Alfonso Faustino: HAM Nets: Digital & Analog

I received emails from some new HAM operators regarding nets that I attend.

By way of background, I’m am a member of two different two-way radio (transceiver) clubs:

  • PAPA System
  • Cathay Radio Club

PAPA System is a full service one-stop radio club. Members can RX and TX on DMR, DSTAR, P25, and analog repeaters. Analog repeaters will provide you with RF connections anywhere in Los Angeles and down to the borders of Mexico and out to the Catalina Island.

PAPA system is a global network, which means you can connect into PAPA System anywhere in the world via, hot-spots, ILRP, EchoLink, and AllStar.

In addition to global connection and access to analog and digital platforms for your RX and TX needs, PAPA System will entertain you seven days a week with nets spanning topics regarding, DMR, D-STAR, P25, New HAM Operators, Technical Nets, Antenna Net, Boater’s Net, and Current Events Net.

PAPA System also provides their members with guest-speaker Zooms — prior to CoVid-19, these guest speakers would meet the PAPA members at a restaurant to give their presentation.

In addition to the guest-speaker meetings at restaurants, PAPA System would do weekend picnics that provided members to socialize with each other.

The PAPA System website is robust with information for new HAMs and veteran HAMs.

In my opinion, there is no better radio club than PAPA System — they work on providing an enhanced 360-degree member experience for their HAM operators.

In my opinion, PAPA System is the ONLY radio club you would need join — they provide more entertainment and resources than any other radio club I’ve experienced.

Most importantly, the PAPA members are friendly, polite, helpful, and welcoming.

I am a member of the Cathay Amateur Radio Club; and, I attend their weekly net every Monday nights at 2100 hours PST/PDT on the following VHF frequencies.

The Cathay Amateur Radio Club has various monthly dinner events, prior CoVid-19, for members to socialize and learn new HAM stuff from the experienced members or guest speakers. The members are friendly and have tons of experience in building antennas and HAM principles at all levels.

So, these are the two radio clubs I recommend you checking out. You can test-drive these two radio clubs before making your membership.

I look forward to hearing you on one of these club’s nets.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)