Alfonso Faustino: Bioenno Power (K6ASF)

If you’re interested in running a portable field HAM comm case or pack, contact Kevin at Bioenno Power: 1-888-336-7864: Sale at BioennoPower dot com.  Just tell Kevin you portable power needs, your gear, and he will provide you with the best set-up based on your gear and power needs.


When I’m at home, I use the PG&E’s power grid to keep my portable HAM base-station comm system up and running.  As long as there’s no power outages or plan power shut-downs by PG&E, everything is groovy.


It’s a different story if there is a power outage at home or when I pack up my portable home-base station up and out into the field — the last time I’ve been to Arizona’s Grand Canyon or Colorado’s Roaring Forks, I didn’t see a power outlet to connect my portable HAM comm station while hiking in the valley of the canyon.  When I’m out in the field, I need a reliable, safe, compact, and light-weight portable battery.


In comes Bioenno Power’s LiFePO4 Portable Re-chargeable Battery (BLF-1220A).


This battery is powerful enough to operate my 100W Yaesu FT-857D for ~5 hours or so of stand-by, receiving, and transmitting signals — anyway, it is more than enough power for any type of urgent or emergency comm operations I might experience out in the field — I would have to be doing a lot of talking on my 100W Yaesu FT-857D to run down the Bioenno Power’s LiFePO4 Portable Re-chargeable Battery.


Unless there is a civil catastrophe, like the 1989 San Francisco earthquake, I don’t anticipate being off the power grid for the entire day, so I can easily charge it back up when I get back home or arrival to a public functional power outlet.


So, what happens if I’m out in the field, and I need to charge up my Bioenno Power’s LiFePO4 Portable Re-chargeable Battery (BLF-1220A)?


In comes two items to give me a free charge compliments of the sun:

Bioenno Solar Charger Controller (SC-1224JUD) and the Bioenno LiFe 28-watt Solar Panel.





If my portable HAM set-up is something you’re interested in, contact Kevin at Bioenno Power: 1-888-336-7864: Email: Sale at BioennoPower dot com, will be able to set you up — he’s knowledgeable and familiar with the various HAM transceiver’s power specifications.


So, now, my PCC is all complete; I have power redundancy at all angles.  I have all the stuff I need to sustain my HAM comm activities inside my home and out in the field.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)