Alfonso Faustino: David Lee’s Tacorea in San Francisco

David Lee’s Tacorea is my favorite spot for burritos and tacos.

My good acquaintance, Brett Bazzini, introduced me to David Lee and his restaurant called, Tacorea, which is an awesome spot for Mexican food with a Korean flare. I dig the clever marketing play on the name — very catchy.  Tacorea is located at 809 Bush Street, San Francisco, California.

It is a family owned business, and David, his mum, and dad all work at Tacorea cooking, preparing, and serving their long line of customers, Monday through Saturday.  Occasionally, you will see David’s good buddy, Brett managing the cashier station, when Jay, the general manager, is working the food line or serving the customers.

As you can see, the menu is specific and manageable:  they serve eight dishes.

My favorites are: California Burrito that has tater-tots as part of the mix.  Next, I really dig the soft-shelled tacos with Mama Lee’s Spicy Pork.

I’ve tried everything on the menu, but the California Burrito and the Mama Lee’s Spicy Pork Tacos are my favorite dishes.

So, if you wanna try a unique style of Mexican food, give Tacorea a try.  Don’t let the long line intimidate you — it’s worth the wait!