Alfonso Faustino: Motorola APX 8000HXE

My goal, ever since I moved from amateur transceivers to Motorola, was to get a brand new APX 8000; and, I met this goal. I took possession and custody of a brand new Motorola APX 8000HXE.

Here is a video clip, below, that describes my Motorola APX 8000HXE — enjoy!

Yup…I exceeded my goal; because, my initial goal was to take possession and custody of a Motorola APX 8000 — instead, I took possession and custody of the Motorola Flag-ship: the rare, brand new, elusive, hard-to-get Motorola APX 8000HXE — directly from the Motorola Factory — another huge win in my journey towards effectuating my goal.

Now, I realize having the Motorola APX 8000HXE doesn’t mean shit to a lot of people; and, it sure as hell doesn’t mean shit to the majority of the HAM population; but, remember this…I didn’t set this goal to achieve it for you or anyone else…I achieved this goal for myself. Those that matter to me, even though they might not know about the Motorola APX 8000HXE, are happy for me; because, they know I’m about achieving my goals.

(This is for the dude I met in person at an LA HAM event that made a racist hate comment at me because of my Motorola APX 8000HXE.

Take pride in that you’re the first hater I’m acknowledging in my BLOG.

Normally, I ignore haters; but, you have a face a voice, and a body that are so repulsive I HAD to verbally crush you in public to your face.

I am manifesting all the stuff I said to you in person in this BLOG, so you will remember the primal and visceral disdain I have for the way you look and the way you talk, which is the ONLY reason I addressed your racist hate comment in public — you’re physically repulsive; and, I want you to remember the embarrassment you felt when I verbally crushed you; and, people at the event applauded me for crushing you — I really don’t care if people are for me or against me — but, it was nice that the public applauded me for verbally crushing you that afternoon:

Chinaman and rich Chink? That’s all you can say about me? Really? That’s your best insult you have for me? You’re not only a racist but you’re a boring dumb one.

Know this about me, your opinions and thoughts about me don’t matter — you’re not relevant to me at any level: financial, social, spiritual, intellectual, or at any level of my life.

My ego, pride, self-esteem are so big and strong that I’m impervious to your feeble thoughts and opinions of me — I only see the stuff I want to do and need to do get to my goals. My father conditioned me this way at a very young age.

Your apartment is the size of my guest bathroom — the interest I receive from my principal is more money than you make in a year — yup, I’m a rich chink chinaman — better than being you!

You don’t have what it takes to deter me from getting to my goals — what’s worse?…You don’t have what it takes to get to your own goals, and that makes me laugh at you, and I look down on you.

(By the way, I hope you changed your t-shirt from when we last met — having your canned spaghetti dinner on your t-shirt just ain’t happening.))

When I’m talking about my goals, I ain’t JUST talking about setting a financial goal — while that’s an essential part of obtaining certain goals, like this one, it isn’t the end-all moment; and, the financial aspect of getting to my goal is not an issue — if I want something, I buy it — regardless of price. The financial aspect of getting to my goal is the easy part of my goal-process; because, I have direct control over my finances, and, like you, I have a financial formula that works for me towards making arrangements to purchase something…so, I view making money is the easier part of my goal-acquisition-process.

The other important element of my goal-processes is networking to create influence. Having money to purchase things that I want is easy, but being influential to get the things I want that are not available to the general public is equally valuable to me; and, I invest a lot of time and dinners to be socially influential to have access to influential people that can get me the things I want and do the things I wanna do that ain’t available to the general population nor to other wealthy people. You can have lots of money, but that doesn’t mean you can buy the things that I can buy nor do the things I can do but for my network of connections.

I approached my acquisition of my Motorola APX 8000HXE using this same approach. What’s my target? Whom do I need to know to get me to my target? What are the financial preparations I need to do to get me to my target? It’s no different than getting my goals of purchasing my two Ferraris.

So, I did just that…I sifted through all the wanna-be Motorola posers and bull-shitters. I hooked up with reputable Motorola people in the industry, and I learned about the processes of getting a brand new Motorola APX transceiver from the Motorola Factory.

When I finally met someone that could help me get to my goal at Motorola, I had money in hand to complete the transaction.

In my journey of getting my Motorola APX 8000HXE, I met a lot of great Motorola people that are fanatics like me…don’t get me wrong…there a tons of Motorola transceiver fanatics out there, but I only surround myself with the REAL influencers in the Motorola industry — I ain’t hanging out in forums nor with other Motorola fanatics, fans, nor groupies!

I AM HANGING OUT WITH REAL MOTOROLA PEOPLE THAT ARE SMARTER THAN ME AND MORE EXPERIENCED THAN ME — they are either employees of Motorola, high-end distributors for Motorola, or critical-mission Motorola operators, such as, but not limited to, Tom Naso of CARLA (my mentor who got me into Motorolas), LEOs, military, and fire personnel.

I always surround myself with people that are smarter than me and have more experiences than me, regardless of age — they can be younger or older than me — I don’t care — my goal is to always learn and be better myself in all areas of my life.

I’m ecstatic I met my goal in this part of my life’s journey.

The following is some pictures and video clips of my awesome Motorola APX 8000HXE.

Check out my follow-up BLOG: Motorola APX 8000HXE: Two Years Of Ownership.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino

9-January-2021: Thanks, Matt, for honoring me into your organization…the stickers of my call-sign and my ID number is known only by other operators in the organization.

I was initially set to get a brand new Motorola APX 8000; but, For A Few Dollars More, I purchased the Motorola APX 8000HXE.

It’s call-sign is, The Hulk.

I took the Hulk SCUBA diving with me in the Pacific! It got splashed and sunk in salt water — not a problem!

Top screen makes my life easier when in my SGT Fire Harness.

I only use real P25 networks that uses only Motorola equipment — none of that hot-spot P25 stuff.

Enjoying a conversation on CARLA’s System 16 on my pent-house deck.

(CAPTION: My trustworthy Motorola XPR 7550e receiving a TX from my Motorola APX 8000HXE at a construction site with nose-cancellation feature on.)

Hulk positioned at the Northern part of my penthouse.

Power sources for the Hulk is always priority for me.

I do my own code-plugs.

(CAPTION: Motorola APX 8000HXE on CARLA System 7: San Jose (
(CAPTION: My Motorola transceiver collection — not shown are my Motorola Radius CP200 (VHF and Motorola Radius CP200 UHF — my mum has the UHF for part of her emergency auxiliary communications; and, the VHF is in its box after acquiring the Motorola XPR 7550 VHF.)


  1. Rick Hillstead says:

    Wow, great write-up. I have only been able to afford a new APX4000 so far in my quest to work my way up to an APX8000. I wish there were more Motorola HAMS here in North Georgia. It would be great to have help from others to complete a comprehensive codeplug loaded with functional repeaters, ARES, Public Service, and other useful frequencies.
    Well Done!
    Rick (N4RAH)

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    1. Hi, Rick! Don’t short-change your accomplishment — the APX 4000 is an excellent transceiver and part of the APX family. I really like that one — it does everything right!

      If you need my code-plug, let me know; I will be more than happy to pass it your way.

      Thank you for you kind comment!

      Welcome to the APX family!

      /s/ Alfonso Faustino

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  2. Rick Hillstead says:

    Thanks Alfonso!
    I have the two knob version APX4000 in VHF and a single knob APX2000 in UHF1. I wanted to give each model a fair evaluation. I have to admit, I prefer the two knob model. Especially if you are wearing gloves.
    One of my firefighter ham friends just got an APX7000 with VHF and UHF1 bands. He has just started the fun adventure of learning to navigate the APX CPS!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes, I like the 2-knob version — much easier to navigate. The APX 7000 was my first choice. I would rather have that model cuz I don’t use the two other bands. That’s so great to have you in the APX family. Check out the PAPA net — reflector 31077: Tuesday nights at 1900 hours PDT/PST

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Rick Hillstead (Mobile) says:

        Alfonso,Hello again! Well we finally got power back last night after the remnants of Hurricane Zeta went directly over us. We lost several big trees, fortunately none fell on our house. Glad my generator was able to sustain critical functions for three days and able to provide some power for lights for a neighbor as well.I have been working with my firefighter friend who just bought the APX7000. I am impressed with that radio enough to take the plunge and buy one myself. The dual band capability pushed me over the edge!I would like to take you up on your offer to share your APX codeplug. I think that will shorten our leaning curve by providing a template to populate with local frequencies. We have been playing around with P25 for years as well using EF Johnson radios.I have several versions of the CPS including 21.40.00 and 20.00.04.By the way, my daughter, Shanti Hall, is a 25 year veteran firefighter and the Logistics Chief at Miami-Dade Fire Rescue. Several years ago, she played a small role in the Reno 911 Miami movie. She was credited as the “Hot Paramedic” in the film credits. She was a Lt. at the time. Both my daughters and I are big supporters of the Sundance Film Festival. Heres a link to one of our “spoof mockumentary” websites: 73,RickN4RAH

        Rick Hillstead 770-241-6100  Sent via an alledgedly smartphone…

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      2. Hey, I’ve seen Shanti! That’s amazing — congratulations on her making Lt. and her film credits. Both are amazing accomplishments. I’m glad to read she supports Sundance.

        Another congratulations— to you picking up the APX 7000! I’m really happy for you — you will really like it — and, it’s really nice not having to carry two different transceivers around. I will have to check out the CPS version I’m using to make certain our CPSes are compatible. I will do that this evening, as I will be working on auditions at home right now. I really happy for you.

        I bet Shanti has used that transceiver as a firefighter. Thanks for your post, and I will get back to you on the CPS this evening, 31-October-2020.

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