Alfonso Faustino: Board Of Directors and Part Of The Motorola Research & Development Team in Illinois


(NOTE: Since posting this BLOG, I received ~100+ emails, 20 Telegram Chats, 10 text messages asking me for financial advice, Ferraris, Motorolas, and acting stuff, and I got invited to over 20 Zello groups and Telegram Groups. People, I just don’t have the bandwidth to answer all these questions and actively participate in the chat-groups, so pardon me for not replying.

I also got requests to be a mentor and guest speaker at various clubs…I am an actor…so, I don’t have the bandwidth, and I’m not successful enough nor smart enough to be a mentor to anyone — I’m still working on my acting goals and figuring life out, so I ain’t in any position to mentor anyone.

I will invest my time to answer two emails, which are answered at the end of this BLOG:

  • Brittany: Acting
  • Dan: Dealing With Haters

Thank you, all, for reading this BLOG, and I am happy you found value with it.)


This will be my book-end BLOG for this chapter of my life: HAM Emergency Auxiliary Communications; because, my acting schedule picked up speed. My acting career is getting some traction — this, coupled with my new responsibilities as a member of the board of directors and working with the Motorola Research and Development Team in Illinois, are taking a lot of my bandwidth.

Another reason I’m using this BLOG to book-end this chapter of my life is I’ve reached the goals with my HAM emergency auxillary communications journey, and I reached the goals for my Motorola gear collection — I have the best Motorola gear — there’s nothing else for me to buy, en re Motorola gear (i.e., I have possession and custody of the Motorola APX 8000HXE, several Motorola XPR 7550e, a few Motorola XPR 5550e, and several Motorola XTS 5000R — I don’t need nor want anymore Motorola transceivers — been there — done that).

Being on the board of directors and being part of the Motorola Research and Development Team in Illinois, are my, now, top achievements in my emergency auxillary communications journey, and I’m ready to trail-blaze in these two areas in the second part of my life’s journey — it just doesn’t get better than that, and I’m unable to BLOG about this part of my journey.

Also, I’m legally unable to publish nor discuss my opinions about the Motorola stuff I test, as a result of being part of the Motorola Research and Development Team in Illinois. All my thoughts and opinions of their products are classified. So, what would I BLOG about? 😉

I’m happy to read and hear that my BLOGs have been helpful to you — that’s the main reason I created these BLOGs — to get you guys information that can help you pursue and acquire the stuff I think you might like through my own purchases and experiences — I will never tell you to buy something I didn’t buy nor will I tell you to do something I didn’t do. I believe in eating my own dog-food!

I received so many emails, text messages, and Telegram Private Chats that made me happy to know that I had a positive impact on your life.

I hope one day you will send me an email and write, “Alfonso, because of you, I got my first Ferrari.” (Actually, this already happened with one of my BLOG readers…as a result of my Ferrari BLOG, he purchased his first Ferrari. We exchanged phone calls and emails, and I helped him get his first Ferrari — so happy for him!)

Maybe, you might write me, “Alfonso, because of you, I got my first Motorola.” (This, too, already happened — many of my BLOG readers purchased their FIRST Motorola transceivers because of my BLOGs — so, happy for them and for you, Inga, with your XPR 7550e.)

Another groovy email I got was three of my BLOG viewers will be signing up for the USCG AUX. I’m so happy to get their emails and help them out. Two will be signing up for my flotilla; and, one will be signing up for a flotilla in the Southeast. Very happy!

I would also enjoy getting an email from you telling me, “Alfonso, because of you, I am a touring pro with the ATP; or, because of you, I am a US Navy fighter-pilot.”

Emails like those would “make my day.

So, it’s only fitting that I want this book-end BLOG to hopefully encourage at least one person that reads it to be a bad-ass in life and get to your goals.

Don’t misunderstand me; whenever time permits, I will BLOG; but, my BLOGs for the second part of my life will be about other topics — I’m just done BLOGing about my emergency auxillary communications journey; because, I met my goals for that journey — finiti.

The Trinity always blesses me; and, in the past three months I’ve been blessed by meeting a major player in the Motorola Corporate Network. I will call him, CEO.

CEO and I met through a Motorola client, and CEO and I connected. We could empathize with each other in our respective journeys and the challenges to getting to our respective goals, which many people in the world don’t have; because, most people are not obsessed with achieving goals like he and I are.

After talking with CEO, it’s truly nice to learn about his journey toward getting to his goals, and his thought process of getting to his new goals; and, I’m excited to be included in his new goals.

As you read this BLOG, I will share the way I approached my goals in this first part of my life; and, it is really nice to know that CEO and I are similar in our attitude and mind-set.

So, let’s get started…

It takes a strong faith in the Trinity, a Positive Mental Attitude, awesome parental guidance, a VISION, unrelenting mind-set to believe in yourself and effectuate that VISION even though the majority of people are telling you otherwise, a fighting spirit, courage, winning attitude, BIG HUGE ego, stubborn obsession, extreme discipline to make sacrifices to effectuate that VISION, focus in good weather and foul weather, flexibility to make changes at a moment’s notice when a road-block pops up; and, you must have a very tough skin to handle rejection, ignore unsubstantiated negative comments (i.e., people that are haters and jealous people — essentially, the entire world), and people that want you to fail (i.e., again, the entire world). You have to have a GRIP IT AND RIP IT attitude — a contemptuous attitude that your gonna nail it…and own that goal.

A visual image of this GRIP IT AND RIP IT contemptuous attitude would be a Great White Shark getting airborne and chomping down on that seal for a meal. You’re the Great White Shark, and your goal is that seal!

Get to your goals with extreme prejudice!

CEO and I have these aforementioned qualities; and, all these aforementioned qualities, supra, roll up together as one essential characteristic: CONFIDENCE.

CAPTION: My father taught me this same philosophy at a young age; and, I carry this philosophy in my journey — it has been one of the many tools for the successes I have reached thus far and the successes I will reach tomorrow.

For me, it’s about confidence — yup, I gotta shit-load of confidence in my character and person (e.g., education, experiences, and wisdom) and that drives me to succeed — every time I see myself in the mirror, I see and know I’m a bad-ass, and I’m gonna be successful in my day’s goals.

If you’re gonna be a BAD-ASS, you not only have to visualize yourself as a bad-ass, BUT, you better have the education, experiences, skills, and knowledge to back-up your BAD-ASS attitude. You have to know that you are the solution to the goal you’re trying to achieve.

Hey, if I don’t believe in myself and don’t have confidence in myself, who would? Moreover, why would anyone hire me for a job unless I believed and had confidence in myself?

George Clooney said, en re to acting, “you have to go into that room and show you can solve their problem — you are the solution.”

When it comes to my emergency auxillary communications with any of the agencies of which I volunteer (USCG AUX, Sheriff’s Office, Fire Department), I know I am a solution to the mission of which I’ve been assigned. I know, through my experiences, education, knowledge, and wisdom, I can be an effective member to the mission.

CAPTION: circa 2021: Audition clip for George Clooney

When I go to the casting director’s office, I know my acting training, and acting experiences will give me the tools I need to provide a quality audition that I can leave the casting director’s office without having regrets or saying to myself, as I leave, “shit — I should have done it this way!”

CAPTION: circa 2021: Audition clip for Chris Pratt

I leave the casting director’s office knowing I gave it my best and was specific in my choices; and, I comfortably move on to the next audition.

When I walk on the tennis courts, I know and act like a bad-ass; cuz, I know I’m a kick-ass player. Years upon years of cross-training keep me in excellent health; so, I can still compete in tennis matches against all ages and all levels of play.

Years upon years of tennis lessons, tennis coaching, and tennis drills keep my tennis game at peak levels. All this gives me the confidence to know and behave like the Apex Predator on the tennis courts…it’s not unusual for pedestrians to stop and watch me hit the shit out of that tennis ball — sometimes, they take pictures of me or record me playing tennis.

When you look in the mirror, you should be thinking and seeing yourselves in that same way — if you think and see yourself as a loser, you will be a loser; so, see yourself as a bad-ass, and you will be one — see yourself conquering your day, and you will — plain and simple!

Every morning, I pray/meditate to the Trinity to plan for the mission of my day. It is during this meditation I get my my Positive Mental Attitude and the confidence to visualize myself succeeding for the day. Confidence…my power-cell.

My father once asked me, “son, you ever see crabs in a bucket?”

CAPTION: Image via Flikr Commons, courtesy of Wonderlane

When one crab tries and makes it to the top of the bucket, the other crabs grab on to try to pull him down. People want other people to fail, and they have different ways to prevent you from getting to your goals…they will say, “you’ll never make it — give it up — you’re a loser,” and so on. If they failed or can’t have it — neither can you. This is the general behavior of the world. “If I can’t have it, neither can you.”

In my 56 years on this earth, I’ve noticed, generally speaking, the world is divided into two groups: The Haves and The Have-Nots; and, I’m not just talking about having wealth or not having wealth — I’m talking about everything in life — achieving your goals and effectuating dreams as part of this divided world of Haves or Have-Nots.

That’s the honest truth — work towards being the Haves — whatever that means to you — money, becoming a CEO, becoming an emergency auxillary communications officer with the USCG AUX — whatever your goal is — get it, and be in the Haves bucket.

My father and mum came to America with $200 in their pockets. My father served in the US Navy for close to 30 years and had been deployed to three wars: War in Philippines against the Japanese, Korean War, and part of Vietnam. He is the only man I look up to and ever wanna be, and I try so fucking hard to do things I know that would make him proud — one of those things is fight for what you want!

He only had $200 in his pocket when he came to America — coming to America was his dream. My parents fought for creating a better life for me and my sister. My mum and dad took that $200 and grew it to the family wealth we have today; they built that wealth so my sister and I would have lives and things, and experiences they never had. As minorities, they fought like hell to effectuate their goals.

It is great to be in the Haves part of the world — not just our wealth but making our dreams come true — because of my parents’ fight to be successful, I am privileged to do only volunteer work in my life, such as, but not limited to, my work as an emergency auxillary communications operator with the USCG AUX, SFPD, and the Sherriff’s Office. Most importantly, my parents gave me my freedom to pursue my life-long dream(s), such as, but not limited to, being a television and film actor.

CAPTION: circa 2021: Audition clip for CBS

I will write this statement one more time for emphasis…I have the freedom to pursue my life-long dream of being a television and film actor.

This freedom makes me a very powerful person — it empowers me to go for my goals and dreams, and it provides me with a Positive Mental Attitude to tackle any challenges that come my way toward effectuating my objectives to get to my goals. (Objectives and Goals are two different entities.)

Do you have the freedom to pursue your dreams? I doubt it — not many people do; hence, I treasure this blessing and thank the Trinity for this blessing and the other blessings He has given me.

Now, as it has been for the past 56 years of my life, I must achieve my goals to make my parents proud of me and for own selfish egotistical reasons. I have a healthy and big ego — nothing wrong with that, as long as you can back it up…I can back my ego up with all my experiences and accomplishments in my life — and, all that feeds into my confidence and can-do GRIP IT AND RIP IT attitude towards my objectives and goals.

I’m so grateful and proud of my parents. With that $200, they provided my sister and me with a very well-rounded life…we went to the top private schools, we traveled all over the world, ate at restaurants most people don’t normally visit, met people all over the world, played sports, played musical instruments, and all kinds of other stuff that most kids and people don’t get an opportunity to experience.

We always had whatever we wanted and needed. We went to school with kids that had parents that were famous and wealthier than us, and that motivated my sister and I to excel; because, we competed against some of the smartest kids in the world; and, we wanted the same stuff our wealthy, worldly, well-rounded classmates had.

Most importantly, the Trinity gave me parents that were loving, SELFLESS and ACTIVE in my life. Through their love, selflessness, and being ACTIVE in my life, they built up my self-esteem and confidence by making sure I picked myself up, dusted myself off, and got back on that horse each and every time I fell off. Believe me, my failures (falling off the horse) are many….many; BUT, my Positive Mental Attitude is so strong that I overcome my failures by learning from them and finding new angles-of-attack (aviation term) to find my solutions in life.

I’m selfish…unlike my parents. That’s the blessing that the Trinity gave me…I have been blessed never to desire creating a family — I am WAY TOO SELFISH to have kids and a family. Maybe, that will change as I get on with the second part of my life, but I don’t see that happening; because, I’m working on my objectives and goals of pursing my acting dreams.

The Have-Nots will always try to bring the Haves down and keep them from progressing. Just look at the political and social climate we are experiencing today. This climate has been around for a very long time; however, this past 1.5 years has brought this climate to a boiling point and to volcanic eruption; but, make no mistake, this isn’t anything new.

In my experiences toward getting my goals, I learned very quickly that I don’t have “friends” in my life, and the several that I have, after getting out of the crab bucket, I keep and treat very well…when you achieve your goals, you will lose your “friends”, BUT, once you get out of that crab bucket, you will be exposed to other people who have gotten out of their crab bucket, and you will establish a bond with them; cuz, you experienced the same crap.

Hopefully, that common struggle/bond will develop to having better friends, than you had in the past. Your new and better friends won’t pull you down; they will support you and help you get to your goals…at least, that has been my experiences thus far.

While in high-school, college, and working in Corporate America, as a young adult, after graduating from college, people harshly made fun of me; because, I told them I was gonna get a Ferrari before I hit 30 years old. I’m looking back at that time, while I compose this BLOG, and I remembered the level of confidence I had. That confidence fueled my determination and VISION. I KNEW, when I was a high-school kid, college kid, and while working in Corporate America in my 20s, despite those fucking assholes making fun of me and trying to distract me from my Ferrari-goal, I was gonna make this goal — not a fucking doubt in my, then, tiny little brain. That’s courage; that’s strength; that’s discipline; that’s the fighting spirit against adversaries — that’s fucking confidence — balls-to-the-walls confidence!

My father’s training gave me the confidence to stick with my game-plan to get BOTH of my Ferraris regardless of peoples’ thoughts of me — I didn’t give a shit about all their negative comments spoken or written about me — I just had one goal — get my fucking Ferrari before I hit 30 years old!

Believe me, people, the majority of white people, can’t stand seeing a Ching-Chong Chink Chinaman sporting around San Francisco, Los Angeles, and New York in a brand new Ferrari at 20-something years old; hence, I don’t trust people that I don’t know; and, the people I do know, I trust them only to a certain degree.

(Actually, I ain’t even a Ching-Chong Chink Chinaman; my mum is from Taiwan; hence, I am Taiwanese. My pappy is Filipino, Spanish, and Italian; and, you would never guess my birthplace. I just use Chinaman to be colloquial; cuz, there’s a lot of uneducated people that don’t know the difference between Taiwan and China — the two countries hate each other; but, that’s another discussion.)

After I got my first Ferrari, in my late 20s, those assholes that made fun of me, saw me with my Ferrari, and they were speechless and shocked — the expression on their faces was priceless and provided me with selfish gratification and made up for all their asshole remarks they made about me. What’s that saying?

Ahh, yes…that saying is poetic justice. Dig it?

I do my best to walk in the steps of Jesus Christ every single day…it’s a life-long goal…I’m not all that great at it; but, I must be doing something right; because, I get to see the Trinity’s wrath to those who have crossed me…believe me, I’ve been on the other side of that wrath, and it fucking sucks to be in His wrath, and I learned never to be on that side again — I’m a God Fearin’ Man since 2014.

I do, as my father told me, “do the right thing — your job is to learn and achieve — son, just stay in your lane, mind your own damn business and achieve.”

I’m driven to live well in all aspects of my life: physically, spiritually, emotionally, and mentally. I stay in my lane, and I mind my own damn business. I’m programmed to achieve, as taught by my father. One of the many things my father taught me, “Living well is sweet revenge against your adversaries.”

I live very well, and I always thank the Trinity for my awesome first half of my life on this wonderful planet.

Now, I’m prepared to meet the next set of goals in the second part of my life:

  • Acting career
  • Working with Motorola’s Research & Development Team in Illinois
  • Earning my keep on the board of directors of CEO’s top tier exclusive and elite Motorola Retail and Distribution corporation for first responders

Of course, I have other goals, but the aforementioned three, supra, are the newest set of goals for my second half of my life.

One of the smaller goals I’ve got on my list, in addition to the aforementioned goals, supra, is achieving my third Ferrari, which will be white…to match the color of my hair…BUT MY BIGGER GOAL is to get my white Ferrari with my FIRST major break-through pay-check, as a television and feature film actor…

do you think I will achieve this goal?

Watch me.

CAPTION: This is my view every day and every night…each time I see my view, I thank the Trinity. I remember all my blessings He gave me; and, I say, “Thank You, Trinity, for all my blessings — please never let me take the blessings You gave me for granted — remind me to be grateful and appreciative for the blessings You already gave me. Most importantly, never allow me to put my own wants, desires, goals, disappointments, and failures ahead of the blessings you’ve already given me — please, always remind me of my present blessings whenever I get angry at You and at myself, depressed, and disappointed with myself — forgive me; please don’t punish me; and, please don’t take my existing blessings away.”

I’ve worked my first part of my life to be in the Haves bucket; now, that I reached that goal, in the second part of my life, I’m gonna work hard to be in the Have-more bucket; and, as I mentioned, that’s gonna include my acting career. My acting career is priority over my emergency auxillary comms volunteer work and before the Motorola Research and Development Team in Illinois, and my seat on CEO’s board of directors.

The other thing CEO and I share in common is we are selective with the company that we keep, and we are selective from whom we take advice.

If you are Joe Public Stranger, you mean nothing to me; and, because you mean nothing to me, I won’t give you a blink of an eye for any criticisms you have about me and negative thoughts you have about me — you’re a meaningless entity to me; however, if you’re in my circle-of-trust, and you tell me “Alfonso, you should have handled that situation a lot better than you did,” then, I will listen and discuss you’re critique of me and make adjustments.

I’m very careful about whom I let into my circle-of-trust; and, you must be, too — only listen to those people who have earned your trust — everyone else should be a non entity to you when it comes to guidance and you living your life.

When I was pursuing my Ferrari goal, I sought the advice of my father, and I hung out with my father to learn from him about finances, goal-setting, and knowing and having a clear vision of what I want. He always told me, “Know what you want — know your goals; you gotta think POSITIVE and VISUALIZE.” You gotta be clear in your mind what you want, or you will not achieve; once you know what you want, see yourself with that goal — that vision has to be so strong that you feel like you’re actually living the achievement of that goal before you even achieve it…I don’t know any other way to explain that visualization, but it is part of the KEY to effectuating your goal(s).

When I was a kid, I didn’t hang out with losers that had goals of getting drunk or stoned at parties; I didn’t hang out with guys that just cared about getting laid; I didn’t hang out with people who had no motivation and was complacent in life.

I hung out with my father and people like my father that were smarter and more accomplished than me — high achievers — dedicated to getting to their dreams: starting their own businesses, joining the military, getting into a vocational school for a specific trade (e.g., barber, beautician, chef, musician, electrician, plumber, etc.), getting into college, becoming athletes, engineers, entrepreneurs, inventors, actors, doctors, lawyers, auto technicians, restaurateurs, rocket scientists — I hung out with achievers and goal-setters when I was kid…people like my dad.

I didn’t hang out with people because of their titles — I couldn’t give a shit about that — I hung out with achievers.

You hang with losers — you become a loser — plain and simple. Be selective with the company you keep — consciously and unconsciously the people you hang with will influence you physically, spiritually, and mentally — so be selective and be careful — remember the crab bucket, as you achieve your goals and climb the ladder of life.

Another way CEO and I clicked is we are doers! We ain’t gonna stand around and watch other people live a life we want — hell to the fucking no, as one of my venture capitalist acquaintances use to say during negotiation meetings with companies his company was going to buy out.

For example, there was ABSOLUTELY no fucking way I was JUST gonna stand around watching other people buy their Ferrari(s) (yes, the people in my circle usually have more than one — one guy has six Ferraris) and drive their Ferraris around, while I watched them — no fucking way!

I was balls-to-the-walls set in my mind that I was gonna be the guy that buys the Ferrari, and drive my Ferrari(s) around, while other people watched me driving my Ferrari(s) around — never the other way around!

One of my acquaintances, a well-known San Francisco surgeon, has a Ferrari 512Bbi Boxer, and his license plate is One Day. He has that plate to remind him that we all say we are gonna do something One Day; and, for most people, except he and I, that’s all it becomes — just two words sent out to the atmosphere of unfulfilled dreams; or, people using One Day as an excuse not to fulfill their dreams or goals.

In addition to One Day, is the synonym, most often used by people, Someday.

Someday, I will write that novel about my life; Someday, I will make that trip to Italy.

When I want something, I say, “I am gonna get that Motorola APX 8000HXE by 2021.”

One of my favorite flicks is Knight And Day.

CAPTION: Photo Credit: Vanity Faire Magazine

Tom Cruise’s character, ROY MILLER, says, “Someday. That’s a dangerous word. It’s really just a code for ‘never’.”

Listen, the only difference between guys like me and people that aren’t happy with their lives or didn’t fulfill their dreams and goals is that, through all my rejections, I still get off my ass, every single fucking day, to get my objectives done to reach my goal as a television and film actor — every fucking day — rejection after rejection — I bet you can handle all the rejections like I can.

Elvis called it, TCB; Clint Eastwood and my dad say, “Get off your ass and get it — nobody is gonna give it to you.

Since I became a full-time actor two years ago, I’ve had close to 200 auditions to date and still counting; and, I booked only one of those auditions; but, I still get off my ass, after ~199 rejections, and I continue to go up and audition with confidence, courage, positive attitude, high energy, and the vision of booking a gig. Had I given up, I would not have the present acting opportunity I have coming my way very soon.

There is a saying in the Bible, know what you mean and mean what you say. If my SF surgeon acquaintance, my social circles, and I say we are gonna do something, we mean it. When we say, One Day, we effectuate that day. It’s just not vapor; we know what we want, and we have a clear vision of what we want; and, we do it or get it.

Not many people know what they want in life nor do they have a clear vision of their goal(s). Worse…they get caught up with social bullshit that distracts them from their objectives to get to their goals. Here is an example of social bullshit that can distract you from your objectives and goals.

When I was a kid in grade school, I had the goal of playing professional tennis. So, my parents taught me tennis, got me an instructor, and prepared me toward getting to my goal of playing professional tennis.

Like in all things in my life, my father broke it down for me in steps: go to tennis lessons then assess; make it to USTA tournaments then assess; make it to high school tennis then assess, and so on.

I practiced every day after school and met with my tennis instructor. The big school sports in my time was CYO basketball and P.A.L. Baseball — I was never interested in team sports — I always pursued individual sports like tennis and fencing; hence, I became alienated from my male classmates; cuz, I played tennis.

My male classmates that played CYO Basketball and P.A.L. Baseball called me a sissy and pussy. That really bothered me. I complained to my dad. To this day, I can vividly remember that conversation with my dad when I was eight years old.

We spoke for a long time, and the summary of that discussion was…pick your fights, know what you want, there are no right and wrong decisions only consequences — if you know what you want, you will make the decision that yields the best consequences, which is to achieve your goals.

Bottom line…my father told me…pick your fights…is this a worthy fight? Will this fight you are about to take on yield you a positive return — a net gain to your quality of life? You can waste your time and energy and choose to fight a nonsense fight with your classmates, and that choice will distract you from your tennis; or, you can ignore this nonsense bull-shit and focus on your tennis and pursue your goal of being a pro.

Don’t get me wrong, my father was a fighter: legally, physically, and verbally; but, he chose his legal, physical, and verbal fights with adversaries; and, HE ALWAYS WON HIS FIGHTS; because, he knew what was worth fighting for. No one, legally, physically, or verbally fucked with my father — those that did paid a financial price that created a negative impact on their lives.

I did the latter; I chose to ignore them; but, things got physical; and, I ended up in a fist-fight with the class bully. The bottom line is I lost the first fist-fight with the class bully; cuz, I didn’t know how to fight.

So, the next question…is this a fight worth fighting for and will it yield me a positive net return on my life? Well, at eight years old, I didn’t know what that meant other than I KNEW I didn’t want to get picked on; but, my father definitely knew I had to fight the class bully to have a good quality of life at eight years old and into my adult years.

My father boxed while in the US Navy; and, the next day, after I got beat up, he bought me boxing gloves and taught me how to fight. After that night, my father told me, Son, you have to start a fight with this guy after school — fight him at Funston Playground — not in the schoolyard…okay?

So, I picked a fight with the class bulky. This would be the second fist-fight with the class bully; I called him a sissy in front of the whole class. He told me he was going to kick my butt after school; and, I said, I’m gonna kick your butt after school at Funston Park!

We walked to Funston Playground, and I threw the first punch at his face like my father told me, and I boxed the class bully like my father taught me. I kicked his ass.

From second grade to eighth grade, no one messed with me; because, I exuded confidence and strong self-esteem. I never started a fight, and I was never afraid to defend myself when an adversary came my way. Funny thing, the class bully and I ended up becoming friends.

My father knew that this fight at eight years old would give me confidence and self-esteem to be one of the most important tools in my life. This was the fighting spirit he gave me that helped me addressed so many confrontations I would have as I lived my life in this world.

CEO had similar experiences with in the Motorola vendors he competed against in his objectives and goals in increasing his footprint in the Motorola public safety arena. He had fight!

CEO told me about his vision to dominate the his market with his various companies. He faced harsh and unsubstantiated negative comments (haters or crab-bucket people) from his competitors, and they tried to stop him, and deter him from his goal of dominating the market-space and making his way up the Motorola food-chain. Remember, the crabs in the bucket?

He ignored those unsubstantiated negative comments, kept his focus on his VISION, and he fought and fought after each rejection; most importantly, he NEVER lost sight of his goals. After years of hard work, brutal unsubstantiated comments from his competitors, he achieved his goals, and he is now a major player in the Motorola market and increasing his presence in the market-space.

Wait until I tell you about his next goal we are working together at this moment…it’s Top Secret, but once we get all the legal pieces in place, I will disclose it, and you will be blown away, as I was, when he first included me on it.

CAPTION: USAF C-5 Galaxy: Photo Credit: Internet

Once he gets the project all down and locked in, this will be our transportation to and from Hawai’i.

One of the other ways CEO and I clicked, is we have a common high-end exclusive lifestyle, such as, but not limited, to our taste and ownership in exotic super-cars: I, with my Ferraris, and he with his Apex Porsche (he has a Porsche Carrera GT — the Apex Predator of the Porsche Food-chain).

When it comes to luxury items, we both purchase things because we want them, and we don’t ask about price — we order it, and we pay the bill — simple — we don’t like haggling, and we don’t like to deal with people that haggle. That’s the reason I don’t sell stuff — I give them away…like my openSPOT 2. I got the openSPOT 3; so, I gave my openSPOT 2 to my buddy, Wayne.

I don’t loan money to friends, I give money to them — I don’t want to haggle for the money back and run the risk of ruining the friendship. When you get to my financial level, you will realize money is easily replaceable, and you can always make money — true and real friends aren’t; so, my priority is always about my true friends and my TIME allocation.

CEO is the CEO of several well-known Motorola and non Motorola communications companies throughout the United States, and he asked me to be on his board of directors for one of his top-tier Motorola retail/distribution companies.

I accepted, and I am now a board member.

As a member of his board, I’m learning about the Motorola landscape, Motorola Politics, and the Motorola Way-Of-Doing Business — all I can say thus far, “Motorola doesn’t joke around.”

His company is very well regarded and respected by Motorola Corporation. Motorola Corporation considers his company a premier elite vendor for all Motorola products, which means, members of his corporation are part of the Motorola Research and Development Team.

For Motorola Corporation to respect him and his company is a rare and exclusive distinction.

The people in his company, who are part of Motorola’s Research and Development Team in Illinois, get the latest and greatest two-way radio products, CPS, OS, and networks to play with and evaluate for the Motorola Factory in Illinois and Motorola’s APX Center.

Well, guess what?

As a member of his board, he assigned me to that team; hence, I’m, now, part of Motorola’s Research and Development Team in Illinois, and my assignments : Motorola Ion and Motorola’s Capacity Max.

I took possession, but not custody, of two Motorola Ions. I’m playing with these two Motorola Ions, and I’m providing my analysis to Motorola Research and Development, and I will be visiting the Motorola Factory in Illinois.

Because I’m testing out Motorola’s Capacity Max Network, I have a third Motorola XPR 5550 dedicated to Capacity Max. I created two talk-groups called Yonkers 1 and Yonkers 2.

I also have another Motorola XPR 7550e dedicated to the Capacity Max network using the same aforementioned talk-groups.

I invited five of my closest HAM friends to play with me in Capacity Max for free. I even got them each brand new Motorola XPR 7550e for their possession AND custody. So, these two talk-groups, Yonkers 1 and Yonkers 2, are our own private auxillary communications network — fully encrypted, vast trunking system and coverage, and DMR Tier III capabilities.

Being on the board of directors and being part of the Motorola Research and Development Team in Illinois are HUGE recent unexpected accomplishments for me, and I thank the Trinity all the time for these two blessings.

I became a HAM operator for only one reason…to be able to volunteer my skills as an emergency auxiliary communications operator to military, law enforcement, and fire agencies. Of course, I met these goals and fighting for new ones within my volunteer positions in these agencies.

I would never have thought that my work with these agencies would have contributed to getting a seat on CEO’s board of directors, and I never thought I would be part of Motorola’s Research and Development Team in Illinois…being part of Motorola’s Research and Development Team in Illinois is like being part of Ferrari SPa and visiting the Ferrari Factory, which I have, in Maranello, Italy!

Here’s a challenge for my final emergency auxillary communications BLOG to you; and, I’m making this offer to you for my own pure selfish interest, which feeds my ego as a capitalist.

I have investments in companies…if you have confidence in yourself, send me your business idea, couple it with a business plan, and send it to me. If it makes financial sense, I will invest, and I will get my business partners to invest.

Quid pro quo: I increase my net-worth, establish another company in the US for my legacy; and, I get bragging rights for the success of the company. You get to increase your net-worth, establish your own legacy, and get bragging rights for the success of your company, which came as a result of your idea and my investment.

Show me what you got — do you have confidence in yourself? Are you a bad-ass to take your life to the next level?

So, in closing, here is my advice to you, take it or leave it…develop confidence in yourself. Hang out with people who have achieved the goals you want to achieve. Ignore unsubstantiated negative comments (substantiated negative comments, made by people whom you trust, are different — those are designed to help you advance in your development — for example, my acting teacher critiquing my acting; I listen to her — other people critiquing my acting don’t reach my ears nor eyes), have a Positive Mental Attitude, and you MUST visualize yourself living that goal.

The Trinity works with me in mysterious ways…and, I’m truly blessed and grateful for all I have; and, I ain’t finished yet — I have much to accomplish in my second part of my life — much more to accomplish…

you think I can do it?

Watch me.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino


So, this is my answer to you, Brittany:

I don’t give acting advice; because, I’m not an A-list actor nor an actor working on a well-known film or television series — I’m still working on these acting goals. I can only tell you the stuff I do and my experiences as a struggling no-name actor at this point in time. The moment I book my first major gig, then I will tell you the steps and experiences I did to book that major gig; but, for now, this section addresses your question as I pursue my acting goals.

CAPTION: circa 2021: audition for CBS

It ain’t gonna be easy; I have many meltdown sessions as an actor; I never had them as a businessman. I give myself time to meltdown and wallow in self-pity with The Trinity; but, after I give myself that meltdown self-pity time with The Trinity, which is about 30 minutes of just balls-out beating myself up, anger-crying, frustration-crying, and questioning Him, I, somehow, get rejuvenated. I get my confidence back; I feel positive, energized, and ready to be a bad-ass again — like a Phoenix; I’m born again, and I dust the ashes off myself, and I spread my wings, and I launch into the air to be a bad-ass and conquer the acting goals I set for myself.

No joke…it has been my experiences with my meltdown sessions with The Trinity, I get an audition the next day or later that day; and, I view this as a sign from Him for me to keep at my acting journey.

My father coded me at a very very young age to seek guidance from The Trinity, fight for what I want and believe in, and be positive; hence, this fighting spirit and my positive mental attitude keep me flying, after every meltdown I have, to work on my acting goals.

Brittany, you must believe in yourself — you can do anything you set your sights on — that’s my attitude, and it should be yours, too.

My career, as a no-name actor, is the most humbling and most toughest journey I’ve been going through. Unlike my financial successes in my business world, where I have a formula I can follow, the creative arts world, acting, has no real formula to get a booking. We do have tools increase our chances of booking.

I, as an actor, have tools to hone my craft, so I can give my best audition. I’m a student at the Beverly Hills Playhouse in Southern California, and I constantly work on scenes. Since I’m auditioning a lot these days, I hired an audition coach. We work-out together honing my skills and craft. I have practice audition sessions, and The Power Of The Actor, is my play-book.

I have the principle, after the audition is done, it’s out of my control, let the audition go and move on.

Whenever I audition, I’m not just auditioning for that gig, I’m auditioning for future gigs with that casting director; so, I always make sure I provide an audition that I am proud of and don’t regret after I leave the audition room. So, I prepare like crazy before I audition — I get myself on point!

Remember, the person making the decision to book me has his or her own standards that he or she follows…he or she might not book me because I remind him or her of an ex-BF whom he or she, now, hates, or whatever other subjective issues they might have for not booking me. Also, it could be that I didn’t audition well. Bottom line…don’t worry about it after it’s done — it’s out of your control — focus on the next audition.

Brittany, check out this article I got from FOX News about Oscar and Academy Award-winner, Matthew McConaughey:

I go through this, as an actor, all the time…Dwayne Johnson, in one of his interviews, mentioned the same — he mentioned crying his heart out during his no-name acting period, and that he only had $7 to his name — that’s awesome to know that The Rock struggled like you and me; and, then, he kicked ass with his one break. We ain’t alone on this journey towards our respective goals in and out of acting.

A good acquaintance of mine, who had been the CEO of 15 failed start-up, which spanned most of his time on earth, finally got his break…his company is going IPO; and, his product is a top device in the medical field. He never gave up, and he kept fighting for it — he would call me each time he lost hope, and I would give him hope and energy to keep the fight! He never gave up.

It definitely isn’t easy and a constant internal battle with myself as a no-name actor; BUT, I want my acting career bad enough, and I know I can do it — and, I know YOU, Brittany, can do it too.

By the way, you’re very pretty and have great head-shots…so, don’t forget to acknowledge the positive stuff that you have, as you continue your journey in the acting industry. In addition to your movie-star-looks, I’m sure you’re an awesome actress, and I can’t wait to see you on television and on the sliver-screen.

CAPTION: On location at Frank Sinatra’s house in Los Angeles, CA

Unless you need a reel or more credits to your rèsumè, you don’t need to work on student films, and you should be auditioning for paid gigs.

I accept and go to every audition, for paid gigs, my agent or manager throw my way — that’s close to over 200 auditions since I pursued my acting career full-time in Los Angeles two years ago.

I audition for everything: VOs, television, and feature films. I have yet to miss an audition nor ever arrive late to one — I’m proud of this accomplishment.

My father always said:

if one man can do it, so can you; so, when you look in the mirror…that’s the only person that’s gonna get in your way, son.”

Brittany, you asked me, “So, when is enough enough?” Well, barring your OWN decision to stop pursuing your goals, for whatever reason you decide to stop pursuing your goals, in this case, your acting goal, I will answer your question in the following:

“When you love [something] [or] someone, enough is never enough.” – James Gandolfini: The Mexican.

CAPTION: Photo Credit: Hollywood Reporter

I love being an actor. I live it and breathe every single moment in my days and nights. It is constantly on my mind. I can’t see myself doing any other career in my life…I am an actor; hence, enough is never enough…I will continue to stay committed to my acting goal and my life-pursuits in the acting world.

I’ve abandon many other goals I initially set for myself in my past for many reasons; but, the reason I decided to abandon those goals is because I MADE the decision to abandon them — NOT because of someone telling me to.

Check in with yourself every day…assess your goals and determine the factors you want to continue with your goals or abandon them…YOU must be the one to make those decisions — that way, if you abandon your goals, you won’t have any haunting regrets.


Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino


Congratulations on your VLOG. It’s a big step; and, I wish you well with your VLOG. I visited your VLOG, and I subscribed — I am all about skin-care and healthy lifestyle — in fact, I think you will appreciate this…I’ve been a vegetarian for four straight months, and I love it!

Okay, so here are my thoughts regarding your email…

Unsubstantiated Negative Comments are comments made by haters. You’ve seen them on every YouTube Channel, every BLOG, every VLOG, every Twitter account, and every Instagram account.

They are unsubstantiated negative comments; because, they originate from jealousy and hate — remember, crabs in bucket. They have no substantiation; because, they have nothing in their content that supports you or helps you grow — they usually have a lot of name-calling and hateful words against you.

Substantiated Negative Comments are useful comments, and they originate from people that want to help you advance in life; so, they might originate from your tennis coach, your teachers, your family members, acting coach, doctors, lawyers, CPA, close friends, and so on…their negative comments about you might be you’re always putting yourself down, Dan — you need to get out of that self-degrading mode and be more positive.

It is key to control whom you give authority to give you substantiated negative comments — that should be a privilege you give only to those you trust.

The people in my circle of trust that are privileged to give me substantiated negative comments are my mum, sister, lawyers, CPA, my doctors, tennis friends, HAM friends, acting instructor, and audition coach.

Outside of these people, negative comments aren’t a blip on my radar; and, if I hear them or read them, which I never have to this day, I ignore them, and they don’t affect me whatsoever; because, my father conditioned me to be that way at a very young age.

My father use to say, “do those people pay your bills? Do they provide you with food, clothing and shelter? Do they help you when you need help? Why would you give a damn and time to those people? Ignore them — stay in your lane — mind your own damn business and achieve!”

I am impervious to the thoughts or comments from people that are NOT in my circle of trust to critique me. I learned, at a very early age, not every one is gonna like me; and, the decisions I make are made for my own benefits — not to PLEASE the public.

Of course, there is one exception…employment.

When I’m hired to do something, then I must listen to my employer, and I do give a damn about their critiques of me, ONLY as it pertains to my work performance of which they hired me. I do make the adjustments to make sure I give my employer what they hired me to do. That’s the only exception!

Notwithstanding that one aforementioned exception, supra, I don’t acknowledge unsubstantiated negative comments…for now, let’s just use the term, hater, in this discussion.

When I was performing in a play called, Yellow Face, in Beverly Hills, CA, critics viewed the play…of course, they wrote their reviews of my acting and other actors in the play.

