Alfonso Faustino: Used Motorola Transceivers: eBay: SnarlingRabidDog5150: TalkWave Communications

Generally speaking, I don’t trust sellers on eBay; hence, I seldom make purchases on eBay — I prefer Amazon.

In my opinion, eBay is a cesspool and a petrie dish of scammers and products of questionable origin, make, and quality –ESPECIALLY, sellers that write, “No refunds due to people swapping out parts” in their product listings.

Those sellers are a crock of shit…you mean to tell me, you want me to buy your used Motorola transceiver for $600+ and put myself at risk in the event YOUR transceiver doesn’t work; or, I get hunted down because YOU sold me a stolen product — yeah, right! NEXT.

(Check out this video — it is the reason you should always work with eBay sellers that provide a refund policy: SnarlingRabidDog5150.  Avoid sellers that don’t back up their products with a refund policy — most of them are crooks and scammers.)

I avoid these scammers…there are way too many other legitimate sellers that back up their products with a 14 – 30-day refund policy.

After sifting through all the questionable sellers, I found a reputable seller: SnarlingRabiddog5150.

SnarlingRabidDog5150 owns TalkWave Communications, and he only deals with Motorola products.  You can find him on eBay by searching: snarlingrabiddog5150 or clicking on this link: snarlingrabiddog5150.

I was impressed with his profile: 100% 5-star rating of customer satisfaction, support, and communications.  His profile showed over 2,000 happy customers that purchased Motorola products from him.  Ok…this was an excellent sign, but I also needed to see his return policy.

I scrolled down, and I was pleased — 14-day return policy — no questions asked.  That’s great. So, I contacted him to verify the features in the product.  He responded within 30 minutes — another good sign that this guy is not a runner or fly-by-night outfit.

I checked him out on  He has videos explaining all his products, and he demonstrated the way he gets his products to insure that the products he gets are not stolen or illegally tampered.

Next, SnarlingRabidDog5150 brings all used Motorola transceiver to their factory specs by tuning the frequency bands, flashing the firmware to the current firmware, and bench-testing each Motorola transceiver he sells.

He touts all his used Motorola products are brought to new-condition, set to factory standards using ONLY OEM parts, and tested for accuracy and reliability; because, his main customer base is law enforcement, fire fighters, government employees, and other first responders — they all require their equipment to be 100% reliable, and SnarlingRabidDog5150 has a reputation with them as providing reliable Motorola transceivers.

This is my first USED Motorola that I will be purchasing; hence, I HAD to make certain that I did my due diligence — but for the fact that I wanted a discontinued Motorola transceiver, I would NEVER by a used transceiver or used anything — at all! All my stuff are brand new, and I am always the first owner.

After my research and conversations with SnarlingRabidDog5150, he earned my trust; hence, I made the purchase, and I’m glad I did.


The transceiver I purchased from him is excellent condition — not a single scratch or marring in the housing, and I sent the transceiver to the Motorola Depot to get some additional features set to it, and the Motorola Depot passed SnarlingRabidDog5150’s transceiver as complying to factor settings and specs.  Excellent!

So, if you are in the market for a used Motorola transceiver, check out snarlingrabiddog5150.  He has a good inventory of used and some new Motorola products; and, all his products have been tested and legally verified to be of sound quality or origin…AND, he backs his products up with a 14-day refund policy and excellent post-sale customer support.

Thanks, SnarlingRabidDog5150…I am very happy with my purchase, and I look forward to doing business with you again very soon!

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)