Alfonso Faustino: Flex Tax and Consulting Group

My father told me, “son, when you start accumulating your wealth, you need four types of resources in your life:

– doctor,

– lawyer,

– CPA, and an

– automobile technician.”

I have all four of these resources; and, in this review, I want to write about CPA firm that my family and I use: Flex Tax and Consulting Group.

Flex Tax and Consulting Group handled our 2019 Federal and California Tax Returns.

Flex Tax and Consulting Group:

– answers emails and return telephone calls within 30 minutes — though in my experiences, within five minutes,

– provides consultation meetings in person or virtual mediums (e.g., emails, cloud, tele-conferences) 

– answers questions within one call or email,

– provides services in an accurate, efficient, and expedient manner,

– has great communication skills by speaking in terms that are easy to understand, and

– provides excellent tax services at reasonable prices.-

The team at Flex Tax and Consulting, Alex, Jimmy, Joe, Sam, are experts in their fields, and have extensive knowledge in tax law and tax regulations.

Flex Tax and Consulting Group is an invaluable asset to me and my family; because, we have a very complex financial portfolio, and Flex Tax and Consulting Group has the expertise that helped us in providing the best financial avenues to maximize our deductions and minimize our tax liabilities — this is tough stuff; because, the tax laws are constantly changing for my family’s tax bracket.

As an actor, the tax deductions can be tricky; because, there are specific guidelines that are given to actors for deductions, such as, but not limited to: SAG-AFTRA Dues and mileage, and other expenses that may or may not apply during my hunt for work in Hollywood.

I’m also an active volunteer with the Alameda County Sheriff’s Office, SFFD, and the US Coast Guard; and, Flex Tax and Consulting Group successfully guided me in all the stuff that I can deduct as a volunteer with the aforementioned agencies while minimizing my tax liabilities.

Although based in San Francisco, Flex Tax and Consulting Group serves clients throughout the U.S. and globally.  My family and I really dig the fact that they do a lot of their work in the cloud.  No need to meet in person nor snail-mail hard-copy documents — they create a file cabinet in the cloud, and my family and I download and upload documents to them.

If the cloud isn’t the way you like to work and prefer meeting in person, Flex Tax and Consulting Group will accommodate personal meetings, too in their loft New York-style office.

If you need simple to complex and sophisticated tax preparations and financial planning advice, please drop Flex Tax and Consulting Group an email or ring them and schedule an appointment to meet with them.  You won’t regret it.

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/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)