Alfonso Faustino: Motorola Professional Grade Digital Encrypted P25 & DMR Tier III Communications Networks

Hello, all.

I am writing this BLOG; because, I received tons of text messages asking, “why aren’t you on the airwaves anymore?”

I am on the airwaves; BUT…I’m no longer using HAM analog or digital networks anymore. Occasionally, I will drop by CARLA.

I fully migrated to a commercial/professional-grade and military-grade networks.

I no longer use amateur HAM analog nor digital networks.

I brought a handful of selected HAM operators, friends, family, a handful of my tennis community, and handful of my acting community, and two of my neighbors to join my network.

We all have our different private and encrypted talk-groups, but we all have one common talk-group that is accessible to all of us for social and emergency communications, called Yonkers 1.

Of course, I provided each of them with brand new, straight from the Motorola Factory in Illinois, Motorola XPR 7550e transceivers for FREE — no charge to them.

In this video clip, below, our radio tech testing out a Motorola XPR 7550e, which he calls Radio Number 3.

Because commercial/professional-grade networks sound so much better and can fully unlock the operating potential of all of my Motorola transceivers, I no longer have the interest in HAM digital communications networks.

Here is a video clip of pure and true DMR done right by using 100% Motorola equipment on the repeater side and on the operator’s side — no MMDVM nor other junk that can fuck things up throughout the true DMR and P25 digital networks.

In the video clip, supra, the operators are in an aircraft and on a boat and on land. The aircraft is in the air patrolling in the Monterey, CA area, and he is talking to an operator on a boat in the San Francisco, CA Bay, and I am monitoring and communicating on land in San Francisco, CA.

Also, notice the high-quality sound of the operators’ voices.

My handful of selected people, some licensed HAM others not licensed HAM, all enjoy the sound quality, expanded coverages, reliability, and features that are not available in the HAM amateur world.

My acting career is going great — some breaking news are forthcoming.

I devote my off-acting time to the USCG AUX.

With all the activities going on in my real world, I have no time nor interest to socialize in the amateur HAM world.

Recently, I took possession and custody of a brand new Motorola APX 8500XE straight from the Motorola Factory in Illinois, through my position on J’s Motorola Board of Directors.

So, my Motorola transceiver collection now consists of:

– 1 Motorola APX NEXT (my possession but no custody),

– 1 Motorola ION (my possession but no custody),

-1 Motorola APX 8000HXE,

-1 Motorola APX 8500XE,

– Motorola XPR 7550e (3 UHF and 1 VHF), and

– Motorola XPR 5550e (1 UHF R1, 1 UHF R2, and 1 VHF).

In closing, I want to thank all the HAM operators during my past five years, as a HAM operator. I learned so much from all of you. I could not have gotten to the advanced-level of emergency auxiliary communications without the knowledge and experienced I gained from you.

Because of your help, I was able to secure my spot with the Sheriff’s Office, the USCG AUX, and SF NERT. By the way, I will not renew my spot with SF NERT; because, it’s really boring for me and way TOOOO slow — I move fast, and I want to be in a fast-paced environment; and, my positions with USCG AUX and the Sheriff’s Office cater to my interests.

I’m always working to be a bad-ass in many aspects of my life; and, each day, I work towards being a bad-ass in other aspects of my life — it ain’t easy, but I’m working at it…you should, too — be a bad-ass and kick ass towards getting to your goals…stay and be positive…my PMA (Positive Mental Attitude) is one of my greatest tools the Trinity has ever given my father and me; and, my Positive Mental Attitude is one of the many reasons I achieved many of my goals in my kick-ass life thus far…so, be positive.

I’m truly blessed; and, I thank the Trinity for all my blessings I have today and so much more I will receive tomorrow.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino