Alfonso Faustino: Super Heterodyne: Do I really need it?

Ask yourself one question:

Are you gonna be communicating with your transceiver within a group of HAM comms. operators or not?

If you are, then you will want a transceiver that has a good front-end filter and is super heterodyne, such as, but not limited to, the following transceivers:

– Motorola

– Kenwood

– Yaesu

– TYT 380 (single band)

Example of group communications are mission-critical ICS-based communications. In this type of environment, you will usually be in room or vicinity of five or so emergency ICS-based communications environment and within 15 ft or so of each other — each of you transmitting and receiving RF communications.

Without a good front-end filter coupled with the super heterodyne technology, you will get de-sensitized and get cross-modulation from other frequencies used by operators within your 15 ft or so vicinity, which is NOT GOOD when you need to hear and understand critical emergency comm directions that lives depend upon.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino