Alfonso Faustino: Portable Communications Case (PCC): Pelican 1520 & Pelican 1525 Air

BLUF: If you’re looking for a water-tight durable case to protect your gear, check out the Pelican cases. I own two of them for my emergency auxillary communications transceivers: Pelican 1520 and the Pelican 1525 Air.

I had both of them for many years; and, they always protected my transceivers during my SCUBA diving drips and my emergency auxillary communications drill throughout California.


I don’t like the term “go-box” nor “go-kit”; hence, I use the term PCC: Portable Communications Case.

The Pelican 1525 Air is my preference; because it is bigger and lighter. So, I purchased additional form and re-purposed my Pelican 1525 Air.

For my emergency auxillary comms missions, I can carry my:

Motorola XPR 5550e (UHF) and my Motorola XPR 5550 (VHF). I can also carry my Bioenno Lithium Phosphate Battery, it’s charging cable, and a solar panel to keep my Motorola XPR 5550e and Motorola XPR 5550 while out in the field without a man-made power source: generator or wall out-let.

Beneath the upper-deck, the lower-deck has the items, shown in the picture, below.

All this gear, with solid durable protection and light enough to maneuver in a vehicle or open field, is the Pelican 1525 Air.

Today, 20-February-2021, 0945-1630 hours, while taking my mum and sister to brunch up in Vacaville, California, I decided to do a practice run with my PCC and Motorola XPR 5550e.

I pretended that I got a call from Corey, Director of the San Francisco Emergency Office of Communications, directing me to head up Northeast to Vacaville to handle relay emergency auxiliary communications.

So, the Pelican 1520 case and my Motorola XPR 5550e passed with flying colors. I worked off my Bioenno Lithium Phosphate Battery all day without plugging into the car’s 12 volt DC socket.

With the 1/4-wave mag mount antenna, I was able to hit repeaters East, North, West, and South of me — both analog and DMR. Distances ranged from 5 ground miles to 75 ground miles at all four points of the compass.

The only thing I would adjust is the Pelican 1520 case. It passed and did its job. But for other options, I would just call the practice drill a success and call it a day — since other options exist, I have to look at them and see if they would better serve my purpose.

In comes the Pelican 1525 Air. It is slightly larger than the Pelican 1520; BUT, it is also 40% lighter than the Pelican 1520. Most importantly, I can carry BOTH transceivers, at the same time, my battery in addition to other items I might need while being out in the field.

The light weight, when fully loaded, is more manageable than my Pelican 1520. So, tonight, 20-February-2021, I will do a practice deployment with the Pelican 1525 Air.

I’m expecting the Pelican 1525 Air to pass with flying colors; and, since the Pelican 1525 Air handles both transceivers, I can have my Italian Granite custom-made dining counter-surface area free from the clutter of antenna cables, power cords, and the two transceivers — I can’t stand clutter — I like things in their proper space, and surface areas free from stuff after I’m done playing with my toys.

Yeah — yeah, I know — major obsessive compulsion…but, hey, it is my obsession coupled with my laser-focus and extreme discipline to do things a certain way, regardless of peoples’ thoughts of me (I only give time and listen to those people who have accomplished the goals I’ve yet to accomplish and from whom I can learn), that got me to my life-goals, my financial successes, and my personal successes thus far…I still have more goals to achieve…

if you think my issue with clutter is obsessive, you should see the way I am when I wear my white shirt in a Canalli tuxedo at black-tie charity events I attend — I don’t eat. Ha!

Hmm…it just hit me…I haven’t been to a black-tie charity event since the lock-downs with COVID-19…odd.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino