Alfonso Faustino: Motorola M1225 50-watt HAM UHF R-1 Portable/Home-base Repeater

24-January-2021, I purchased two portable/home-base repeaters: GMRS and HAM UHF R-1. Both repeaters are 50 watts, and I am anxiously waiting for their arrival.

I purchased each of these repeaters from two separate vendors. Once I take possession and custody, I will update this BLOG.

While I can use this repeater as my home-base repeater, like all my gear, this repeater is portable. In other words, I can use is out in the field and in my car. So, if I get deployed on one of my volunteer missions, I can bring this repeater with me out in the field and possibly enhance mission-critical communications.

I always wanted to host a repeater in my crib. I have an excellent location; because, I have excellent LOS at all four points of the compass; and, servicing the repeater would not be a problem; because, the paddock is separated from the main house; hence, I could give the repeater-owner the key to the paddock and the safe-room to access his or her repeater for maintenance and repairs.

Despite offering my crib for FREE, no repeater-owner took me up on my offer. My Mentor, Tom Nasso, who owns the CARLA network already has all his prime locations set for all 35+ CARLA repeaters. I also offered my crib to Bob Kirby; but, he, like Tom, already have locations for all his repeaters.

I also offered my crib to Cecil Casillas, owner of the PAPA System, in the event that he might want to extend his range from SoCal to NorCal…he’s giving it some thought — my safe-room is big enough to host several repeater racks; and, since, I own my property, I can put as many antennas I want on my roof-top, as long as I have the space.

After waiting for someone to take my offer, I decide, screw it — I will just get my own repeater; so, that exactly my action — I purchased two repeaters…this HAM repeater (hereinafter, repeater) and a GMRS repeater.

So, what’s the purpose of my HAM repeater?

I will use the repeater for social conversations with invite-only HAM operators, like Wayne, Leonard, Ralph, Ron, Mark, Jeff, and Demytrov.

The other purpose will be used for emergency auxiliary communications for HAM, SFFD, SFPD, USCG, AlCo Sheriff’s Office, and other agencies of which I do volunteer work.

Along with the GMRS repeater I purchased, this HAM repeater will be a back-up to the GMRS repeater for my family, friends, and neighborhood in the event of an FCC-defined emergency situation.

Once I take possession and custody of the repeater, which, should be, tomorrow, 28-January-2021, I will hook it up, test it, and update this BLOG.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)