Staying Fit: Apple Watch Series 6 & MyFitnessPal

When my pants get a little tight on me, creating discomfort, I don’t buy larger pants nor do I go to the tailor to make my existing pants larger — no way! I lose weight so I can better fit my existing pants. I never give myself an inch — never!

As my fitness community always say, “we don’t buy fat-boy pants!

I have a big but healthy ego; I have very high self-esteem; I have confidence in myself; I take pride in myself and anything or anyone associated to me; and, I love myself; hence, being out-of-shape, unhealthy, and not physically fit, are not part of my lifestyle nor design.

Also, my present GF and my GFs before her are athletic, worldly, fit, health-conscious, goal-oriented, and high-achievers; they don’t go for guys that are cooped up in their apartments playing video games and eating Nacho Cheese Dorito’s on a sunny Saturday afternoon. Get me?

I dig reading stories like this one:

Read in Fox News:

Stories like these and my fitness community inspire me to stay fit, work-out, and be the healthiest I can be!

Fast-foods — no bueno!

My GF bought me an Apple Watch Series 6 several months ago. I never cared for the Apple Watch — if I did, I would have purchased one years ago.

I only save my real estate for my Rolex Batman…

my Rolex Submariner, and…

my personalized Chopard Mille Miglia Chronograph.

She encouraged me to wear the gift she gave me…while a lot of people wear the Apple Watches, I found that they are really popular with the younger age-groups.

My GF is younger than me (~ 24 years younger), so the Apple Watch is a common thing for her as Rolex is a common thing for people in my age-group; I’m 57 years old.

I acquiesced, and I wore it; now, I’m a believer in the Apple Watch as being an excellent tool in my overall fitness training program.

Check out this kid’s YouTube Channel regarding Apple Watches:

This kid’s YouTube Channel is the only channel I use whenever I need information about Apple Watches — he is very informative and knows his stuff about Apple watches.

I use two tools to help me stay fit and enhance my overall fitness and training; so, I can play my best tennis against anyone at at any age and at any level: Apple Watch Series 6 and MyFitness Pal.

Eight months ago, I weighed in at 155 pounds. While this is a normal weight for me, based upon my height and based upon my physician’s assessment, I didn’t like the way I looked. I looked over-weight — kinda chunky — especially, in film and pictures, like the one directly below. I had to make an immediate change to lose the chunky-look in me.

I gave myself three months to drop my weight from 155 LBS to 140 LBS. I achieved this goal in less than two months.

I wanted to drop to 140 pounds to be more efficient and effective in the tennis courts; I also wanted a thinner face on television and film; hence, I tracked my intake, and I used MyFitnessPal.

Through my modified diet and intense working out, within two months, I burned the chunkiness off my face; and, now, my face looks thinner on film and television, as seen in the pictures supra, and below, which are from two of my audition video clips, circa, 10-November-2021.

I’m very happy with my new look and physique. I also burned the fat off my neck; and, now the collar of my dress shirts are not tight — they are perfectly comfortable, as shown in my audition video clip, supra.

The reason MyFitnessPal works for me is because I document all the food I eat; and, it shows me my calorie-intake for the day. With that information, I’m able to adjust my eating patterns; so, I can manage the increase or reduction in weight.

The other thing I did to get me to my weight goal is joining an Ab Challenge, shown in pic, above.

I’m very goal-oriented, and I like to compete; so, I competed against two people I know, and the results were pretty damn amazing for me. My abs don’t look as defined and ripped as Reike and Mara, shown above, but my abs are more defined and ripped than before I started the Ab Challenge.

At 57 years old, I’m in excellent shape — period! I’m in better shape than people considerably younger than me, at my age, and older than me. My assertion has been substantiated by my physicians and cardiovascular physicians — they all wrote in my records, “patient is in excellent shape and fitness.”

I am not on ANY medication whatsoever; and, EVERYTHING works in full and lasting force without any pills…

nor do I take any vitamins…I don’t believe in literally pissing my money away…

I get all my vitamins from vegetables and fruits.

After three months of strict and immediate cold-turkey diet modifications, diet restrictions, and intense workouts, such as, but not limited to, my daily HIIT, here is the after-picture of me from MyFitnessPal.

I still have a small layer of fat, circled in red, that I need to lose, but I exceeded my goal within two months.

March 2021, I weighed in at 155 LBS with a 32-inch waistline. About a month-and-a-half later, I significantly dropped that weight; and three months later, June 2021, and to present, as of, 15-November-2021, I am 138.2 pounds with a 29-inch waistline, and I will maintain this weight and fitness level for the duration of my time here on earth with ease and part of my normal lifestyle.

Now, staying in physical shape is one thing, but I wanted to make sure my internals were also in shape.

The Apple Watch Series 6, which my GF gave me, was the key tool, along with my healthy diet, to my success in making certain my internals were in shape.

My resting heart BPM is consistently in the 50-range. According to the chart, below, I’m in Athletic fitness all across the age-spectrum: 18 years old to 65+ years old.

Surprisingly, the Apple Watch Series 6 is pretty damn close to accurate with their EKG feature, BPM, Blood O2, and VMaxO2.

How do I know?

I went into UCLA for my physical, and they did a complete and thorough physical on me, which included a treadmill stress-test of my heart and lungs. The physicians hooked me up to a machine that measured all my cardiovascular and respiratory activities, and put my heart and lungs under physical stress by making me run on treadmill.

I felt I was the Six Million Dollar Man

There were three things that the Apple Watch Series 6 was dead-on accurate: EKG, Oxygen Content % in my blood, and VMax O2.

The Apple Watch Series 6 heart BPM was pretty damn accurate, too, when I’m at rest and not doing any intense work-outs; but, the Apple Watch Series 6 is not that accurate while I’m doing HIIT and playing tennis; because, my sweat interferes with the watch’s sensors; however, when I wear my Garmin Pro and connect it to my Apple Watch Series 6, the BPM and the caloric burn rate are much more accurate.

Now that the cardiovascular physicians confirmed I’m in excellent shape, I know that my method and approach of proper diet and physical training are sound. My fitness evaluation from my physicians, encourages me to keep up with my present exercises and diets.

The nice thing about MyFitnessPal and the Apple Watch Series 6 is that they are physical reminders and mirrors of my physical health state.

They are no different than the mirror in my bathroom. I wake up in the morning, and I look in the mirror, and I see “yuk”. I don’t like that image, so, I brush my hair, brush my teeth, shave, and wash my face. I look in the mirror, and I say, “yes — I’m a Bad-ass again ready to conquer my day!”

When I look at my Apple Watch Series 6, I see those rings not closed up, I say, “it’s time to get to work, and meet my goals to close those rings.”

When I see the stuff I eat for the day, I either day, “yuk,” or I say, “yeah — I kicked ass today!”

That’s the effectiveness of MyFitnessPal and the Apple Watch Series 6.

In addition, I seldom eat fried foods…except, on very rare occasions, French Fries, but they have to be a particular type of French Fry, or I won’t order it.

About a year ago, I became a pescatarian, vegetarian, and vegan. My diet consists of plant-based foods for 95% of my diet throughout the entire year.

The remaining 5% of my diet is left open for non pescatarian and non vegan foods that I will eat whenever I get invited to a home-cooked meal that my GF’s family will prepare for me; or, home-cooked meals my friends and acquaintances prepare for me.

That 5% is also reserved for my mum’s awesome home-made high-quality beef lumpias — I won’t let my vegetarian and vegan diet interfere with my mum’s lumpias!

I never publicly state I’m a vegetarian; because, I don’t like the stigma; and, most importantly, I don’t like people having to fuss over me in picking out a restaurant or preparing food for me at a dinner party.

When I get invited to a home-cooked dinner, I eat whatever the host cooks for me. When my social group wanna grab dinner at a restaurant, I just follow along and eat the food the restaurant provides — I NEVER mention that I’m a vegan, vegetarian, nor pescatarian.

I disdain the pompous attitude and arrogant attitude, stigma, and personalities of vegetarians or non red meat eaters.

I was at dinner with my GF the other night, and this loud-ass patron was telling the waiter he is a vegetarian. Each order he placed, he had asked the server to make sure the order didn’t have this and that in the order followed by, “because I’m a vegetarian.” Other patrons in the restaurant looked at him, and they shook their heads in disapproval of this cabbage-headed twit.

I had visions of breaking that cabbage-headed twit’s back over my bent knee and sticking an apple in his mouth and racking up his body up for display under the ice-sculpture water fountain at the restaurant entrance.

(I put this scene, supra, in my film scene-book. My film scene-book is a collection of visions and phrases that come to my mind. I jot them down; so, when I create a film, and I need scenes for comedy or drama, I have some ideas to draw upon from my scene-book.)

Now, don’t get the wrong idea of my vegan plant-based diet — I ain’t a left liberal progressive tree-hugger!


Conversely, I AIN’T a righty nor a radical right-wing bible-toting fundamentalist neither.


(As long as the government, people, and politicians stay out of my personal life-choices and my wallet, I don’t give a fuck about what people wanna do with their own lives or with their own bodies — ain’t my concern as long as I don’t have to pay for it.)

I only went on this vegan and plant-based diet for the following SELFISH reasons:

  • I like the way plant-based and vegan food taste — I’m always open to trying any type of food — my ex-gf is vegan. I gave it a try, and I loved it; my present GF is not vegan;
  • I feel like I have tons of energy and stamina on and off the tennis courts;
  • Easier weight management;
  • I don’t feel weighed down or sleepy after I eat vegan and plant-based foods;
  • Plant-based and vegan foods are easier on my digestive tracts; and,
  • My cardiovascular health is phenomenal as a result of my vegan and plant-based diet.

Though, even plant-based processed foods pose a health risk; because, they are high in SODIUM — processed food are terrible — period! A vegan hot-dog is loaded with sodium, which is a nightmare for your cardiovascular system!

I don’t salt my foods — I never liked the taste of salt on my foods — even as a kid; hence, my taste buds can pick up salt even at the most minuscule amount of salt if placed on my food; hence, I eat more veggies, raw veggies, whenever possible.

About once or four times a year, I MIGHT go to a steakhouse and eat lamb or other red meats; but, the steakhouse I go to, provides premium steaks and red meats. I only eat red meats that high-end quality and premier cuts, which are NOT available at the mainstream grocery stores nor common restaurants.

My family and I go to an exclusive butcher that provides high-end red meats and premier cuts. The taste, texture, and freshness of the premium red meats we get from our butcher are 100% noticeably different and better than the stuff that is out in the general market stores. The meat is so tender that it melts in my mouth. The meat is so high quality and premier cuts that you can eat it raw; the moment the meat touches my tongue and palate, the meat melts releasing natural flavors most people never tasted in their lives.

I only go to one steakhouse in San Francisco, CA: Osso Steakhouse. Their red meats are of the same caliber that my family’s butcher supply.

You will NEVER see me feeding on a steak from a steakhouse that runs television commercials.

I’m very conscientious about the food I order at restaurants…I mainly eat grilled, raw, or broiled chicken or fish and tons of veggies.

This diet makes me happy, keeps me healthy, and I enjoy the taste. It all gets logged into MyFitnessPal.

So, if you’re looking to get fit and monitor your intake, check out the Apple Watch and the MyFitnessPal Application, as two tools that can help you reach and maintain your fitness and diet goals!

Is the Apple Watch Series 6 gonna replace my Rolexes when I wear my Canali Tuxedo to a black-tie event?


But, it sure goes well with my ADIDAS tennis wardrobe!

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino