Alfonso Faustino: Thank You For Your Visits & Purchases

Thank you for viewing my BLOGS and QRZ page; and, most importantly, thank you for all your kind emails and purchases. I’m happy to read and hear that I’m a useful resource to you.

I get a monthly report from assistance, Janelle, and I was really surprised by all your visits. The high numbers encourage me to continue with my work to be a helpful resource for you regarding products I use that you might find useful for your own use.

Your visits also help my BLOGs rank high in the Internet Searches, such as, but not limited to, Google Search…this, of course, helps other viewers when looking for a product of which I BLOGged.

So, thank you for all your clicks.

I created my BLOGs to answer a lot of repeated-emails I received regarding HAM recommendations on transceivers, talk-groups, net-controls, accessories, and hot-spots. All my HAM gear is centered around my primary goal as a HAM operator: emergency auxiliary communication for first-responder agencies.

I also created BLOGs regarding exclusive stuff I buy for my high-end lifestyle (e.g., Ferrari, Rolex, my bespoke clothing, and other stuff)

My primary goal of my QRZ page and my BLOGs is to be a resource for people looking for exclusive stuff for their high-end life-style and HAM activities.

Obviously, I met my goal; because, many of you made purchases of the HAM gear I use, and high-end exclusive life-style products I use.

Because of the significant amount of purchases people made, as a result of my QRZ page and my BLOGs, I have a viewer:purchase conversion rate status of ~1%. This is a HUGE unexpected accomplishment for me!

Approximately, one percent of my visitors ended up making purchases with the sales distributors I mentioned in my QRZ page and BLOGs — so, out of every 10 visitors, at least one person will purchase a product or service of which I BLOGged about. I always like to help make money for sales distributors that I believe in, and I like being a resource to people searching for specific products: High-end exclusive items and HAM gear.

Here is some statistics of viewer:purchase activities:

  • One viewer purchased his very first Ferrari after reading my Ferrari BLOG and after email/conversations with me;
  • One viewer is dealing with Audi San Francisco after reading my Audi BLOG;
  • Four viewers hired my general contractor after reading my BLOG about building a new family compound in San Francisco, California;
  • One viewer purchased a Maxpedition Falcon III back-pack;
  • Five viewers purchased SGT fire-fighter’s Lumen Glow Radio Strap and pouch;
  • One viewer purchased the Motorola APX 8000HXE with my help and connection at Motorola;
  • Eight viewers purchased the Motorola XPR 75XX(e) transceivers;
  • Two viewers purchased the Motorola XTS 5000 (UHF R1);
  • One viewer purchased the Motorola XTS 5000 Model III (700-800 MHZ);
  • Two viewers purchased the Garmin inReach+;
  • Over 300 viewers, HAM operators and police departments, purchased my Motorola BNC antenna adapters;
  • Five viewers purchased Gerry Filby’s. AllStar ClearNode;
  • Three viewers purchased Robert Bretzman’s TGIF-Spot; and,
  • One viewer is interested in signing up with the USCG AUX; and, two are ready to sign up.

My viewer:purchase conversion rate status of ~1% is a wonderful reward for all the time I put into my QRZ page and BLOGs.

Of course, I don’t get any payment as result of my viewer:purchase conversion rate status of 1%; quite frankly, I don’t need the money from these transactions; and, my goal was never to make money off my QRZ page and BLOGs.

I just like knowing that you and other viewers trust my opinions to make purchases…that’s a great compliment to me — thank you for visiting my BLOGs, QRZ page, and my other social platforms.

Most importantly, thanks for making your purchases based up on my BLOGs and QRZ page.

Oh…thank you to my San Francisco visitors for signing the petition to recall London Breed and for passing my BLOG petition to your social circles!

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino