Alfonso Faustino: INRICO T320: Mobile Phone AND Network Radio

My good friend and fellow HAM Operator, Ben, he gave me a gift — the INRICO T320 Network Radio integrated with a mobile phone.  I absolutely dig this transceiver/phone.

Some HAM operators don’t wanna use RF transceivers anymore, or they want a break from their RF transceiver activities; so, in comes the INRICO T320.  It is an Android 7 based OS platform which provide cellular and Wi-Fi connections.  It’s a mobile phone, BUT you can also use network radio applications for HAM and non HAM communications all over the world — for free.

In addition, with certain network radio applications, such as, but not limited to Zello, you don’t need your HAM license, which means you can talk to anyone in the world without restrictions in a HAM network environment — meaning multiple operators in one location ready for a conversation.

I’m gonna restrict the scope of this discussion to the Zello network radio application installed into the INRICO T320 Android OS platform as they pertain to my use as a HAM Operator and non HAM Operator.

You can use Zello on your regular smart-phone if you like; however, if you like the walkie-talkie feel of using your Zello network radio application, the INRICO T320 gives you that look and feel; because, it has a PTT button on the side.  The Push-To-Talk (PTT) button makes is so much more convenient, in an ergonomic manner, to talk with other Zello users.

At times, I am unable to reach my team’s repeater, W6SVY, and my team, with the exception of two operators, don’t use DMR, so unless I can reach that repeater, I am unable to communicate with them on a social level whenever I am out and about.

So, I created a private channel for us. With this private channel, I approved my HAM team, and we can privately communicate with each other anywhere in the world.  If we want to invite other operators to our channel, we approve them, and they can join our group to communicate.  If someone misbehaves, we can kick them out of our channel or mute them.

For family use, I created a channel for my mum and sister.  We can communicate wherever we are.  When my mother is traveling around the world, my sis and I can easily reach her via Zello.

I find this much faster than having to type a text message to my mum and sis and having to wait for their text reply.

As a HAM operator, I can use Zello and talk to other operators all over the world via the different channels that are open to the public.

The Zello application along with the INRICO T320 is a great alternative for HAM operators to talk with other operators without the use of their RF transceivers.

Oh, and I can also make a mobile call just like my iPhone X.

This is a wonderful advancement in HAM and non HAM communications — a nice blend of HAM Operators and Non HAM Operators.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)