Alfonso Faustino: Portable Communications Case (PCC): Pelican 1520 & Pelican 1525 Air

I don’t like the term “go-box” nor “go-kit”; hence, I use the term PCC: Portable Communications Case.

BLUF: If you’re looking for a water-tight durable case to protect your gear, check out the Pelican cases. I own two of them for my emergency auxillary communications transceivers: Pelican 1520 and the Pelican 1525 Air.

I had both of them for many years; and, they always protected my transceivers during my SCUBA diving drips and my emergency auxillary communications drill throughout California.

The Pelican 1520 is an excellent case, and I still use it to carry my commercial band Motorola XPR 5550e.

As I got more advanced in my auxiliary communications qualifications with the USCG AUX and Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, I needed a slightly bigger Pelican case. As I looked into a slightly bigger Pelican case, I learned that new technology and material advancements lightened the weight of the Pelican cases, without sacrificing performance.

In comes the Pelican 1525 Air. It is slightly larger than the Pelican 1520; BUT, it is also 40% lighter than the Pelican 1520.

Most importantly, I can carry BOTH Motorola XPR 5550e transceivers (VHF and UHF), at the same time, my battery in addition to other items I might need while being out in the field.

Beneath the upper-deck, the lower-deck has the additional items I also need for my missions with the USCGAUX, shown in the picture, below.

All this gear, with solid durable protection and light enough to maneuver in a vehicle or open field, is the Pelican 1525 Air.

The Pelican 1525 Air fits nicely in the rear passenger seat of my Audi Q3.

I can easily work in my vehicle or out in the field. All my auxiliary communications gear fits nicely in the light-weight but durable Pelican 1525 Air.

If you’re in the market for a lightweight but durable protective case, check out the Pelican 1525 Air.

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/s/ Alfonso Faustino