Alfonso Faustino: Motorola M1225 50-watt GMRS Portable/Home-base Repeater

24-January-2021, I purchased two portable/home-base repeaters: GMRS and HAM UHF R-1. Both repeaters are 50 watts, and I am anxiously waiting for their arrival.

I purchased each of these repeaters from two separate vendors. Once I take possession and custody of the two repeaters, I will update this BLOG.

I have a GMRS license; and, although, I seldom use GMRS, I thought I would give GMRS a try via a portable/home-base repeater (hereinafter, repeater), as an auxiliary communications (comms) tool. I got my mum and sister a GMRS license, and several people in my neighborhood purchased their GMRS license after I mentioned that I was getting a GMRS repeater.

While waiting for my repeater, I put up the GMRS antenna — it’s an Edison Fong, single-band antenna tuned specifically for my GMRS repeater frequency bands. I have four channels for my GMRS repeater.

As of today, 28-January-2021, the engineer mentioned my repeater passed the test; and, he will be shipping it out to me tomorrow, 29-January-2021.

Since I installed the antenna and ran the coax to my paddock, once I take possession and custody of the repeater, it will be ready for immediate plug-n-play.

While I can use this repeater as my home-base repeater, like all my gear, this repeater is portable. In other words, I can use is out in the field and plugged into my car. So, if I get deployed on one of my volunteer missions, I can bring this repeater with me out in the field and possibly enhance mission-critical communications.

The primary full-time function of this GMRS repeater will be emergency auxiliary communications for my family, close friends, and several people in my neighborhood. I expect the repeater coverage to cover the entire San Francisco, based upon my antenna height and LOS at all four points of the compass. I also anticipate long-distance coverage in the East Bay, North Bay, and South Bay. Really, all I care about is 100% coverage in the San Francisco area.

Once I take possession and custody of the repeater, hook it up, and test it, I will update this BLOG and cite the vendor’s name.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (WQZI967)