Alfonso Faustino: Weight Adjustment On Wilson RF97 Autograph

I’ve been hitting with the Wilson RF97A in its stock configuration for almost a month. It’s such a pleasure hitting with these racquets.

Yesterday, 8-November-2021, I had my first morning two-hour hitting session.

I hit for two hours straight without a break, and the Wilson RF97A was comfortable and was smooth as silk without having me to exert unnecessary energy to strike the ball — as long as my footwork was on par, I was able to effortlessly hit nice clean shots on both wings.

I had a thirty minute break before my afternoon two-hour hitting session with the North Beach crew.

I hit for two hours straight with the North Beach Crew, and the Wilson RF97A performed as smooth as silk.

After my two-hour hit with the North Beach Crew, I hit for an hour and 20 minutes with Melanie. She’s an advanced beginner, so this was a nice opportunity for me to tune-up my groundies and foot-work. She did hit several winners off of me; so, hitting with Melanie wasn’t a walk in the park; however, the Wilson RF97A performed as smooth as silk.

So, yesterday, in total, I hit ~ 5 hours and 20 minutes, and the Wilson RF97A was splendid. Maximum gain with less effort.

As mentioned in my previous BLOG, Moving From Volkl C10 Pro to the Wilson RF97 Autograph, my Volkl C10 Pros are heavier than my new Wilson RF97 Autographs.

My Volkl C10 Pros are 361.2 grams; and, my Wilson RF97As are 359.7 grams at the stock configuration.

That’s a considerable swing weight difference, which definitely throws off my uncoiling and wrist-snap; I’m uncoiling and snapping my wrist forward a bit earlier off both wings, due to the lighter weight of the Wilson RF97A.

I decided to add 2 grams of weight to the racquet-head by placing two grams of weight at the 10 o’clock and 2 o’clock positions of the racquet-head of the Wilson RF97A; hence, my new swing weight is 360.5 grams.

The added 2 grams is .8 grams heavier than the stock RF97A, which is 359.7 grams.

As a result, my Wilson RF97As are .7grams lighter than my Volk C10 Pros. To me, that’s a significant difference; but, I gave it about 600 swings tonight, 9-November-2021, and it felt great.

I will test it out on the courts tomorrow, 9-November-2021; and, I forecast the extra weight will be the answer to having a perfect tennis racquet for my tennis style.

More to follow.

9-November-2021: I hit for about 1.5 hours without breaks, and the new weight is perfect. It’s heavy enough now, and I still have great racquet head-speed without sacrificing a clean contact on the ball. The weight of the racquet is perfect for the timing of my wrist-snap following the impact of the ball. So, my wrist is laid back at contact, which is the position I need for a clean hit. Prior to the weights, my wrist would start its forward snap early resulting in me framing the ball.

I will monitor the new weight to make certain I ain’t getting a false-positive.

So far…so good — dig the new additional weights.

12-November-2021, @ 1452: I hit with Melanie for two hours and two minutes without weights. The stock swing weight of the RF97A is 358.6 grams; and, by far, I had a better hitting experience with the stock swing-weight.

The two grams of weight were good for groundies, but the additional weights were just too heavy for me to generate racquet head-speed on my serves.

So, I finally got use to the lighter weight of the RF97A, and I will stick with the stock swing-weight — it is perfect for my groundies, overheads, volleys, and, especially, my serves.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino