Alfonso Faustino: Kevin D. Wong’s Film: The Pilgrimage

After my successful run of acting in Yellow Face, I prayed to the Trinity, and I thanked Him. I asked Him to direct me to another path if He felt acting wasn’t the path for me.


After about three days to a week, I got an email from Kevin D. Wong and Maria Mealla.  They asked me to read a part in the script; and, if I was interested, they wanted me to audition for the part.


I read the script, and I wanted the part.  It was well-written, and the character was out of my casting.  The character’s name is Larry.  He is irresponsible, morally and ethically questionable, financially a mess, and a anti- capitalist liberal.  He was the antithesis of the person I am in my personal life; and, he was the antithesis of my casting — a great challenge and my favorite project, as an actor, thus far. I really really wanted this part!


The script was cleverly written; and, the story was real and peppered with comedic moments.


I never ever grew a beard and long unmanaged hair. With the exception of my performance of Talk Radio, my hair is neatly cut and groomed and not below my ears.  So, when Kevin and Maria asked me to grow a beard and grow my hair out to fit a hippy hiker look, I emphatically said, “Yes!”


My training at the Beverly Hills Playhouse gave me the tools I needed to get create my character, Larry, with or without direction from the Director, Kevin D. Wong.


Every single person in the production crew was awesome, professional, and skilled in their respective areas — one of the best production crews I’ve ever experienced.







I thank the Trinity for, once again, answering my many many prayers — I’m fortunate to have gotten a part in The Pilgrimage.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino