Alfonso Faustino: Recall London Breed “Mayor” of San Francisco

15-April-2021: I’ve noticed some positive changes that London Breed has done since I signed this petition. If you noticed significant positive changes from your point of view, consider that before signing this petition.

Some of the positive changes I noticed is clearing up some of the streets of the bums that created so much nuisance. I don’t notice as much human shit on the sidewalks these days; and, I noticed there are street crews washing the streets and street personnel picking up the bums’ litter.

In my opinion, I believe she is finally making an effort to keep our city clean.

Anyway, if you noticed the same improvements, then take that into consideration before signing the recall petition. If you still wanna sign the recall petition, here is the link, below.

/s/ Alfonso Faustino

To recall London Breed, please sign this petition:


It’s not a crime to be homeless,” San Francisco Police Chief, Scott, told the New Yorker. I agree; but, homeless people don’t have the right to do crime and malfeasant behaviors while being homeless nor do they have the right to create a legally-defined nuisance while being homeless, which includes, but not limited to, bio-hazards and the smell of human shit and piss in public areas of San Francisco, which tax-payers have the legally-defined right of which not to be exposed.

My name is Alfonso Faustino. I am property owner, tax-payer, property-owner taxpayer, and I am a reasonably prudent person — though, after you read this BLOG, you might not think I am a reasonably prudent person; because, I wrote this BLOG while being upset, frustrated, and ball-to-the-walls with passion.

Since I was ~five years old, San Francisco has been my primary residence. I am 56 years old, and I have grown up and seen many things in San Francisco. Gavin Newsom was one of our worse mayors; now, we have another mayor that’s equal to or worse than Gavin Newsom: London Breed. This is the first time I engaged in a recall effort, and this BLOG will state my reasons.

Here goes…

Some call me an asshole elitist just because…hmmm, I don’t like homeless scum shitting and pissing on neighborhood streets; hmmm, I don’t like homeless scum taking over neighborhoods to do drugs and pass out on the neighborhood streets or doorsteps; hmmm, I don’t like homeless scum using neighborhoods as a drop-off and pick-up point for purchasing and selling drugs, such as, but not limited to, meth, heroin, and marijuana; and, hmmm, I don’t like homeless scum victimizing law-abiding residents with malfeasant and criminal activities…so, yeah…if that’s the definition of an asshole elitist, then, unequivocally, I’m an asshole elitist and accept the title and crown of being the biggest asshole elitist in San Francisco.

This BLOG is about London Breed giving homeless scums’ rights over my rights as a property owner, a property tax-payer, as a law-abiding resident, and as a reasonable prudent person. This BLOG is my contribution to Gary Martinez’s petition to recall London Breed.

If you’re okay with homeless scums, then gimme your address, and I will send them to your neighborhood and doorstep…I bet you will become an asshole elitist, too.

Oh, you say, they are already in your hood and doorstep and you don’t mind? Great! Gimme your address, and I will pay the whole lot of these homeless scums to reside at your hood and doorstep, thus adding to your blissful existence and non exclusive and non elitist company — after all, birds of a feather — yes? These birds aren’t my birds and not my feather; hence, I fight to keep my exclusive asshole elitist lifestyle from these pieces of shit.

Clarification: Legitimate Homeless versus Homeless Scum

Legitimate Homeless

Photo Credit: San Francisco Chronicle

I have no issues with legitimate homeless people that are trying to make their lives better. When I see them, I feel sad — especially, homeless mothers with children — breaks my heart. Homeless women are at-risk of rape and murder. My family and I have helped them many times over: mothers with children. Anyone one of us can be homeless; it is unfortunate. But for my family’s wealth, I would have been homeless, as a result of my acting career pursuits. I have sympathy for these legitimate homeless people; and, these legitimate homeless people are doing the best they can to get back on track. They are utilizing shelters, they are taking life and work-counseling sessions, they are registering with EDD to get a job, and they are not shitting and pissing on the streets nor behaving in a malfeasant manner against the law-abiding residents of San Francisco. These people need our help!

Homeless Scum

Photo Credit: San Francisco Chronicle

I have no sympathy nor consideration for homeless scums. Those are the people you see shitting and pissing on the streets and using drugs. These homeless scums made a choice to do drugs, such as, but not limited to, meth, marijuana, and heroin; they are thugs, bullies, illegally aggressive, and vile. Homeless scums also engage in prostitution (I don’t believe in euphemism or using a substitute-word like, “sex-worker” to replace the word, “prostitute”. If you barter sex in exchange for money, you’re a prostitute — a whore — a hooker — end of discussion). I have disdain for all these pieces of shit homeless scums; and, if the THE PURGE was reality, the homeless scums would be first on my list.

London Breed has not addressed the Homeless Scums, hereinafter, homeless scum(s), and London Breed gives them more rights than me by IGNORING the problems and illegal behaviors of these homeless scums. There is large group of residents, asshole elitists, like I, of San Francisco that are fed up with London Breed’s lack of leadership. We, asshole elitists, are fed up and pissed off that London Breed has made San Francisco a third-world country. We are pissed off that London Breed made San Francisco a bio-hazard by letting homeless scums openly and freely shit and piss on the streets of San Francisco throughout all the neighborhoods. London Breed is not doing her job.

If you are in the position that the behaviors I experienced with these homeless scums are okay, then this is not the BLOG for you to read nor am I asking for your support — you and I have nothing in common, and I have no interest in associating my name with you.

If you’re of the opinion that homeless scums and homeless people have rights, then here is my retort to you — yes, homeless people and homeless scums have rights, but those rights don’t include illegal activities against people like me: property owners, tax payers, reasonable prudent residents, and law-abiding citizens.

If you feel that homeless scums shitting and pissing on the streets and camping out on homeowners and business owners’ doorsteps are fine and within their rights, then give me your address; and, I will gladly send all the homeless scums your way; and, you can clean up after them. Then, get back to me and tell me if you’re fine with them shitting and pissing on the streets of your neighborhood.

So, now that I got your bullshit arguments out of the way, I’m moving on to my argument of recalling London Breed for the following reasons…

I’m appealing to all property owners of San Francisco, business owners, and all reasonable prudent residents of San Francisco.

If you own a home, then you should be concerned about your property taxes going to London Breed’s salary to feather her own nest at the expense of your health and safety. You should be concerned that she is NOT your mayor. She is the mayor of homeless scums and thugs; and, she is not doing a big part of her job to protect San Francisco from homeless scums. How is she not doing her job?

Well, do you see those homeless scums laying around in the streets and causing trouble, such as, but not limited to, verbal and physical assaults to pedestrians, as they walk to Trader Joe’s? That’s against the law and city ordinances. London Breed allowed this to happen in the streets of San Francisco. She should be pushing the San Francisco Police Department (SFPD)and Department Of Public Works (DPW) to remove the homeless scums and clean up the mess the homeless scums created in the street.

Because those homeless scums are there and creating problems to residents of San Francisco, London Breed is implying her support of these homeless scums’ malfeasant and criminal behaviors against me and other residents of San Francisco; hence, THEY have more rights than you; and, what’s worse? Part of your pay-check is going to them.

Through your property taxes, city taxes, and your pay-checks, you are paying into these homeless scums’ welfare checks; and, YOU are paying London Breed’s $300,000-plus salary. You are paying those homeless scums to yell foul words at you; you are paying them to load up on drugs at your door-step. You are paying for them to shit and piss on the corner of your home or at your door-step; and, you are paying them to spit at you when you refuse to put money in their Burger King Soda Cup. Most incredulous, you are PAYING London Breed to ignore your safety and quality of life.

Photo Credit:

Yup — you just purchased your dream-house in a neighborhood you always wanted to reside, and a homeless scum settles in for the night at your door-step; and, right before he falls asleep, he shoots up at your doorstep; he masturbates at your doorstep; he shits and piss in front of your dream-house. This homeless scum doesn’t care that you have kids, and he is bottom-down naked in front of you and your kids. This actually happened to my neighbor and her kids.

The next morning, when you leave your house for work, you are left with his mess; and, guess what? You have to kick him off your doorstep, clean up his needles, shit, and all his clothing. That’s the stuff they do…they leave their belongings behind on the street or your doorstep. That’s their way of marking their territory. They expect to come back to your home in the evening — that’s the reason it’s important to call 3-1-1 and have it picked if you don’t wanna clean it up. When you report it to 3-1-1 or clean up his mess yourself, you are sending the message that your home is NOT his home.

Photo Credit: San Francisco Chronicle

If you’re a reasonable prudent resident of San Francisco, business-owner, and/or property owner, you should be concerned about the health-risk you are confronted with as you walk the side-walks of San Francisco.

Human shit and piss carry diseases…such as, but not limited to, hepatitis. Guess what? You’re breathing pieces of that homeless scum’s shit into your body via molecules coming off his shit and piss. You literally have pieces of that homeless scum’s shit in your nose and body. There is a reason people get dressed in the pathogen-resistant sanitation-clothing when they clean up human shit and piss — it is a bio-hazard, and London Breed and her motley cohorts let it happen with impunity.

Oh — don’t think your little CoVid-19 mask is stopping those shit and piss molecules…if you can smell shit and piss through your mask, it means the shit and piss molecules have already gotten up your nose and are now in your body — if they haven’t gone up your nose, they would have entered your body through your eyes, skin, and stuck on your clothing.

Photo Credit:

For voting me as your “mayor”, I thank you with shit and piss.” Compliments of London Breed!

You see that human shit in the picture supra? That is meth shit. It smells worse than human shit — it smells like foul chemicals — I don’t know any other way to describe the smell; but, once you smell it, you will never forget the smell.

Doesn’t that bother you? You own a home; you pay your property taxes; you own a business and pay your lease and business taxes; and, your home and business are part of a bio-hazard and being used as a toilet and sleeping area by a homeless scum that has contributed nothing to the city and county of San Francisco.

Each day you walk through the city of San Francisco and smell human shit and piss, you and your clothing have become a petrie dish of bacteria that can cause diseases, such as, but no limited to, hepatitis.

How about you small business owners? You pay business taxes — you also paid other fees to the city to get your business going — how do you like having your business store-front blockaded by homeless scums? How do you like seeing their piss, shit, and needles along your store-front doorway? Do you have to change your opening hours to clean up their mess and tell them to get off your store-front property before you open for businesses? Can you open for business due to homeless scum not leaving your doorway?

How about during work-hours? Are they blocking your store-front entrance so they can execute a drug deal?

Photo Credit: Alfonso Faustino

Most likely you business owners don’t own your business property — how do you like paying your lease but can’t operate your business because homeless scums have engaged their drug-dealing activities in front of your business? In fact, they blatantly tell their drug-runners to meet them at your business — your business has become their personal drug-delivery address. How do you like that?

Are the homeless scums intimidating your patrons from getting take-out? Are they creating an unpleasant environment that turns off your patrons’ appetite from doing business with you?

There is one choke-able neck for all these problems that are negatively impacting law-abiding residents, reasonable prudent residents, homeowners, tax-payers, and business people in San Francisco — London Breed.

Sure, homeless scums have been around before London Breed; but, she is the sitting “mayor” of San Francisco; and, these malfeasant and criminal activities are happening on her watch; and, during her watch, the homeless scums have gotten pejoratively worse; hence, she is responsible; because, she has done nothing to protect the rights of homeowners, law abiding residents, tax-payers, reasonable prudent residents, and businesses-owners.

I’ve called SFPD many times and filed several police reports as a victim. SFPD is awesome despite being defunded by London Breed.

Yup, London Breed defunded SFPD to gain popularity with people that engage in riots, looting, and so on. Once again, you are a tax-payer; and, instead of looking to protect your store from looters, she feathers her own nest by defunding SFPD, which shows her alliance to a group that promotes looting and riots in San Francisco at your business’s expense and at the expense of your safety, as a resident of San Francisco. Doesn’t that bother you?

Most of the people that support her are renters, like herself; they don’t own their homes; hence, they don’t pay property taxes — they don’t have a vested interest in the city like I do. I am funding San Francisco and financially keeping San Francisco from losing money, via, property tax, and the elected officials are not considering my rights, safety, and health.

Instead, at my expense, at all levels, London Breed and her motley crew are providing shelter, food, needles, and drugs at my expense. She has no regard for my rights as a resident of San Francisco.

How is it that tax-payers like me, who are financially supporting homeless scums, have to deal with homeless scums peering through house-windows at 0300 hours? My tax dollars are supporting these types of people? London Breed supports these homeless scums and their malfeasant behaviors, and I am paying the bill for this?

Through my property tax, I’m financially supporting the City and County Of San Francisco during the pandemic; and, I still have to put up with London Breed’s hypocrisy and lack of leadership. In addition, I have to deal with London Breed’s own alleged criminal or illegal activities coupled with the criminal and malfeasant activities of the homeless scums. Does that sound equitable to you?

If these things concern you, then please sign the petition to recall London Breed. She ain’t a mayor — she, like Gavin Newsom is just using her elected title and position to financially and politically feather her own nest and build up her political résumé without doing any work for reasonably prudent residents, business owners, tax-payers, and law-abiding residents of San Francisco.

Is it true London Breed has been implicated in getting a ~$5000-kick-back while in her position as mayor of San Francisco?

Hmmm, really, London Breed? That’s the type of person you are? How about that Navigation Center at the Embarcadero? Are you being implicated in malfeasant and/or criminal activities with that deal?

Is it true that London Breed and her motley cohorts are being investigated for other white-collar malfeasant activities?

Hmmm, not surprising, London Breed.

Out of all the places in San Francisco, why in hells-bells did London Breed approve a homeless camp-out (Navigation Center) near a high-revenue and tourist attraction area of the Embarcadero?

That is an expensive part of San Francisco. People saved a lot of money to buy a spot in that neighborhood. Families go there on weekend-walks, jogs, and dining activities in that area; and, you, London Breed, put a homeless camp out there? You’re also providing them with drugs and needles?

Why not use one of the existing warehouses on Indiana or Florida Street? That’s the industrial businesses part of San Francisco, and that area has no residences in those wharf-warehouses — they are abandoned and could have easily been rehabilitated to provide shelter for the legitimate homeless people.

That wharf-warehouses are away from high-valued properties, owned by people who paid a lot of money to live on the Embarcadero.

London Breed just devalued the homes along the Embarcadero and stymied the restaurant businesses along the Embarcadero near the navigation center. Homeless people and homeless scum should not be given neighborhoods that law-abiding hard-working residents worked hard to purchase.

How do you think the people that bought homes along the Embarcadero feel now that their property-value dropped because of being neighbors with homeless people and homeless scums? How about the homeowners’ safety? How about the restaurants and other businesses along the Embarcadero?

Have you ever eaten outside on Polk Street?

How do you like homeless scums coming up to you and your dinner date, while you’re eating your dinner? While you’re enjoying your meal and conversation with a hottie you met at Starbucks, you got this homeless scum coming up to your table asking for money — and he is not wearing a mask to boot!

Homeless Navigation shelters must be separated from mainstream neighborhoods. Property owners worked hard to purchase their homes at a particular neighborhood. They pay property taxes. When you integrate a homeless shelter into a mainstream neighborhood, like the Embarcadero, you devalue the property.

Why should homeless people be given a mainstream neighborhood to live for free?

This is a perfect example of London Breed not thinking about property owners and people paying property taxes.

How can you expect an Embarcadero home-owner to pay property taxes when you just devalued his property by giving homeless people and homeless scums his neighborhood that the property owner paid to reside?

Since when do homeless people and homeless scum get to live in prime real-estate without having to pay the property dollars people like me have to pay to live in that area?

Oh — and you’re providing them with drugs and needles, too? Guess who is paying for that? London Breed, you’re deplorable.

This the first time I ever participated in the recalling of an elected official. No elected official in my past has ever made me mad enough like London Breed.

My parents worked hard to establish the financial wealth that we have today…my father worked 7 days a week, my mother worked many hours of overtime and weekends, my sister works many hours, and I worked two full-time jobs to achieve my goals — I worked seven days a week and never experienced a weekend until I hit 30 years old.

We saved money, and we took investment risks, and we were blessed with financial rewards. We always paid our taxes, and paid more taxes because of our income bracket. We always paid on time — even during this pandemic — while others are unable to pay their property taxes, mortgages, credit card bills, and so on, my family and I are blessed that we can still pay our property taxes along with our other bills. (We paid cash for our house; hence, we don’t have a mortgage.) We are supporting the economy in and out of San Francisco.

I feel duped — I kept my part of the bargain to the city by paying my taxes, and London Breed is not keeping her part of the bargain. In a way, she is stealing my money by not doing her job.

With all the years of paying property tax PLUS paying extra taxes because of our net-worth, I’m extremely pissed off seeing homeless scums on the streets are given more rights than me.

We pay all these high-dollar taxes, and homeless scums that pay nothing, have more rights than me — London Breed takes a portion of my money, and she has no concern for my rights — London Breed allows these homeless scums to violate my person and my neighborhood.

I’m fed up! I’m pissed off! I will participate in any way I can (e.g., donations and passing out flyers) to get London Breed recalled.

Neighbors, who are in the same financial status as I am, are also pissed off, and they are doing all they can to recall London Breed, too, for the same reasons as me.

Homeless scums shitting openly in the streets of San Francisco has gotten so terrible, people created applications to map shit on the streets, so people can avoid those areas…as a law-abiding citizen, a reasonable prudent person, a tax-payer, a property-owner, and a business owner doesn’t that bother you?

If a dog-owner doesn’t pick up after the dog, the dog-owner gets fined. I’ve seen it happen. A homeless scum shits on the street and nothing happens to him. Apparently, nothing happens to the whole lot of homeless scums shitting and pissing on the streets.

Photo Credit: Houston Chronicle

In my time dealing with these homeless scums, I have been verbally assaulted; I have been physically assaulted by way of a homeless scum spitting at me (fortunately, I moved out of the way of the spit; hence, it never hit me) while walking to my acting class. I chased him, and while chasing him, I called 9-1-1. SFPD caught me and told me to cool down while they sent another patrol car to chase the spitting homeless scum. He got a way from the patrol car; and, I was warned not to chase these people cuz they are dangerous — I acquiesced. I can’t believe this is what I’ve allowed myself to become? Chasing homeless scum for spitting at me? I am a tax-payer, and I can’t even safely walk to my acting class without being harassed by homeless scum.

I have viewed 90% of these homeless scum piss and shit on the street. I’ve seen them masturbate while taking up residence at a house’s doorstep for the evening, and I’ve seen them masturbate in front of a restaurant window while patrons were eating their meals. Are you okay with this? You’re a business owner, and you have homeless scums masturbating at your restaurant window while you’re patrons are eating dinner — doesn’t that bother you?

MAP: All locations where human waste has been reported in San Francisco

PEOPLE…you pay taxes — you should not have to be subjected to these vile activities while living, socializing, and working in San Francisco!

Every garbage night, I’ve seen these homeless scums empty out garbage bins and leave the garbage out on the street — it’s a mess.

San Francisco looks like a third-world country. Planning a trip to a third-world-country? Save your flight money and avoid the 18-hour flight — just visit San Francisco, and you will get an idea of the way a third-world-country looks and feels — and smells.

When I called in these malfeasant homeless scums’ malfeasant and criminal activities to San Francisco Police Department, they do their best to help me; but, London Breed defunded them, so they are under-resourced and don’t have the head-count. The ratio of SFPD officers to San Francisco residents is 1:400 — one cop for 400 San Francisco residents.

Despite London Breed’s defunding effort of SFPD, the police still come to my aid whenever I have a situation due to London Breed’s support of homeless scums.

I always call to SFPD whenever I have a situation with homeless scums or other people causing problems. I want to create a paper-trail in the event I get injured by one of these homeless scums; or, if I decide to sue the city.

One of the things I created is a neighborhood watch. Several of us patrol our block before we retire for the evening. If we see a homeless scums on our block, we call SFPD. The neighbors also do neighborhood-watch from the safety of their homes. If they see a homeless scum breaking into a car, looking into a house or car window, we call it in.

We ALWAYS call 3-1-1 or use the 3-1-1 app to immediately pick up homeless scums’ litter and their personal effects (e.g., clothes, pillow, blankets, etc.). If you allow the homeless scums to leave their stuff on the street, they will return to it after they forage for food and beg for money to purchase their drug hits throughout the day.

When they leave their stuff on the street, that is their way of marking their territory to their cohorts. It’s important to have 3-1-1 pick it up the moment you see their stuff — it tells them, they are not welcomed here.

We are doing London Breed’s job. She should be the one calling Depatment of Public works to sanitize the streets, pick up the litter, and pick up the stuff homeless scums leave on the streets — instead, we have to do this. We have to deal with London Breed’s negligence.

So, as a property owner, paying property taxes, which goes to the salary of the mayor and her office, I rank last in the list of priorities of safety and health. London Breed gives more priority to the homeless scums by letting them get away with their malfeasant behaviors.

For these reasons, I signed the Recall London Breed document.

Since the posting of this BLOG, my Tweets, and other concerned residents of San Francisco doing their job to pass this recall petition around to like-minded people in their respective social circles and neighborhoods, today, 31-December-2020, we got and additional 163 signatures.

Thank you for signing the petition!

If you’re a reasonable prudent resident, business owner, property owner, tax-payer, click here to recall London Breed:

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino