Alfonso Faustino: Why wouldn’t I believe in Him?

(NOTE: Before I begin and for the sake of simplicity, I will use the pronoun Him; I believe the Trinity not to be gender-specific in real life. So, Him and He is just easier for me to write and refer to the Trinity, whom I believe, as a Christian, to be the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Also, for the record, although I am a Catholic, I, in no way, support nor believe in the practices of Catholicism nor do I believe the teachings of Catholicism. Moreover, I do not recognize the pope, cardinals, priests, fathers, sisters, and the whole bunch of them to be representatives of the Trinity. I am an independent worshiper; I have meetings with Him anytime and anywhere, and I live each day and night of my life as if He was beside me — that’s a lot more difficult for me to do than going to church every Sunday for an hour. I also don’t believe babies are born into sin; I also don’t believe in sin, nor do I believe we are sinners.)

I don’t pray to the Trinity; instead I have meetings with Him. In my iPhone 11 Pro’s calendar, at 0735 hours, is my time-slot for which I meet with Him, and I discuss stuff with Him. One of the things I always request is I ask Him to make my wants and desires not to be my will but His will.

Also, since I don’t believe in sin; and, I believe everything in my life was intended by Him and a blessing from Him, I always ask Him to guide me to behave according to His will and righteousness under all circumstances; and, I thank Him for getting me through each experience He gave me.

After I thank Him and ask Him for his blessings, I then say, Trinity, I come to You with all of my heart, mind, body, and soul to receive your messages and directives for the day.

After I say this, I keep quiet, and I listen to Him. Sometimes, I get a specific message during that time…other times, I can’t sense anything from Him, and I end my time and go about my day.

Always, as I go through my day, He guides and directs me to the stuff He wants me to do for the day.

At night, before I retire for the evening, I simply thank Him…I don’t ask for anything…I just thank Him for the blessings He gave me, my family, my pets, and my house and home.

I’ve been meeting with Him in this manner for many years now; and, my relationship with Him has become really close.

Although I was raised Catholic, I broke away from that trillion-dollar corporation, to seek Him out and establish my own relationship with Him my own way. I never got into group worship; I am an individual worshiper. I do not support nor believe in pastors, popes, priests, bishops, fathers, sisters, nor brothers — to me, they are employees of the church, and the church is nothing more than a store and business selling God and using God as a bullet.

I don’t believe in heaven nor hell; and, I believe we are the devil, or the devil resides in us. I don’t believe the devil made me do it. Rather, I believe I did it on my own. I don’t believe in possessions nor exorcisms — that’s great film-work and horror stories; but, all bull-shit in real life.

The Book of Revelations is a pot of shit — it’s a joke; and, The Book of Revelations makes for a great horror movie stuff. I don’t even know the author…the author allegedly had a fucked up dream, and he believed his dream to be prophetic; and, his idiot audience believed in him and his fucked up dream — dumb asses! The bible experts don’t even know the author — is John the Baptist? John an apostle? Who the hell is John?

The Book Of Revelation and other stories of this nature is one of the many reasons I don’t believe the bible is the word of God; because, man wrote it; man made edits to it; and, anything that involves man is untrustworthy to me in my eyes — especially, men of religion.

I believe the bible was important in my life; because, some of the stories and lessons are timeless and applicable today. My main principle in life, which I read from the bible, from Jesus Christ is You only need to follow these two commandments (I amended Jesus’s commandments from His two to my three):

  • Love God with all your heart, mind, body, and soul (commandment 1);
  • Treat others as you would like to be treated (commandment 2); and,
  • Do not blasphemy the Holy Spirit for that is a sin that can never be forgiven. (This is commandment number three that I amended and added to Jesus’s two.)

In addition to Job, I really love the story of the Canite Woman.

I believe the bible to be written by some men that have an abundance of wisdom and some good life-advice; but, I don’t believe them to be the word of God. I believe the word of God it true when the Holy Spirit guides me to read a certain passage in the bible, or listen to a song on my iPhone 11 Pro, or read a part in a book, or listen to the advice of a buddy or mine, or stranger I met on my way to the tennis courts. The word of God is everywhere and anywhere; and His word can originate from any one, any thing, animals, children, or whatever…as long as that source moves you in His will and righteousness, then that is His word.

I believe a man name Jesus Christ walked the earth; and, I do believe He was sent by God; but, I also believe that God manifests Himself as a human to other people in other parts of the world and cultures; so, you have other “Jesus Christs” walking the earth but called different names; and, have different ways of worshiping their own versions of God and Jesus Christ.

As part of my personal growth, I read the entire bible — it took my 4-6 months; because, I read some the stories over — like Job, which is one of my favorite stories.

One of the many blessings I received from Him is my wisdom to know and understand that there is no such thing a good luck and bad luck. I learn to realize that ALL of my experiences, from my purchases of two Ferraris to SFPD arresting me for possession of a deadly weapon, are valuable and needed in my development towards the awesome person I am today and the more awesome person I will become tomorrow.

So, early in this BLOG, I mentioned that I ask Him to my wants and desires not my will but His will. This is key; because, every goal or thing I got that was not blessed by Him, was empty…in other words, I didn’t feel happy nor satisfied — it was like, eh…so what…I got it…now what? It made me chase for more stuff, and I was not happy nor fulfilled.

I quickly learned that every goal I achieved through His will was more fulfilling and gratifying — I was happy; and, I didn’t feel like I was chasing my tail.

As much as I want to be a successful film and television actor, I don’t want it unless it is His will for me.

So why wouldn’t I believe in Him?

I have many reasons and blessings that fortify my belief in Him, and the list I’m creating, below, is just a small list of the life-long blessings He gave me and my family knowingly and unknowingly:

  • Before CoVid-19 (CV-19) was officially a US threat, my mother made a trip to Taiwan to visit her childhood friends. While there, CV-19 was in full force. Here is at least two blessings we received from Him:
    • My mum, Julie Faustino, didn’t catch it; and,
    • The day my mum left Taiwan to get back to the US, the next day, Taiwan and US implemented a travel ban, which meant my mum, til this day, would have been stuck there. (One of her relatives was suppose to come back on the same flight as my mum, but he extended his stay one more week; and, now, he has been stuck there for over four months.
  • Because my mum did not get stuck in Taiwan, and she did not catch CV-19, we, of course, thanked Him; we thought those were two important blessings He gave us in and of itself…little did we know, He had a bigger and more important purpose for my mum to get back to the US to be with me and my sister; hence the next blessing, which we did not know at the time…
  • Paying off our million-dollar house mortgage at Wells Fargo Bank: My mum is an excellent portfolio manager…Fidelity and PG&E recognized my mum as one of the top money-market earners for her 401K and retirement accounts — each growing well over $2 million in ROIs. Well, if she got stuck in Taiwan, she would have loss a big chunk of change in the stock-market; because, she would not have access to her accounts and the database she uses to buy and sell her stocks, calls, and puts.
    • While the CV-19 created financial pressure in America, we didn’t have any struggling of our finances; because of my mum’s financial acumen, which is one of the biggest blessings He gave her, which became a blessing for me and my sister, on 6-June-2020, my mum took my sister and me to Wells Fargo Bank, and my mum paid off our million-dollar home mortgage in full.
(CAPTION: My mum, Julie Faustino, at Wells Fargo Bank, 6-June-2020, @ 0945 Hours PDT, paying our million-dollar mortgage in full — our house is now 100% owned by us — no more mortgage payments.)
  • Health: My mum, sister, and me are in excellent health. My mum is not on any medication, nor is my sister, nor am I. I’m gonna talk about the blessing of health He gave to me. I am in excellent shape…I am not on any medication whatsoever. Mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually I am in tact and 100% healthy on all levels. I play tennis against tennis players decades younger than me, and I have no problems keeping up…in fact, I outlast them on the tennis courts. I’m not on Viagra or any male enhancements…I’m all natural…in fact, my sexual stamina and drive ARE stronger than most men at my age and a good portion of men younger than me. When I get depressed, I deal with it naturally; I don’t take any drugs nor do I see a psychiatrist nor psychologist. I just meet with Him; I vent to Him; I ask Him to help me, and I go and work out; and, then, my depression goes away. If I get anxious before an audition or tennis match or for any reason, I ask Him to comfort me and to guide me so I can channel my anxiety into a positive force and tool. I handle all my disappointments as a learning lesson and an opportunity to use my blessing of hope to keep me fighting in the game…in this case, my acting career. I am smarter and better than I was when I was younger; hence, I have never wished to be younger…I ask Him to make me better, faster, stronger not of my will but of His will, at my present age.
  • Courage, strong will, wisdom, strong self-esteem, strong self-confidence, and strong self-awareness are major blessings for me. I don’t need anyone…I am self-sufficient, which is one of the many reasons CV-19 has little impact on me financially and emotionally. The only thing I miss is my tennis game; but, that’s not a major issue for me…I just do as I did before CV-19…my HIITs.
  • Getting arrested was another blessing. When SFPD arresting me for possession of a deadly weapon, I never made it to jail. I was held in a room with six men who are career criminals. During my time with these career criminals, I taught them percentages. They did not know the way to mathematically figure out their bail amounts; so, I spent my time teaching them about percentages. I also learned about the reasons they are in the business of crime — very interesting stories. I also learned about the look and attitude they convey while in jail or in prison, which I use for my acting. Now, I don’t want this to come off the wrong way, but I enjoyed the experience of being arrested and detained; because, I was learning about a life I never experienced but for being arrested. I kept thinking…this is kinda exciting…now, I have something to draw upon for my acting tool-box. Also, for some reason, I always wanted to get arrested…I think it’s because I’m drawn to dangerous environments…there is an adrenaline rush I get when I am in a critical or dangerous situation…I seem to be at my best. When I got arrested, sure I was scared, but there was an appealing side to that fear…I got the opportunity to experience something completely unknown and dangerous…it is almost the same feeling I got when I use to go on mountain hikes…on my hikes, there was always a cave; and, I always wanted to venture into a cave…what’s in there? I gotta know. To be clear, I don’t wanna ever get arrested again; but, to me that’s another blessing of getting arrested…I don’t wanna go through it again; so, that experience satisfied my curiosity without any bad repercussions to me, which is another blessing. I am financially is a better than good place; and, I have attorneys that represent me and my family at all levels…especially, since I carry a side-arm, I always have access to my defense attorney. I got released after several hours cuz my mum and sis paid my bail — $1,500. I went back home and slept after I told them about my experiences; the next morning, I woke up to play tennis and grab lunch with the boyz. I told them about getting arrested, and we all laughed about it; they made stupid remarks like, hey, can you do the jail-house rock? While playing tennis and during my lunch, my awesome attorney handled everything with the SF District Attorney’s office; by the time I got home from playing tennis, everything was taken care of…felony charge dropped to a low level misdemeanor, then the misdemeanor was discharged, and no conviction. All this happened without my knowing it; cuz, I was out playing tennis and having lunch with the boyz. When I got back home in the late afternoon, my attorney called to tell me — all taken care of…SF DA is asking us if you would agree to pay a $200 fine and go to Neighborhood Court for a four-week class. I unequivocally said, Sure — what’s fair is fair — I broke the law; so, I don’t mind paying a fine nor going to the four-week class. My arrest also made me smarter person; I know not to get caught next time; and, prior to my arrest, I was a volunteer at the sheriff’s office. After my arrest, I’m still a volunteer at the sheriff’s office, which explicitly shows and further corroborates that my arrest did not have a negative impact on me nor changed my image of law enforcement…I’m still part of the law enforcement organization as volunteer.
  • Blessings of my mum and sister. I really don’t need anyone outside of my mum, sister, and Him. (My father is dead, so that’s the reason I don’t include him when I list my family.). Whenever any of us has a problem, my mum and sister come together as a family to work things out to a solution. I don’t need a psychiatrist nor psychologist — my mum and dad taught me to work things out on my own; and, now, I just need the Trinity for guidance, motivation, and inspiration.
  • Building a brand new home in one of San Francisco’s exclusive neighborhoods. This is seldom done simply because people don’t have the finances, the construction resources, the political connections, the legal support, and the emotional and physical strength to take on this task…add the strict restrictions and high barriers of entry due to San Francisco being San Francisco, and add the fact that we did this in one of San Francisco’s most exclusive neighborhoods, this task become a Mission Impossible assignment that needs Ethan Hawke. Through His blessings of our financial well-being and competence, we did not need a construction loan nor credit cards…we paid for the architectural designs, engineering designs, building and construction fees, and construction of our new house in cash…over $X.1 million. We owe no one…my father would be proud — he paid everything in cash — the only card he had, that he never used, was a Sears and Roebuck store credit card. Take all of this, and add 200 protestors meeting me, my mum, my sister, and my architect in San Francisco’s City Hall, and the temperature and pressure just increased 1,000 times. My family called upon Him to guide us, and we kicked ass — not a single hitch or missed step in our processes…the building commissioners told those stupid protestors, this building is going up whether you like it or not — we had enough of your protesting. The construction went as smooth as silk…we slept in our Family House in Twin Peaks like little puppies in a basket lined with the softest blankest while our awesome contractor, P.J. Haggerty managed the building of our brand new house in San Francisco.
  • I nearly died last year, 2019, at the American River. I remember, as the river was pushing me down, I stopped struggling and said to myself, Trinity, I’m ready to leave and die; I look forward to meeting you. I allowed myself to sink and felt the cold water flow over my face and nostrils. After I said this and surrendered myself to the river, I felt the lower water column push me up; my head broke the surface of the water, and my eyes focused on a small thin white tree or bush root, then I heard myself yell to myself, grab it! I grabbed it, and it slowed me down enough to put my left fingers into the crack of the canyon wall. From that secured point, I pulled myself out of the rushing river. After I climbed the side of the canyon wall — a vertical climb of about 15 feet, I came to an small ledge, and I said, Okay, so it’s not my time to die…guide my next steps to safety. After four hours or so, just before night-fall, which my sidearm in my left hand, I made it out of the mountains and out into the freeway. I secured my side-arm into my back-pack. I was five miles west of Nevada…I used my Motorola XPR 7550e transceiver and got help. CHP arrived and drove me to my ex-girlfriend’s car — 20 miles west from the Nevada and California border. I ended up rescuing her and her friends from being stranded in the mountain. I felt His presence all through my ordeal — He guided me out of the mountains; it was my first time there, and I did not know the terrain. I lost my map when I fell into the river; so, I was just moving in a direction that I felt He was telling me to go.

So you see, through this short list of experiences and other experiences throughout my life, I have no reason, whatsoever, not to believe in Him. I never believed in coincidences, and I don’t believe in good luck nor bad luck. I believe in life experiences, and I believe He guides me through all my experiences.

Unequivocally, I believe in Him; and, that’s all I have to say about that!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino

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