Alfonso Faustino: Motorola APX NEXT

On 14-March-2022, I will be taking possession and custody of my brand new Motorola APX NEXT.

Photo Credit: Motorola Solutions

I get the latest and greatest Motorola equipment for free — I’m not use to changing out transceivers so frequently — after all, I’ve only had my brand new Motorla APX 8000HXE coming up on three years — it’s still a new transceiver for me!

All features on my new Motorola APX NEXT will be programmed and activated for me for free — I don’t need to pay for the subscription fees. Presently, my engineers are provisioning my Motorola APX NEXT for me — unfortunately, the code-plug is different and beyond my expertise, so the engineers gotta do all the programming for me — maybe, you guys know the technical process for activating and coding this thing; cuz, I don’t. I gave them the code-plug on my Motorla APX 8000HXE, so I know that’s one component of getting the NEXT up and running.

Photo Credit: Motorola Solutions

I have the option of getting the Motorola APX NEXT XE; but, I’m still equivocating on whether or not I will make that move. The regular Motorola APX NEXT can handle the junk I throw at it without having to go to the Motorola APX NEXT XE; and, the other reason is, I have a Motorla APX 8000HXE,

which is the top of the line for its series; hence, do I really need the APX NEXT in the XE version? I would only get it for the bright hi-viz green color, which I really dig — I will think about it.

Photo Credit: Motorola Solutions

I’m looking forward to integrating my Motorola APX NEXT into my volunteer work with the USCG(AUX) and the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office.

Photo Credit: Motorola Solutions

The feature I’m most interested in using during my missions with the USCGAUX and Alameda County Sheriff’s Office is the smart-features that are built into the Motorola APX NEXT.

Photo Credit: Motorola Solutions

Of course, I still dig my Motorla APX 8000HXE; but, it’s always nice to have options — variety is the spice of life — yes?

My Motorla APX 8000HXE has been with me through some real tough excursions — in fact, during this trip in the ocean, my Motorola APX 8000 HXE got a good dose of the ocean splash during a change in tac; also,

So, even though I will be getting the Motorola APX NEXT, my Motorla APX 8000HXE will still be with me and remain in commission.

I always get brand new top-of-the-line gear — I don’t buy used gear. Buying top-of-the-line gear lasts a lifetime, which in the long run, is more economical and wiser.

I just dig my Motorola APX 8000HXE — I have so much history with it! It is always with me — even on my daily hitting sessions at the tennis club.

I will update this BLOG and post pictures of my brand new, straight from the Motorola Factory, Motorola APX NEXT on 14-March-2022.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino