North Carolina to California

CAPTION: 18-May-2021, @ 1900 Hours PDT: Commercial Aviator for United Airlines, Chris, meeting me in San Francisco for dinner

I said it once, and I will say it again, “Getting my HAM license has been one of the best goals I achieved.”

Is the HAM community perfect?

Nope. In my time, as a HAM operator, I estimate I ran into four jerks out of the voluminous amount of HAM operators with whom I made contact — statistically speaking…that’s like the Johnson & Johnson CoVid-19 Vaccination statistics: 6 people got dangerous side-effects out of 6 million people receiving Johnson & Johnson’s vaccination.

Negligible — statistically speaking on a risk:benefit analysis when deciding to take or not take the Johnson and Johnson CoVid-19 vaccination — not negligible on a personal level for the six victims, which is 6 too many.

Whenever you’re in a group, in my case Ferrari groups, SCUBA groups, tennis groups, or whatever groups you’re in, you will inevitably run into disagreements, political club bullshit, and just people that have jerk-personalities or jerk-demeanors.

You’re gonna think so-and-so is an asshole or bitch, and so-and-so is gonna think you’re an asshole or bitch…but, notwithstanding those run-ins, I bet you, at least in my experiences, the majority of the people you meet will be awesome people you end up hanging with and building a friendship. Again, this has been my experiences through all the clubs and groups of which I’ve been involved.

Through my HAM community, I met some really cool people on the airwaves (e.g., analog, digital, and hot-spots). Those meetings over the airwaves sometimes turned into meeting up in person.

CAPTION: 18-May-2021: Chris coming in for a landing at SFO’s runway

Yesterday, 18-May-2021, Chris, whom I met on P25 Phase 1 Talk-group: 10200, flew into San Francisco — he literally flew into San Francisco, California, on a United Airlines commercial jet into SFO on a stop-over to his final destination, Hawai’i.

CAPTION: 18-May-2021: Chris coming in for a landing at SFO’s runway

Chris and I share common interests through our HAM conversations, and we always talked about grabbing a bite if he ever had a lay-over in, San Fran, as Chris would say in his Southern accent. (I’m also a Southerner…I was born in Charleston, South Carolina.)

Of course, in a addition to our similar interests in HAM transceivers, firearms, politics, family-values, and our views on life, we are aviation enthusiasts!

CAPTION: 18-May-2021: Chris’s transportation and office at SFO

I’ve always been intrigued by the physics of flying…birds flying and aircraft (e.g., planes, helos, rockets, and so on) flying.

As you know, I love views, all my homes (e.g., Beverly Hills (rent) and Manhattan (NYC) (rent)) have views. My main crypt, in San Francisco (own: purchased cash: no mortgage), has this million-dollar view; BUT, nothing compares to…

the views from Chris’s office!

Chris’s office-view of San Francisco during his final approach into SFO

In addition to Chris’s spectacular view of San Francisco, California, from his office-window, his office, itself, is pretty amazing!

One of the things that I really appreciate about Chris, by which he and I are identical, is our views of obtaining our dreams and goals.

We talked about his goal of purchasing his dream-house, while showing me pictures of his dream-house. He told me about the patience and discipline he had execute in order to get his dream-house; and, that reminded me of the way I achieved my own personal goals and dreams.

Granted, our personalities are different, and rightfully so…there is only one Alfonso Faustino, and there is only one Chris; so, we better have different personalities and views in the way we see the world and approach challenges and goals in our respective lives.

I’m more blatantly aggressive, and I have no problems in showing my ego…hell, I’ve come a long way, baby!

Notwithstanding the differences in our personalities, our approach to our respective goals are gonna have some of the main ingredients, such as, but not limited to, patience, focus, discipline, having a clear vision, knowing what we want , and CONFIDENCE.

After planning and waiting, Chris’s opportunity arrived to get his dream-house, and it was nice to hear and see him passionately speak about it.

As a no-name actor, working on my objectives to get to my goal of making a name for myself as a television and film actor, it was really important for me to meet up with Chris yesterday, 18-May-2021. I view it as the Trinity’s way of speaking to me through Chris, and meeting him was truly a blessing from the Trinity.

I always find it uplifting, motivating, and inspirational whenever I hear someone achieving their dreams and goals. Listening to their journey and processes re-aligns me; and, through this re-alignment, I evaluate my processes and make the necessary adjustments based upon my conversations with people that have successfully achieved their dreams and goals like Chris did and like the way my parents did.

It was truly a pleasure meeting Chris — I learned a lot from him.

CAPTION: Chris’s EF Johnson and my Motorola APX 8000HXE, AKA: Hulk

That’s the great thing about HAM…people talk to each other — not type to each other — the good ol’ days of socializing and meeting people — talking — not typing!

Kinda cool the way two little 5-watt transceivers can bring people together, regardless of distance and differences.

Check 6, Chris! God’s speed to Hawai’i and back to North Carolina.

/s/ Alfonso Faustino