Alfonso Faustino: San Francisco’s Original Joe’s

I enjoy many restaurants in San Francisco; and, on my list of favorite restaurants, is Original Joe’s.  I frequent this restaurant A LOT; and, I decided to take my mum and sister to Original Joe’s for lunch.

Every Wednesday, Original Joe’s serves a lunch special, which sports my favorite dish…braised oxtails with steamed veggies and mash potatoes — my favorite lunch dish!

The meat is so tender it falls right off the bone.  The bone marrow oozes out of the tips of the tails and adds that perfect texture and taste to the already flavorful gravy.  The mash potatoes is nicely flavored with just the right amount of butter and cream.  This dish, like all the dishes at Original Joe’s, will fill you up; and, most of the time, unless you starve yourself for the entire day, you end up bringing home a doggie-bag.

I’ve eaten everything on the menu; and, I enjoy all the dishes — my regular dishes are the lasagna, chicken parmigiana (without cheese), and the prime rib. For my sides, with the exception of the lasagna, I order their house raviolis — they are truly splendid.

Their brunch menu is also awesome — I enjoy their corn beef hash with potatoes and four eggs sunny-side up and a side of bacon — the bacon are nice crispy thick slices.  I think the dish comes with two eggs; but, I prefer four eggs.

The food at Original Joe’s is high quality, big portions, and reasonable prices, which all appeal to me.

On Fridays, Original Joe’s serves up their BBQ pork ribs for their lunch special.  This is my second favorite lunch dish — the first being their Wednesday lunch special, braised oxtails, which I mentioned earlier in this BLOG. The meat is so tender and falls right off the bone — perfect for knife-n-forkin’ it.  They serve up a healthy portion of ribs sautéed in a nicely balance and zesty BBQ sauce. The sides are cole slaw and french fries; but, you can change up the sides to whatever you like.

While the food is important to me, the customer service is just as important to me, as well.

The entire team, from the restaurant owners, Mr. Dugan (Sr.) and Mr. Dugan (Jr.) to the servers, treat me very well.  Nancy and the other hosts and hostess all welcome me by name and a great big smile and hugs.  They know I love the counter seats and do their best to seat me there when available.

Why do I like the counter?

Well…because, “Legends dine at the counter.”  If you go there, you will understand my statement.

The counter seat is the location of all the action.  I enjoy watching the cooks and chefs do their well orchestrated food management of cooking and plating dishes — I love feeling the heat from the stoves and ovens and seeing the controlled flames adding a little crispy crust to all those wonderful dishes!

If you want great Italian-style home-cooking with large quantity, high quality, and reasonable prices all coupled with great and friendly service, hit Original Joe’s in San Francisco or at their new location, Original Joe’s Of Westlake — you won’t be disappointed!