While the play was going through its run, the director of the play said, “All of you are forbidden to read any of the critics reviews of the play — they have no legitimacy in the art of acting — they are merely people watching a performance — they have no skills as actors, directors, acting instructor, or producers — they know nothing about the field of acting.”

To this date, I have not read a single review of my acting performance by any critic. I don’t seek their approval, and I don’t need them to tell me if my acting sucked or is stellar. They are not part of my circle of people whom I give authority to critique my acting skills. My audition coach is the only person I listen to when she gives me substantiated negative comment about my acting.

I apply this attitude to haters.

I take away a hater’s voice by not acknowledging them. When I ignore a hater, I maintain my power. They can write and say hateful things about me all they want, and as long as I don’t acknowledge them, they have no voice.

If you acknowledge a hater, you indirectly give them credibility; and, haters, in my world, have no credibility AT ALL. They are not relevant to me; they are insignificant; so, why would I waste my time with insignificant people that don’t have any relevance to me and my life nor add value to my life? What is my net gain or ROI for engaging a hater?

When haters hate you, it’s a good thing…my father and Arnold Schwarzenegger said, “people that hate you means that you’re on the right path in your life you are doing things they can’t do, and you have things they want but don’t have.”

When I ran or office against Fiona Ma in 2010, my campaign advisor told me that we have to get Fiona Ma to engage with you in a debate. We have to get her to acknowledge you in the media. Her acknowledgment of you will give you the publicity you need to introduce your platform to the people.

Guess what?

Fiona Ma, a smart and career politician, ignored me.

I was covered by the local press and publicizing my platform and telling the press the things I would do to make California great; but, she ignored me in the press. She never mentioned my name in her press statements.

When the press mentioned my name to her, she just smiled and said, “oh yes, he’s the Republican Candidate,” and she moved into discussing her own platform.

By ignoring me, she didn’t give me a voice. She diffused my power as an opposing candidate.

The press didn’t care about my position; because, Fiona Ma didn’t care about my position — no matter how loud I yelled at her to engage with me, she simply ignored me and declined my invitation to debate.

If she engaged with me, she had more to lose, and if she engaged with me, she knew she would elevate me to her status, and she did not want to elevate me. If she elevated me to her status, she would be vulnerable and the campaign field would be an equal battle-ground.

So, I do the same with haters…I ignore them; because, I know I am better than them, and I am at a higher social and financial level than most of the the haters in this world — people in my social and financial levels, at least the people with whom I socialize, aren’t haters. If I engage with a hater, I give them credibility, and I elevate them to my level.

Why would I elevate a hater? They have no value.

I only help those people that I see potential or can add value to my life. Haters don’t have potential, and they don’t add any value, so why would I acknowledge them?

So, my advice to you…haters are below you — don’t elevate them to your social status. Ignore them…treat them like those people you see on the street-corner yelling in the public about some bible verse that we are all doomed…ignore them.

My father always told me, “those people don’t pay your bills…ignore them — what are they to you?”

He also said, “just focus on your goals — if you engage with [haters], you will be distracted and lose focus and TIME getting to your goals — you are not here in this world to be in a popularity contest; you are here to accomplish.”

Dan, you have to have a tough skin. You must let hater’s comments roll off you like water rolling off a duck’s feathers. Focus on your goals…don’t engage with haters. Remember the crab bucket.

Image via Flikr Commons, courtesy of Wonderlane

Dan, remember, haters hate you; because, you’re doing something they want to do, but they cannot do. The self-hate they have for themselves and their failures they have are being projected to you. So, be happy that they hate you; because, you’re doing something they can’t do but wanna do. Focus on achieving your goals — that is your primary mission.

When I look in the mirror every morning and night, I see myself as a bad-ass. The only person that’s gonna stop me from my goals is I.

My default public position is “I’m better than you. You are insignificant to me, you are not worth my time nor attention.“

I keep my default public position until I meet someone that I see who deserves my time and attention, then I turn off my default public position and engage with them as equals and providing mutual respect for each other — just like I’m engaging with you — you and I are equals, and I respect you.

One time, I was driving my Ferrari F430 Spyder through town.

CAPTION: I found this picture of me on the internet; hence, I am unable to give photo credits for this bad-ass shot of me driving my Ferrari F430 Spyder! The lines of all Ferraris have always captivated my eyes!

I was at a stop-light, and pedestrians surrounded me taking pictures of me and my Ferrari F-430 Spyder.

Believe me — people hate me — White People can’t stand the sight of me…a Ching-Chong Chink Chinaman, sporting around San Francisco, Los Angeles, or Manhattan (New York, New York) in a Ferrari. So, I’m always prepared to defend myself.

A pedestrian looked wacky to me. He approached me in my Ferrari. The top was down on my Ferrari; so, I’m even more alert since I’m more exposed to the public. As this crazy fucker approached me, I immediately ejected my safety harness. He asked me, “you think you’re better than me?”

I immediately got out of my Ferrari to avoid being pinned down in the event this crazy fucker decided to throw a punch at me.

I got out of the car and I retorted in a loud controlled voice with a fuck-you attitude, “do you think I’m better than you?”

He walked away.

Do you see people’s view of themselves in this incident I had with that wacky pedestrian?

You have to think highly of yourself — most people don’t — you have to think you’re the best; you have to think you’re a bad-ass; because, no one else will. This is your world — this is your show — be the star, Dan — be a bad-ass.

Believe me, you don’t wanna engage with haters — they will bring you down, and you will elevate them to higher status, and they don’t deserve to be elevated.

Keep them down on ground level while you continue climb — the only vision they should have of you is the sole of your shoes.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino