Alfonso Faustino: HAM Transceiver Give-away: Time-sensitive

13-August-2021, @ 2226 Hours PDT: CONTEST IS NOW CLOSED. Fifty contestants checked in; and, Melissa has moved them to the next phase of the contest.

As many of you have read my BLOGS, LandSeaAirComms and Motorola Professional Networks, I have migrated from the HAM networks to the commercial/professional digital and analog networks; and, soon all these communications BLOGs will be removed from this BLOG site and moved to my new website:

As a result of my migration from the HAM networks to the commercial/professional Motorola networks, I am giving away all my HAM gear, and I will pay for shipping anywhere in the world, regardless of the shipping cost — I will pay for it and the appropriate insurance.

You will also get all the accessories that I purchased for each device:

  • Cases
  • Belt pouches
  • Belt clips
  • Extra batteries
  • 3-party antennas
  • Hand-held mics
  • Surveillance mics and earpieces
  • Programming software
  • Programming cables
  • Car chargers
  • Desktop chargers

Alfonso, why aren’t you going to sell them?

Because, I don’t need the money; hence, I don’t sell things — I give them away.

Don’t think for a moment I don’t realize the thousands of dollars I can make by selling my gearmoney is not an issue for me in this particular scenario.

My father taught me to donate back to the world regardless of how little or large the donation is — just donate. So, since I’ve been blessed by the Trinity for having awesome parents, I think it is important for me to pass my good fortune along to others that might want my gear but are unable to budget the funds to purchase the gear on their own.

Hell, we are all under some kind of budget — one way or another.

I will be giving away the following items:

  • TGIF Hot-spot (touch-screen)
  • Gerry Filby’s Clearnode
  • openSPOT 3
  • openSPOT 1 (AKA: Blue)
  • Yaesu FT857D (unlocked)
  • Yaesu FTD1 (unlocked)
  • Kenwood THD74 (unlocked)
  • Motorola CP200 VHF (4-channel)
  • Motorola CP200 UHF R-1 (16-channel)
  • Motorola XPR 7580 (900 MHz)
  • Motorola XPR 7550e (UHF)
  • Motorola XPR 7550 (VHF)
  • Motorola XTS 5000R (UHF R-1: Second-hand: but in excellent like-new condition — I purchased this from a HAM acquaintance when I first got into P25)

I believe I BLOGged about all the gear, supra; hence, you can see the items and read about my experiences with them, as well as seeing the excellent condition they are all in.

NOTE: Although the Motorolas are not HAM transceivers, I’m giving these units away; because, I have additional XPR 7550es for my professional/commercial DMR Tier III networks, and I have my Motorola APX 8000HXE for analog UHF, VHF, and P25 (P1 and P2).

So, how do you enter the lottery to get considered to get one or more of the equipment, supra?


From now until 13-September-2021, you have to contact me and enter your contact information to be entered into the drawing; and, you must be a HAM operator.

I will be accepting only the first 50 contestants.

Melissa and I are still working out the contest details for the 50 contestants that we will receive. I will keep you posted if your name meets the entry deadline.

All my equipment is in brand-new condition — not a single scratch nor blemish. I am the first and only owner; and, I purchased all my gear brand new — I DO NOT BUY USED GEAR.

All my gear have little use on them — maybe, 5 duty cycles or less.

They come with their original boxes, instruction manuals, warranty forms, stickers, and internal packaging.

None of my HAM gear have been dropped nor introduced to water, except my Motorolas.

All my Motorolas have been introduced to rain or water submersion, but never dropped, due to my volunteer work at various agencies.

My Motorolas are tested and approved for water exposure and still work like they came from the factory. Recently, all my Motorolas, including the ones in the give-away list, were tuned via Aeroflex service monitor.

I trust my Motorolas when introduced to harsh elements — my HAM gear on the other hand, I do not trust in harsh environments; hence, I have never used them in the rain, water submersion, or other harsh environments.

I really am looking forward to releasing possession and custody of these aforementioned give-away items; because, with the exception of my Motorolas, all of them have little usage time on them and are not being used. They are just sitting around; and, that’s just a waste — they need to be used and appreciated by operators that really want to use them.

Now, I realize some, if not all of you, will take these freebies and turn a quick profit by selling them on eBay or privately…it is my wish that you DO NOT go this route. If you plan to go this route, I ask that you remove yourself from competing in this contest.

This contest is for HAM operators that really wanna use these items, but they, at this time, cannot budget the cost of these items.

So, it is my wish that these HAM operators get a chance to get something they always wanted to have and use for free.

Good luck to all of you in meeting the first-round requirement.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino