Alfonso Faustino: Audition Coach: Dana Salah

Since November 2018, my agent and manager have been frequently sending me out to auditions for film and television in Los Angeles.

In order for me to prepare for my auditions, I hired Dana Salah of, as my audition coach.  She is awesome.

I decided to work with Dana for the following reasons:

– veteran working actress of 13 years in Los Angeles
– television and film credits
– professional business person
– skilled, experienced, and strong understanding of the elements of a successful audition
– coached existing working actors in film and television
– understanding the break-down process of a scene
– strong analyzing skills of scripts and scenes for the audition
– strong directing skills to get the actor to perform the scene for the audition

Scene Analysis:
During my coaching sessions with Dana, she immediately locked in to the heart of the scene.  We discussed, in depth, all that is going on with my character at the particular moments in time and started to trim the fat to get to a real-life person of the scene.

After I bring my character to life, Dana critiques me.  In her critiques, she pushes me to create a more compelling character that people want to watch. Through my character, Dana pushes me to tell a real story in order to get the attention of the casting director.

No Acting:
Dana is very adamant about making certain I don’t act in my auditions — “I can see you acting in this moment — we need to fix that moment.”

No Safe nor Comfort Zones:
Dana works very hard to get me out of my head in order to bring out the raw primal emotions into my characters — she pushes my characters out of the safe and comfort zones and onto edges of the envelope that conveys a compelling and real-life person telling a real-life experience of a moment in his life.

Methods and Exercises:
Dana has methods and exercises that helps bring out the real emotions of my character for my audition, and these exercises and audition methods have drastically improved my auditions performances.

On-camera Direction For Self-submissions:
Dana also provides video recording services for self-tape submissions.  I always video recorded myself.  My recent audition called for a self-submission; and, after Dana and I worked on my character, it was time to record it.

She set up eye-points and had me do some exercises to put me in the zone.  The eye-points were something I had not done in my past self-submission; and, they sure made a difference in providing a real compelling character in my video.

The acting business in Los Angeles is a tough landscape — it’s competitive, and all serious actors that can support themselves with their work as actors are always looking to stay sharp and competitive; and, they are constantly looking for people and tools to keep them at their best.

I want to be able to financially support myself with my acting gigs; and, Dana is now part of my team of solid people that can help me get to my objectives and goals as an actor.

If you’re looking for an audition/acting coach, send Dana an email and have a discussion with her.  The first step to getting a gig is the audition; and, if you’re a skilled and talented actor, but you don’t audition well, you will most likely not book the gig.

Break-a-leg and Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino