Alfonso Faustino: Blessings in 2020

The Trinity has given me a blessed life — 2020 is a perfect example of His presence in my life.

CoVid-19 demanded changes in the way my family and I had to do to successfully make it through 2020. Notwithstanding these changes, we all had the blessing of health. Fortunately, no one in our family got hit with CoVid-19. So, that alone is a success story for me and my family, and we are constantly thanking the Trinity for this priority blessing.

Although we had to change our lifestyle in a significant way, it wasn’t anything that was an impediment. It’s like wearing a rain-jacket on a rainy day…we adjust, and we get use to it.

For 2020, we were able to keep our Thanksgiving tradition with my close friends Yuliya and Dima…and her new coming son! That was such a wonderful blessing for all of us to get together for Thanksgiving 2020 — we’ve been doing this tradition for five years, and we were worried that the sixth year would not happen — we were happy that the tradition went to the sixth year: 2020.

Dima cooked the Thanksgiving Turkey 2020 for the very first time in his life; and, it was the best I ever tasted. For the past six years, I always cooked the turkey…I must say, with surprise and happiness, that Dima’s Thanksgiving Turkey was better than mine.

All the food was great, and I especially enjoyed Dima’s Russian Salad. I made my famous garlic mash potatoes, and my mum made her famous big-hit healthy lumpia’s.

Thanksgiving 2020 was a special one…Dima and Yuliya shared their brand new house with us; and, they are expecting the arrival of a bundle of joy!

Yuliya and Dima are inspirations for me. They remind me of my mum and dad — immigrants effectuating the American Dream. I admire them for the courage they took to come to America; I admire them for the diligence and discipline to learn English, and use English to do business dealings; and, I admire them for their financial successes they have today and will continue to grow into the future.

I tell Yuliya all the time…I could not do what you have done…you accomplished more than me; and, I would not have the courage to move to the Ukraine and start a life from the dirt up like you did here in America — I have so much to learn from you; and, you’re my inspiration and motivation to work towards my success here in America — just like you!

I’m blessed to have her and Dima as my close friends.

Another great blessing we got for 2020 is meeting Rosio and Anthony. They are a wonderful couple that introduced themselves to my mum while she was jogging in our neighborhood. They liked the CoVid-19 mask I made for her, and they complimented my mum, and my mum introduced them to my sister and me — ever since then, we have been in contact and building a new friendship with them.

Rosio and Anthony live in Beverly Hills, CA, and we have so much in common. We have the same taste and lifestyle, and we like and purchase similar stuff. Most important, we have strong family values, ethics, and morals. They are hard-working, just like my family, and in pursuit of achieving their goals and dreams, just like me and my family.

Also, they are gear-heads like me; and, I’ve been giving them suggestions on their first Porsche purchase — I use to own a Porsche 911 SC.

They are also interested in getting into HAM — yeah!

Rosio, Anthony, my mum, sister, and I anxiously await for the CoVid-19 to clear out; so, we can meet up and enjoy an awesome dinner together in San Francisco and Beverly Hills.

I met Wade on P25 North America 10200. It was great meeting hi; and, he got me into Satellite HAM Communication — boy, did I get hooked! I enjoy it much better than HF — imagine making contact with another HAM operator through a Satellite moving well over 11,000 nautical miles per second in space! Thanks, Wade, for all your support and guidance in this new activity for me.

Also, while talking on P25 North America 10200, I met Chris, and he is a commercial airlines pilot. Both of us are night-owls, insomniacs, so we would have long and fun discussions late at night to early mornings talking about all kinds of stuff. His is out there in North Carolina; I’m from South Carolina, so we would also talk about the southern culture and lifestyle, which only Southerners would truly understand.

In addition, Chris sent me some real cool pictures from outside his office window.

Another blessing I had in 2020, was meeting Matt. Like Chris, Matt and I connected through the HAM network; and, most importantly, we bonded through our passion and obsession with Motorola. He has the Motorola APX 8000HXE just like me — I guess we are the only HAM operators obsessed and crazy to spend large amounts of money to get the exclusive Motorola APX 8000HXE.

If you think I’m crAzy with all my Motorola transceivers, you should see Matt’s collection of Motorola transceivers — his motto, you can never have too many radios — life is too short for just one radio.

What’s that saying, birds of a feather….

HAM brought us together, and our morals, ethics, and values bonded our friendship. We think the same way when it comes to business, money, and family.

Like Yuliya, Dima, Rosio, and Anthony, Matt and I are similar in our financial backgrounds; hence, we can easily talk about buying stuff that most Americans don’t understand; our financial lifestyles and tastes in stuff are similar. We buy bespoke luxury exclusive products openly and freely, and we understand that nature in us — while people outside my circle think we are all crazy for spending the money on stuff that we buy, my social circle think it’s just par for the course — I wouldn’t have it any other way.

In addition to our passion and obsession with Motorola transceivers, we are both gear-heads. I dig his Jeep…I think I might have to get one…I think I will shop for one this weekend to add in my paddock.

Matt introduced me to Jeff. Jeff is one of the most patient, calm, and generous HAM operators I’ve ever met. He got me set up with the AllStar Clearnode. Jeff and I are the only two PAPA Net controllers in the San Francsico Bay Area. One of the nicest things about Jeff is his selflessness and Zen-like foundation. I always strive to be more like him in that way. He is always supportive of all the net controllers by attending their respective nets. I’m honored to be part of Jeff’s social circle.

2020 also brought me in line with Mark. He visits my BLOGs, and he reached out to me. He is obsessed and crAzy about Motorolas like me and Matt.

Turns out, he has the same Motorola I have: XPR 7550e. Bad ass!

Mark mentioned he enjoyed reading my BLOGs and found them inspiring and useful. I am always happy to know that I affected one person in a positive manner.

Through meeting Mark, I found that he is an inspiration to me, as well. He is involved with start-up companies, so he understands my pursuits and failures as an actor. He encourages me when I am feeling down in my acting pursuits.

We have so much in common, and we are together in our social circles like Matt, Yuliya, Dima, Rosio, Anthony, and Tom. We share the same values, morals, and ethics. He is driven and pursue his dreams of a successful CEO in one of his start-up companies.

He, like me, has a strong interest in volunteering our time to help first-responders do their jobs in times of need and crisis. He is a certified volunteer SAR personnel with his Sheriff’s Office. I’m still working on my SAR certification process with the Sheriff’s Office — ha, we found out we have the same pack!

By chance, while talking on a P25 talk-group, I met Bob. He is the repeater owner for many repeaters in the Bay Area, which provides a good span of coverage. He is also a gear-head like Matt and me; Bob races super Grand Prix motor-bikes — he was also a racing instructor.

Today, for the New Year 2021, he invited me to his crib, and he taught me how to tune my little notch-duplexer for my portable repeater.

It was such a great learning experience for me — thank you, so much, Bob; and, I look forward to building a lasting friendship with you!

In addition to Bob, I met another Bob — Bob G.. A very kind and generous P25 operator that helped me get around the P25 network. He use to live in the Bay Area and now lives in Iowa. He is always available and ready to lend a helping hand to new P25 operators like me. I look forward to building a lasting friendship with Bob G., and I appreciate all he has taught me with P25.

Of course, my Yonker’s HAM team, has given me so much help and guidance with my HAM activities. Though I met them ~two years ago, they definitely positively impacted my life for 2020. I join their Zoom calls every Monday morning at 1030 hours; and, they always work out any HAM issues I have. So blessed to be part of their network: Wayne, Leonard, Ralph, Ron, David, and John. Thanks, guys!

Another blessing for 2020, is my mum’s business and financial acumen. She made a killing in the stock market — while other traders and investors took a hit, as a result of CoVid-19, my mum earned a wicked ROI for her stock trades and investments.

Without my mum’s financial acumen and my parents’ building up our family wealth, I would definitely be homeless. As a no-name actor working towards my break, I have no earnings for 2020…so, I ain’t joking about being homeless but for my family’s financial backing of me while I passionately work on getting to my goals as an actor.

For this reason alone, I don’t complain — never have and never will. The Trinity blessed me with my awesome parents and sister; and, I have no reason to complain nor ask for anything from Him — I just keep my focus, discipline, and tenacity to get to my acting goals. Each morning and night, when I consult with Him, I simply thank Him for giving me my family, our health, and financial well-being. I don’t ask Him for nothin’ — He’s already given me more than I deserve.

Another blessing in 2020 was going to CARLA 6 and CARLA 20 with my HAM Mentor, Tom.

I always enjoy visiting the CARLA sites and spending time with Tom. I always learn more and more about RF and repeaters from him. I’ve known him for about five years, and he is the one that got me into Motorola transceivers.

As an actor, a major blessing for me was getting so many auditions since the CoVid-19 lock-down. While other actors didn’t get auditions, I got well over 100 auditions for well-known television series, feature films, and VOs. I’m working and hoping to book in 2021. This will be my third year out as a full-time, LA-based actor. So far, I’ve been successful — studios invite me to audition for them…I have to continue to study hard, practice hard, and stay positive, focused, and discipline to get to my next acting objective: BOOK, BOOK, and BOOK!

I had to build my home studio for film auditions and Zoom acting classes.

For the first time in my acting career, I started doing VO auditions; hence, I had to build a VO studio for my VO auditions.

I’m also blessed for my awesome sister for being a reader for all my auditions.

I’ve been blessed with excellent health prior 2020, during 2020, and post-2020. I play tennis everyday; I do my HIIT Monday though Friday; and, I walk a mile to the tennis courts, and I walk a mile back home after my high intensity tennis work-out.

These are several of the many blessings the Trinity gave me for 2020. I have no complaints; I have a very stress-free and fun life…sure, I have some down moments, as an actor; but, really, I don’t complain, and I would never change a single thing that took place in 2020. I am grateful for all the blessings the Trinity gave me for 2020; and, I’m looking forward to 2021.

Thank you Trinity for my very blessed life and a blessed 2020.

So, what’s next for 2021?

Well, the same passion, focus, discipline, tenacity, sacrifice, AND obsession I used to get my two Ferraris in my past, I will apply to my acting objectives and goals I have set 2021.

I will continue to keep my Positive Mental Attitude; and, I continue to be grateful for all my blessings from the Trinity. I will continue to keep my discipline, passion, tenacity, and focus with extreme prejudice to get to my objectives and goals in and out of the acting arena.

I will keep in mind one of the many pearls of wisdom my pappy told me, know what you want, and get off your ass and get it — ain’t no one gonna give you anything in life — you gotta get it on your own!

I think that’s a pretty full plate for the duration of my time here on earth.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino