Alfonso Faustino: PAPA System: The Best HAM Community

The only Amateur Radio Club you need to join is PAPA System.

If you are a new HAM Licensed Operator or if you’re a Veteran HAM Licensed Operator, PAPA System is the only HAM Club you need to join.

Here’s a list of my reasons:

☑️Nightly Nets: Monday through Sunday, you can participate PAPA Nets that cover topics pertinent to HAM equipment and communications. On Saturday Night, there is a social net that covers topics that are not HAM (e.g., politics, cars, airplanes, television shows, and so on),

☑️Global access: You can access PAPA System anywhere in the world via a HotSpot: Gerry Filby AllStar ClearNode, openSPOT3, or TGIF HotSpot,

☑️Expansive analog repeater system in Southern California,

☑️Friendly, helpful, and technical community to help you or to socialize and have fun conversations, and

☑️Digital platforms: P25, DMR Tier II, D-STAR, and System Fusion. Regardless of the digital component in your transceiver, you can access any of PAPA’s digital platforms; and, their weekly nets span their entire digital platforms.

PAPA System provides their members a community that entertains them, educates them, and assists them — it’s a one-stop community that will address all your HAM needs.

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/s/ Alfonso Faustino