed and happy with his work!

My Seiko Pogue was born on 31-August-1972 and distributed to the US market per the serial number: 831725.

I am just mesmerized by my Seiko Pogue — it is a bold, classy, stunning beautiful tool of art and function — check out the bold unique color of the face!

19-March-2022: Audition for NBC’s Days Of Our Lives with my Seiko Pogue on a leather cuff.

After I checked it out, my assistant came and dropped off my mail; and, in the stack of mail was the arrival of my brand new 1946 Vintage Leather Bundesrepublik (Bund) — yes! — It arrived the same time I got my Seiko Pogue from Alan.

I removed the Seiko Pogue’s OEM bracelet bracelet and installed my 1946 Vintage Leather Bundesrepublik (Bund). I just dig the contrast of textures: stainless steel against leather. It is a striking contrast that blends very well together, and the color of the leather highlights the face of my Seiko Pogue.

When the light hits the face, it radiates vibrantly with energy — it’s as if it comes to life or gets energized like something you would see as a gadget in Men In Black.

19-March-2022: Audition for NBC’s Days Of Our Lives. Reading the script wearing my Seiko Pogue on a leather cuff strap. The face radiates vibrant golden sunburst as the studio interior stage lights hit it.

My father bought this Seiko Pogue for me when I was 10 years old in 1974. He got it for me at the Post Exchange (PX): Presidio Of San Francisco.

A lot of the ones out in the market are FrankenPogues; hence, if you’re in the market for one be very careful — I recommend you work with a specialist to help you find an authentic Seiko Pogue. A FrankenPogue is my way of describing a Seiko Pogue that’s been refurbished with after-market non OEM and INCORRECT parts, both externally or in the movement — like Frankstein’s monster.

Avoid the FrankenPogues.

My father served the USA for ~30 years in the US Navy. Part of his retirement benefits was access to go to any military base and shop at the commissary and Post Exchange (PX). We also had medical, dental, and vision care with the military hospitals — in our case, Letterman Army Medical Center (LAMC), where my sister was born.

We grew up and spent many years in the Presidio Of San Francisco. While my mum and sister were shopping for clothes, my pappy took me to the sporting, hi-fidelity, automotive, toys, and watch sections. There, I saw this Seiko Pogue, and I told my pappy,

I liked it very much.”

That summer, 1974, he and my mum presented the Seiko Pogue to me on my 10th Birfday when I was in the 4th grade (1974). I had it ever since; and, it runs accurately and never been serviced. On 16-February-2022, I turned it in to be serviced for the first time.

I remember as a child, I was playing a game with my sister in the living room. My mum and pappy were in the kitchen cleaning up after dinner, and I heard my pappy say to my mum, that boy is expensivehe wants a $70 Seiko — not a Mickey Mouse watch but a Seiko— how does he know Seiko?!?

My mum replied, well, that’s your son!

This timepiece I treasure; because, I was with my pappy when he saw this with me. I miss him so much!!! I really do!

Because my father purchased this Seiko Pogue for me for my 10th Birthday in 1974, this wrist timepiece is worth more to me than my other wrist timepieces in my little collection.

On Col. Pogue’s left wrist, is the Seiko Chronograph 6139: Pepsi: Colloquially, Seiko Pogue when the Colonel returned back to earth.

The Seiko Chronograph 6139 wrist timepiece-series was made popular by USAF Col. William Pogue. He loved the Seiko Chronograph 6139 so much, he brought it with him to space. It was an unauthorized item for him to bring; because, the astronauts were issued the Omega Speedmaster wrist timepieces to wear in space; but, Col. Pogue didn’t care. He wore both wrist timepieces — his right wrist had the NASA issued Omega Speedmaster, and his left wrist had his Seiko Chronograph 6139. He used his Seiko 6139 to time the rocket engines. After returning to earth, the world colloquially named the Seiko Chronograph 6139 as, Seiko Pogue.

Seiko continued make the Chronograph 6139 until 1978…I think. During its run, the Chronograph 6139 went through several iterations for the Japanese Domestic Market and the US Market; hence, the wording on the Chronograph 6139 face has different written descriptions depending on the year, the model number, and the location the Chronograph 6139 was sold.

As you can see, my face is different from that of Col. Pogue’s actual Seiko Chronograph 6139; it lacks the Water 70m Water Resist. The water resistant script had to be removed from the Seiko Chronograph 6139’s face for the US market, and the words, Water Resistant was engraved to the rear casing.

So, my model, year, and location of sales will not have the Water 70m Water Resist scripture on the dial; hence, a picky, elitist, purist, and snobbish, collector would say, there is really only one Seiko Pogue, and it’s the year and model that matches Col. Pogue’s Seiko Chronograph 6139.

Technically, under the purist definition, my 1972 Seiko: Pogue: 6139-6005-6009R: Chronograph Automatic is not considered a Seiko Pogue; but, for the most part, Seiko collectors, in general, are pretty relaxed to include all Seiko Chronograph 6139s as, Seiko Pogue. Anyway, I don’t care if it’s a Pogue or not — I like it for the way it looks — plain and simple.

Absolutely stunning! When the sun hits the face, it is so vibrant and more colorful and stunning! I am so happy that Alan serviced it.

United Watch Services takes about four weeks to service and test the wrist timepieces before releasing it back to the customer. Of course, they provide a warranty for their work.

When I was a kid in 1974, after my father bought me this Seiko Pogue, I immediately bought a leather cuff, just like this one, and put my Seiko Pogue on it. Finding this leather cuff on Amazon, reminded me of myself in 1974; hence, I had to get it for the 57 year old kid in me today.

I also ordered a 1960s/1970s Full Leather Dark Brown Bund or AKA leather cuff for my Seiko Pogue; hence, I removed the 1946 Vintage Leather Bundesrepublik (Bund), and I replaced it with the 1960s/1970s Full Leather Dark Brown Bund/Cuff.

When my pappy got me this Seiko Pogue for my 10th birfday in 1974, I had this close-to-same 1960s/1970s Full Leather Dark Brown Bund/Cuff; so, when I saw it on Amazon, I immediately purchased it for nostalgic reasons.

I wanna be part of the Cool Retro 1960s and 1970s Wrist Timepiece Club; hence, I’m sporting a dark brown two-prong buckle leather cuff on my Seiko Pogue during my audition for NBC’s Days Of Our Lives. No other wrist timepiece comes to life and energizes when worn — look at that golden yellow sun burst with energy during my audition. Absolutely, stunning!

I also purchased this light tan 1960s/1970s Full Leather Golden Tan Bund/Cuff to highlight the beautiful radiant Golden Yellow Sunburst face of my Seiko Pogue. I just can’t over the brilliance and radiance from my Seiko Pogue — it is so uniquely different from all the wrist timepieces out in the world today. It is my favorite wrist timepiece in my entire collection and in the world.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I still think the OEM bracelet that came with my Seiko Pogue looks best.

I just like having options with my bands based on my mood and the attire I will present to the public that day and the 1946 Vintage Leather Bundesrepublik (Bund),

and my 1960s/1970s Full Leather Dark Brown Bund/Cuff…

give my Seiko Pogue a different alternate look that elicits a cool and striking contract between steel and leather; it also brings me back wonderful memories of my childhood when wearing these two leather bands — I had a very blessed and happy childhood, of which, I thank the Trinity for my awesome parents!

My Seiko Pogue is worth more to me than any or all of my watch collection.


I can’t buy a brand new one; and, the ones that are out there are FrankenPogues.

After my father bought this for me for my birfday when I was 10 years old in 1974 — I was in the fourth grade — I was the only kid in my entire school that had the coolest and most expensive watch — my teachers looked at it with envy, and my classmates thought it was the coolest watch they had ever seen.

My 1972 Seiko: Pogue: 6139-6005-6009R: Chronograph Automatic is in mint condition, and it is all original — straight from the Seiko Factory.

Unlike the present market, which is riddled with FrankenPogues.

This is Retired USAF Col and Former NASA Astronaut Pogue’s original Seiko Chronograph 6139.

The 1970s Seiko: Pogue: 6139 : Chronograph Automatic that are of original state are not as mint as mine — most, if not all, have worn out parts and look terrible. Now, if you’re into that kind of look, then good for you the market is your candy store — I’m not that kinda guy — I like my stuff to look like new.

Finally, in addition to my 1972 Seiko: Pogue: 6139-6005-6009R: Chronograph Automatic not being fungible in this market, my 1972 Seiko: Pogue: 6139-6005-6009R: Chronograph Automatic has sentimental value, which makes it invaluable…

I can never get another BRAND NEW 1972 Seiko: Pogue: 6139-6005-6009R: Chronograph Automatic that was given to me the best father in the entire world — my pappy!

Look at that sunburst! No other wrist timepiece can radiate like the Seiko Pogue.

Now, you understand the reason my 1972 Seiko: Pogue: 6139-6005-6009R: Chronograph Automatic is the most valuable and invaluable wrist timepiece in my collection.

Why I love wearing my Seiko: Pogue?

In addition for not wearing it for decades, it’s like having a new wrist timepiece — not only that, but it is a wrist timepiece that is so unique and hardly, if ever seen, on today’s wrists. It’s a bad-ass wrist timepiece — period!

No other wrist timepiece has a Golden Sunburst Mediterranean Yellow face that burst with brightness with just a little amount of light hitting the face — in fact, that’s one of the details you can use to identify a fake Seiko Pogue — the fake ones don’t burst when the light hits the face. Check it: Vintage Watch Advisors.

The Seiko Pogue is a unique one-of-a-kind color; and, I just love all the attention I get as it catches the eyes of people with whom I make contact. It has a classic style that I can wear with my Tom Ford and Canali suits and tuxedos.

It not only looks stunning, but, it is also an effective tool — today, I had to do some errands, and I parked at a meter, and I clocked in for 15 minutes. I started the Chronograph function of my 1972 Seiko: Pogue: 6139-6009R: Chronograph Automatic to ensure I didn’t go past my 15 minutes. Hey, if USAF Colonel/Astronaut Pogue can use his Seiko Automatic Chronograph 6139 to time rocket jets in space for his return back to earth, I can use mine to time a parking meter — yes?

At rest, my 1972 Seiko: Pogue: 6139-6005-6009R: Chronograph Automatic looks like just another cool wrist timepiece; but…

the moment I put it on, it magically comes to life! The unique colors radiate telling the world its own unique story. It being on my wrist, gives it the prominence and status it deserves.

19-March-2022: Audition for NBC’s Days Of Our Lives: Reading the script, and my Seiko Pogue radiates with energy as the studio lights hit it! No other face dial can radiate like the Seiko Pogue — absolutely stunning!

Many wrist timepiece collectors mention the Seiko Chronograph 6139 wrist timepiece to be a worthwhile piece to acquire for your collection; so, if you do venture down this path, just make certain you are getting one that you want — there are a lot of fake ones out there, and there a lot of specimens out there with NON OEM improper parts made by third parties, AKA: FrankenPogue.

I am truly blessed to be the original owner of this magnificent wrist timepiece, and it is a wonderful feeling to be swinging it on my wrist.

Look at that face — a leading watch face for any film or television series — it adds a layer to any leading man or supporting character’s story.

When there’s no light, it still radiates with energy — so strong for a wrist timepiece that was born on 31-August-1972 — I’m impressed and got no complaints with this baby!

It is definitely a priceless invaluable worthwhile wrist timepiece in my small yet prestigious collection.

Thank you Alan, Master Technician at United Watch Services, for getting my Seiko Pogue, like brand new straight from the Seiko Factory in Japan.

If you have a Seiko Pogue and are looking for a master technician, check out Alan.

Of course, if you have a Swiss wrist timepiece, and are looking for a technician to service it, check o out Alan; he is Swiss Certified, as well as all his equipment. He is certified to service Rolex, Patek Phillipe, and other luxury wrist timepieces.

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/s/ Alfonso Faustino