Alfonso Faustino:

Hi, all.

Thanks for all the wonderful emails you sent to me; and, I’m glad I was able to help you with the stuff you were interested in purchasing.

Because of all the popularity of my past BLOGs, regarding my emergency auxillary communications activities, I decided to take the momentum of those BLOGs to create a new website; and, it will be called,

The website is currently under construction — my developer and writer for all my BLOGs and websites is Melissa; and, we are now working on design and content for

☑️It will be dedicated to reflect my new Emergency Auxillary Communications branding and re-imaging.

☑️I’ve done a 100% migration from HAM analog and digital networks to commercial/professional-grade and military-grade digital networks using military-grade encryption, trunking systems, and I will discuss the engineering and architecture of this auxiliary communications network (ACN).

I no longer use HAM communications networks; I only use commercial/professional communications networks; and, I only use Motorola transceivers.

☑️I will keep ONLY two HAM networks in my Motorola Code-plugs: CARLA (analog only), PAPA System (analog only); because, these are the only two entities that have excellent coverage.

I will be taking possession and custody of the new Motorola APX NEXT — CHECK IT!

☑️Discussions about my voluntary work with the USCG, Alameda County Sheriffs Office, and my position on the Board Of Directors for a well-respected Motorola partner.

☑️Discussions about my emergency auxillary communications network unleashing the full potential of my Motorola transceivers.

☑️Informing the audience of proper equipment for mission-critical operations with various volunteer agencies that are NOT HAM driven.

☑️Training courses and having guest speakers from the military comms, Sheriff’s Office, and Motorola engineers.

Stay tuned.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino