Alfonso Faustino: Royal Motors: Sergey Chulikanov

For Christmas 2020, my mum decided she wanted to buy a new family vehicle to add to the paddock — really, it was a new vehicle for my sister; my mum don’t drive anymore; my sister is the real driver in the family; and, I enjoy being a passenger in the back seat playing with my hand-held transceivers and talking to my very small HAM social circle as she drives us to our destination — oh, I do enjoying detailing the vehicles, so I guess that has some bearing on the choice of the new European SUV. So, in reality, when it comes to the bones of it all, really, my mum bought my SISTER a new car for Christmas 2020.

So with my mum’s new vehicle purchase interest, we had to decide the type of vehicle. We decided, instead of the European sports-sedan like we always get, we wanted to add a European SUV to the paddock. We contemplated going back to Mercedes-Benz; and, we contemplated other models like Range Rover and Porsche SUVs. The SUV brand we decided upon was the 2021 Audi — now, we had to find out which model to purchase.

While this BLOG is about our positive dealings with Sergey Chulikanov, of Royal Motors, I just wanted to tout the 2021 Audi SUV…it is an amazing daily-driver…a lot of options you would have to pay extra for Mercedes-Benz come standard in Audi. I never been in an Audi nor driven one, so I was truly surprised with the Audi driving experience — I describe the Audi to be a truly magnificent and unique driving experience: sport agility and handling combined with comfort, safety, and tons of creature comforts that come standard in Audi. As you know, I’m a Ferrari piloti; and, now, I’m interested in test-driving the V10 Audi R8 and possibly adding that to my driving experience. Okay, back to Sergey Chulikanov of Royal Motors.

After visiting several Audi dealerships, we decided to work with Sergey Chulikanov of Royal Motor in San Francisco.

If you’re looking to purchase an Audi, check out Sergey Chulikanov at Royal Motors in San Francisco, California.

Sergey Chulikanov and David Kulastov of Audi San Francisco

We decided to deal with Sergey Chulikanov in the purchase of the 2021 Audi for the following reasons:

– Honesty: Sergey Chulikanov was honest with us. He told us the truth about invoice price and the sticker price of the Audi of our interest. We did our research on the Audi SUV models, so we had a pretty good idea of the invoice price versus the sticker price. One Audi dealership we visited provided us with a fraudulent invoice document and lied to us — we immediately left and went back to Sergey Chulikanov. He gave us the best deal of the car we ended up acquiring. The price we received was within our budget, not too far off the invoice price, and we got all the options we wanted. It was a successful transaction for us, and we drove the Audi home happy and knowing that the purchase-price supported all the research we did before we finalized the sale with Sergey Chulikanov;

– Vehicle Test-drive: Sergey Chulikanov provided us with SUV Audis of different models so we had a basis for comparison: Q3, Q5, Q7, and a fully electric Audi that I forgot the model. All of these vehicles helped us make an informed decision in the purchase of the car we ended up driving home. Sergey Chulikanov stressed the importance of connecting with the car. What’s that line? This one too big; this one is too small; THIS one is Juuuust right! Through test-driving three Audis, we connected with one that we really liked;

– Professional Standard: Sergey Chulikanov treated us in a professional manner. He presented himself in a professional manner and spoke to us in a manner that was understandable and forthright. He made certain we were comfortable with the Audi that we were targeting. He wasn’t arrogant nor pushy and offered time for us to think things over or visit other dealerships to support his assertion, you won’t get a better deal anywhere else — he was correct;

Product Knowledge: Sergey Chulikanov knew everything about the Audi; and, he was able to show us all features and benefits of all the options that came with our target Audi. Our Audi Q3 is fully loaded — we went with the Premium S-Line package, which includes 20” rims;

Communication: Sergey Chulikanov explained to us all the fees that made up the final agreed-upon price of our target-Audi. There were no hidden costs — the numbers we spoke about and the numbers on the final sales contract all matched up — no hidden costs;

Ethical: Sergey Chulikanov exhibited strong business ethics by being transparent in all the costs associated with our target-Audi. He exuded trust and confidence; hence, we trusted him. We noticed Sergey Chulikanov ethical quality when we dealt with other sales personnel from other dealerships, which were the antithesis of ethical behaviors.

So, if you’re looking for an Audi to add to your paddock, visit Royal Motors in San Francisco, and ask for Sergey Chulikanov — you won’t be disappointed in your dealings with Sergey Chulikanov with your Audi acquisition.

Ok, now my sister needs a theme song whenever she is rollin’ in her Audi Q3…I’ve been using my creative skills to come up with a hip-hop rapper tune for her…I just wrote one line, and it goes like this…Rollin’ like a G in the Audi Q3; yeah you can look, but you can’t touch me!

I know it still needs a lot of work, but, hey, it’s a start — I’m an ACTOR not a RAPPER Hip-hop writer. Come back in a year or so, and I should have this hip-hop tune finished and ready for release.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino