Alfonso Faustino: Motorola APX 8000H Submersible

It’s official! Motorola factory is putting my brand new Motorola APX 8000 together. I closed the deal today, 28-May-2020. I decided not to got with the H on advice of counsel; because, the H is for extreme conditions; and, the Motorola APX 8000, without the H, is already more than extreme enough. Unless, I’m going on a military mission in the dessert, under fire, in fire, or hiding in the shallows of the ocean, river, or lake for two hours or more, the Motorola APX 8000 is more than plenty for my volunteer work with the US Coast Guard and the sheriff’s office.

My Motorola APX 8000 will arrive at the end of June 2020. The Motorola factory is putting it together and getting my options into the flash-code — it is very similar to purchasing my two Ferraris, except my two Ferraris were hand-made.

I ordered the green casing, which is one of the reasons it gets delayed; but, the major reason is that Firefighters, EMS, and other first responders get priority over me; so, I fall in the four-week timeframe. That’s fine…I can wait; I waited this long; so, if I live another four weeks, I will get it; and, if I live once I get it my hands, I can experience this marvelous transceiver.

By way go background, I never take for granted that I will make it through the day or wake up the next morning. I hope I will; but, I never think that it is a guarantee.

Once I get it, I will update this BLOG with my experiences and thoughts about my Motorola APX 8000.

On 16-May-2020, I finally found the Motorola APX 7000 UHF R1 and VHF transceiver; and, as a result, I am officially off the transceiver market.

I will post pictures of my new Motorola APX 7000 UHF R1 and VHF transceiver, soon.

22-May-2020: Well, I ended up backing out of closing the deal with the person selling the Motorola APX 7000; because, he failed to provide me with the service documents for his transceiver.

Now, I’m working the my Motorola Distributor for a brand new Motorola APX 8000H Submersible. This is the apex-predator transceiver I always wanted. Stay tuned for updates and pictures. I prefer submersible transceiver; because, of my life-style: SCUBA diving, my SAR and SAF missions, and my USCG-AUX activities.

(CAPTION: Motorola APX 8000XEH Submersible)

I will be getting the green case Motorola APX 8000XEH Submersible, as shown in the picture, supra. It will have trunking and Federal FPP as additional options. I’m excited to get this transceiver into my collection.

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