North Carolina to California

CAPTION: 18-May-2021, @ 1900 Hours PDT: Commercial Aviator for United Airlines, Chris, meeting me in San Francisco for dinner

Yesterday, 18-May-2021, Chris, whom I met on P25 Phase 1 Talk-group: 10200, flew into San Francisco — he literally flew into San Francisco, California, on a United Airlines commercial jet into SFO on a stop-over to his final destination, Hawai’i.

CAPTION: 18-May-2021: Chris coming in for a landing at SFO’s runway
CAPTION: 18-May-2021: Chris coming in for a landing at SFO’s runway

Chris and I share common interests through our HAM conversations, and we always talked about grabbing a bite if he ever had a lay-over in, San Fran, as Chris would say in his Southern accent. (I’m also a Southerner…I was born in Charleston, South Carolina.)

CAPTION: 18-May-2021: Chris’s transportation and office at SFO

Of course, in a addition to our similar interests transceivers, firearms, politics, family-values, and our views on life, we are aviation enthusiasts!

I’ve always been intrigued by the physics of flying…birds flying and aircraft (e.g., planes, helos, rockets, and so on) flying.

Chris’s office-view of San Francisco during his final approach into SFO

In addition, I always like views, and Chris’s spectacular view of San Francisco, California, from his office-window, his office, itself, is pretty amazing!

It was truly a pleasure meeting Chris — I learned a lot from him.

CAPTION: Chris’s EF Johnson and my Motorola APX 8000HXE, AKA: Hulk

Kinda cool the way two little 5-watt transceivers can bring people together, regardless of distance and differences.

Check 6, Chris! God’s speed to Hawai’i and back to North Carolina.

/s/ Alfonso Faustino