Alfonso Faustino: Antenna Project

Okay, so as I mentioned in my earlier BLOG, I passed my USCG AUX TCO examination — very happy with this accomplishment. I’m gonna get a USCG Call-sign to be authorized to talk with USCG, Mariner’s Stations, rescue USCG aircraft, and water vessels when activated. Very happy with this!

I got approved by USCG AUX to get my magnetic door panels to slap on each time I get deployed — the USCG AUX wants them on when my vehicle gets registered with the USCG.

Several days ago, I purchased and took possession and custody of a brand new Motorola XPR 5550 VHF for my USCG communications — straight from the Motorola Factory.

The USCG will be doing an inspection of my cars, house, and communications equipment. They all have to pass inspection.

Part of the inspection is doing a radio test on MAR83A, which means…time to re-configure my antenna set up on my penthouse deck and rooftop.

Presently, I have three antennas: yagi, HAM, and GMRS.

My HAM buddies, bio-tech engineer, Leonard, and retired SFPD Officer, Ralph, are gonna come by on 20-February-2021, to help me design a new configuration for all my antennas — looks like I might replace the VHF yagi with a VHF J-pole that Leonard made for me.

Both Ralph and Leonard are super knowledgeable about antennas; so, I’m glad they are coming over to help me out.

The current plan is to purchase a 10-ft electric lightweight conduit steel pipe. Attach the HAM antenna to the pipe and raise it up. The pipe will be clamped on to the steel poles of the fire escape posts.

More to follow after my tennis work-out and after we get the job done…for now, I’m gonna enjoy the sunny day by getting with my tennis network, and smack the ball around…but, I always have a Motorola around…this one matches my tennis gear — I just dig my Motorola XTS 5000R — it’s the real R.

24-February-2021, at 0241 Hours PST:

Yesterday, 23-February-2021, from 1100 – 1730 Hours PST, Ralph, Leonard, and I met up, drove to Home Depot, picked up a 10-ft electrical conduit, and steel hose claps. After Home Depot, we went back to my place and started our work.

We removed the Diamond X-50 antenna and attached it to the 10-ft electrical conduit; then, we hoisted the 10-ft electrical conduit, and we strapped it to the fire escape.

After that, we relocated the Browning GMRS Antenna to the old location of the Diamond X-50 antenna.

Ralph and Leonard did some final adjustments.

After we got done with the elevation of the HAM repeater antenna and the GMRS antenna, we headed down to the paddock, and we hooked up the HAM and GMRS to their respective antenna cables.

We did an SWR and power test and SUCCESS! The SWR meter’s needle didn’t even move, which means the antennas new height are perfect and negligible reflection. Power reading reads as Motorola factory specs require — so, it’s all groovy like a drive-in movie.

I’m truly grateful that the Trinity blessed me with Leonard and Ralph as my friends. I’m fortunate to have them as my friends.

I always value my friends; I’m very guarded in the areas of my life that counts; and, a couple of those areas in my life is friendships and romantically interested women I date. I’m guarded in these two areas because, people I let into these areas of my life are high-risk for me — they will be exposed to my emotional, financial, and spiritual essences, and other high-risk areas of my life that I don’t share in public; hence, those I let into my life are TRULY my friends, which are 10 people. These 10 people are MY FRIENDS, and I always make sure they know I appreciate them.

I have a high criteria for the women I date and my friends: Loyalty, Consideration, and Generosity. If they meet my three criteria, then I consider a friendship with them. Believe me, to have me as a friend, is very valuable at ALL levels of life. I demand a lot from my friends, and I give as much as I demand to my friends.

Each of my 10 friends have been given gifts from me, very expensive gifts, based upon their lifestyle and interests: watches, vacations, red envelopes, and so on. In addition to the financial gifts, they get my time, which is invaluable to me and one of the important gifts of my friendship.

So, while I might not be able to provide them with expertise knowledge, regarding their lifestyle interests, for example, sailing, I will provide them with my sweat-equity, meaning, if they need my help on their boat to do grunt-work, I will be there for them and do grunt-work.

Ralph and Leonard came at a moment’s notice to help me get my antennas up for my USCG inspection; hence, as a result of their loyalty, generosity, and consideration to me, I bought them each, straight from the Motorola Factory, brand new Motorola XPR 7550e (UHF).

In addition, free of charge, I included Ralph and Leonard into my Motorola Capacity Plus network — they will always have DMR connection when traveling throughout California and throughout the United States, that my Motorola Capacity Plus covers.

In addition to being part of my Motorola Capacity Plus network, their communications will be 100% encrypted, through the Motorola Capacity Plus network, and they will be in T-Band frequencies — sure, I enjoy HAM bands, but I’m a commercial/professional operator; I’m also a volunteer auxillary communications operator for various first-responder agencies; hence, I’m all about frequencies not available to the HAM community; and, those who are my friends, benefit through my access to these commercial/professional and emergency auxillary communications networks.

My HAM friends always get a kick when they are allowed into my commercial/professional communications network — sound quality is so much better, and you can do shit-load of stuff that you can’t do on the amateur networks — and I ONLY use Motorolas; and, I get my HAM friends to use ONLY Motorolas.

Back to my antenna project…

my antenna project is finally completed, and I am ready for my USCG inspection.

Today, 24-February-2021, the USCG will be examining my house, and two daily driver vehicles. I will execute and radio test on MAR83A, and if I pass that radio-test, my house, two daily-driver vehicles, and I will get the coveted USCG call-signs and approve me to RX/TX on USCG frequencies and with water vessels, aircraft, and land-base stations whenever I get deployed or participate in USCG Net-controls.

I’m so happy about this accomplishment.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino