My mum, Julie Faustino, Pays Off Our Mortgage

My mum’s 81st birfday will be tomorrow, 20-June; and, my sister and I are so blessed to have her in our lives each day.

She gave us a wonderful gift.

5-June-2020, @ 2000 Hours PDT, My mum, Julie Faustino, gave me and my sister a tremendous gift, which will be a major life-goal completed — a marker in my life, my mum’s life, and my sister’s life. My mum met with me and my sister and told us this:

You know I love you both very much; your father’s goal and my goal have always been to make you safe, give you an education, and bring you happiness. Your father and I never wanted you to worry about not having anything nor not having money. In our lifetime, we have given you everything you ever wanted and needed…so, here is something else I want to give you…I will pay our mortgage off. Tomorrow, we will go to Wells Fargo Bank, and I will pay our mortgage off in its entirety — we will own the house — no more monthly payments to the bank. This, my children, is my gift to you.

During Coronavirus-19, the Trinity blessed us with financial health…especially, my mum. She is an awesome stock trader and stock investor; she made money in the down market and in the up market with stock investments and derivatives (e.g., Calls and Puts). She was recognized my PG&E and Fidelity Investments as one of the most successful 401K and retirement portfolio managers, yielding over $2 million dollars in ROIs from her capital principal base.

She has been doing this for a zillion years; and, she is disciplined in her work in the stock market…gather data, watch CNBC, and turn data into actionable intelligence to create a strategy for her trades for the day.

She is relentless, consistent, and prudent. While she is emotional and knee-jerk in other aspects of her life, not so with her financial investments — emotions and knee-jerk reactions are left out of her home-office space.

(CAPTION: 6-June-2020, @ 0920 Hours PDT: Julie Faustino at Wells Fargo Bank, paying off our mortgage in full after her strategic investments in the stock market during the month of May 2020 and June 2020.)

My mum, through her discipline, knowledge, understanding of the stock market, and through the guidance of the Trinity, made well over $X,xxx,xxx.69 in her stock trades and stock investments in 2016 to June 2020.

She knows the blue chip stocks she likes to purchase as investments; and, she studies the emerging markets to make her trades — if she feels an emerging company has sustainability, she will purchase the stock as an investment and purchase Calls and Puts on that stock for insurance.

During the Coronavirus-19, she took advantage of the down market through an aggressive series of purchasing and selling stocks and purchasing and selling Calls and Puts. She knew there would be a rebound in the market, and she was in position to hop and ride that wave, too.

Of course, she has been doing her trades and purchases on the house’s money while her principal is tucked away for safety.

On May 2020 – June 2020, she hit her financial goal, and punched out and collected the house’s money, which she used to pay off the entire mortgage for our MUD.

My mum is fucking gutsy when it comes to the stock-market…not may people have her foresight, temperment, and discipline to do the stuff she does in the stock market. I’m always amazed by her.

Tomorrow [6-June-2020], the three of us will go to Wells Fargo Bank, and I will pay our mortgage in full. Our house [MUD] will be ours from tomorrow forwardwe owe no one.

My sister and I were in total shock…we thanked her profusely, and we were so grateful.

Another blessing the Trinity gave us is the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and financial strength to build our house (MUD) from the dirt up IN CASH.

My sister did not want to take out any construction loans nor use our credit cards to build our house…we spent CASH to build our MUD; hence, we have no construction debt nor any credit card debt…they only debt we had was our mortgage to Wells Fargo Bank.

After my meeting with mum and sis last nigh, 5-June-2020, I went back to my home, and I immediately met with my Creator, The Trinity:

Trinity, I really don’t know the reason you’ve given me so many blessings…I really don’t feel I deserve all you’ve done for me. Notwithstanding, I thank you, again, for the blessings you gave me with my dad, my mum, and my sister. I don’t know what else to say; because, I’m overwhelmed with the good fortune you brought to me and my family. You’ve always been there for us knowingly and unknowingly, and I thank you and love You with all my heart, mind, body, and soul.

/s/ Alfonso Faustino

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