Alfonso Faustino: G1098 (NATO) Watch Straps

G1098 (hereinafter, NATO) straps have been around for a long time.  You can search the NATO strap history on the internet and learn about them.  I recently found out about these cool, fun, sporty, tactical, and sophisticated watch straps several weeks ago.

One night, while being up late due to a bout of insomnia, I was surfing the internet, and I stumbled upon Sean Connery’s James Bond. It was a picture of him in the film called, Goldfinger.  The picture showed him looking at his Rolex Submariner for the time.  As I looked at the picture, I noticed his Rolex didn’t have the typical OEM Oyster or Jubilee bracelet.  The strap looked like some kind of textile material, nylon, canvas, or cotton weave, and the striped colors reminded me of the California Garter Snake.

Through further surfing of the internet, I learned about the  strap, and it was called the G1098 NATO nylon strap, created by the British Military.  My surfing brought me to Daniel Craig’s James Bond, which showed him wearing his Omega Sea Master fitted to a black and grey striped NATO strap, in Spectre.

This immensely captured my interest; hence, I learned about the brands that made the G1098 NATO watch straps; and, I made the purchases of these straps for my own little watch collection.

One of the features I dig about these NATA straps is their durability. They have to survive the James Bond extreme lifestyle while not sacrificing style and class while drinking his martini, shaken not stirred, in a white dinner jacket or his tailor-cut suit.

I liken these NATO straps as accessories for my little watch collection. I can switch the straps out based upon my mood…kinda like the way a chick selects her panties for the day or night — based upon her mood and function: bikini-cut, French-cut, hipsters, thongs, spanks, boy-cut, g-strings, control briefs, monthly panties, and so on.


I really dig that these NATO straps brighten up my watches with fun and sporty colors and patterns without sacrificing durability for my own mini wanna-be James Bond adventures.  I can wear these straps with my Diesel jeans or with my classic black tuxedo.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)