Alfonso Faustino: PAPA System: New P25 Network

4-October-2020, @ 0248 Hours PDT, I received information from Cecil that he and his team completed the installation and testing of the new P25 repeaters in the PAPA System network in Southern California. This is truly an amazing accomplishment by Cecil and his team. Members of the PAPA System now has access to all HAM mediums: Analog, DMR, System Fusion, D-STAR, and P25.

Here are two important PAPA talk-groups/reflectors:

  • P25xDMR: 31078 (This is a P25 bridge to DMR for PAPA System. You will be able to access and communicate to PAPA’s analog network.)
  • P25 PAPA Chat: 31077 (This is PAPA System’s P25 Chat talk-group/reflector.)

I am really impressed by the strategy PAPA System used to make it easy for their members to access the P25 network.

As you know, via my BLOGs on Motorola transceivers, programming Motorolas is no easy effort — it takes, time…a lot of time, money, and patience. If you’re an inexperienced Motorola HAM operator, you are gonna have a handful of questions and hair…it is extremely complicated programming a Motorola P25 transceiver without some guidance from operators like me.

One of the smartest things PAPA System did for their members is building a partnership with a Motorola seller. The partnership consists of access-to-purchase Motorola XTS 5000 UHF R-1 Model III (full keyboard and screen) with FPP (Front Panel Programming) hand-held transceivers that are all standardized for the PAPA System.

The benefit of this partnership is that PAPA System members will be able to share code-plugs; because, the Motorola XTS 5000 will have all the same feature-sets. This is no different than the police department having all their police officers using the same transceivers in their departments.

The other benefit is that the members can purchase their Motorola XTS 5000 and get into the PAPA System P25 network right out of the box — no creating code-plugs.

Eventually, as the operator gets accustomed to his or her PAPA System Motorola XTS 5000, he or she is gonna wanna tinker with the code-plug to add other frequencies — not a problem; because, now, that operator will have his or her own support group with the PAPA System P25 operators that use the same Motorola XTS 5000.

Furthermore, if that PAPA System P25 operator decides that P25 is the digital network they wanna work with, then they might decide to get into the Motorola APX series; and, as a Motorola XTS 5000 user, they will have a good foundation to jump into the Motorola APX code-plug.

For you experienced P25 operators using the PAPA System, visit their website to get the frequencies of their three new P25 Repeaters.

If you’re interested in purchasing a PAPA System Motorola XTS 5000 Model III, contact PAPA System.

Later on, I will go over some Motorola XTS 5000 programming techniques in this BLOG.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)


  1. David Godden KK6M says:

    Thank you Alfonso for checking into the Thursday Night PAPA system Technical Roundtable last night. It was great to hear you. I am looking forward to P25 growing.
    73 de KK6M
    David “Roy” Godden

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    1. Hi, David. You are an excellent net-control operator! I always enjoy your net. You and your team did an excellent job in getting P25 into your already existing awesome network: PAPA System. Please let me know if I can assist you in any way with PAPA. Keep up the great work, David!!!

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