Alfonso Faustino: My Crypt In Beverly Hills, CA

This is the crypt I keep in Beverly Hills, California. I also keep a crypt in New York’s Manhattan. Prior to the pandemic, I dwelled in my crypt in Beverly Hills, CA, for most the year due to my career pursuits, as a television and film actor.

During the US Open Tennis Tournaments, I am in my crypt in Manhattan, New York, New York.

I rent both crypts — I do not own them…eventually, after I book a major gig, I will put that paycheck towards the purchase of my own place in Beverly Hills, CA.

Other places I’m interested in purchasing are in New York, New York’s Manhattan area, and Bologna, Italy. For now, I rent in these two locations.

Today, I’m back in my crypt in Beverly Hills, CA . I will be here for the remainder of the year…then, I will be back to San Francisco, CA for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Yes, the zip code is the cliché 90210 for those of you aware of that television series…you know…the one about the black talking Pontiac Trans Am named KITT and lives in Beverly Hills, CA and goes to high school with other talking cars like Christine, Bumblebee, Herbie, Chitty-Bang-Bang, and others. They talk about stuff that all teenagers talk about: best oils to use, RainX, best coating to protect the paint under harsh elements, and so on.

Ha! I was just razzin’ you…but, seriously, 90210 is the zipper for my Beverly Hills crypt, and there was a television series about kids in the 90210 zipper, but I never watched it; cuz, television series like that never interested me.

Nataya, is the owner of this beautiful Beverly Hills mansion. She is from Russia, and like my father, mum, sister, and I, we come from a very same background: strong family values and work like hell to pursue and achieve your dreams! Like I, Nataya knows the way to effectuate her dreams and goals! She inspires me, as an actor, to pursue my dreams and not give up! She reminds me so much of my dad and mum.

This weekend she is in her newly-purchased crypt in Malibu, CA — the “hood” as I like to make fun with her. She just purchased it, and this weekend she’s over there going over the plans to remodel it. She mentioned that property will also be available to me.

The experience to my Beverly Hills crypt starts with the drive up. The moment your vehicle enters Beverly Hills proper, you are shielded from the rest of the LA scene. The streets are clean and safe, and the streetlights resemble the streetlights on Disneyland’s Main Street. The sidewalks are perfectly maintained — no cracks, gum, nor other debris.

An architectural variety of stunning mansions, traditional, colonial, and modern high-tech Tony Stark mansions, decorate the Beverly Hills mountain and the streets leading up to my crypt. In every way, the scene is similar to Disneyland — sterile, no litter, no homeless people, safe, manicured lawns, and hedges.

The demarcation between the rest of LA and Beverly Hills is noticeable; and, once you enter Beverly Hills, you get that same sensation as you enter Disneyland…amazement and visual stimulation of a beautiful city — of course, not as grand and as powerful like Disneyland, but the sensations are similar.

As your five-minute drive up from Santa Monica Boulevard to my Beverly Hills crypt ends, you’re greeted by one of my favorite-looking entry ways…the front door. I dig the Mediterranean look with the California fusion of palm trees.

It’s been a while since I had stayed here…almost two years since I left FOR San Francisco due to the pandemic; but, I felt at home. Nataya had been doing some remodeling; so, my new amenities were a pleasant surprise.

Tomorrow morning I will read my script in the front garden; I will enjoy the t-shirt and shorts weather; I will have many great conversations with the Trinity asking Him to keep me positive with my acting career objectives and goals; and, I will have a pitcher of iced tea to hydrate and refresh me under the California sun.

Prior to the pandemic, I would go to The Beverly Hills Hotel to read my script and memorize my lines at poolside.

This is the pathway to my studio from the main house; and, this is my studio’s front door entrance from the main house.

Nataya put in a little garden for me in front of my studio.

Major updates to my studio…

master bedroom — ha…it’s the only bedroom, so I guess it ain’t a master bedroom — I’m so use to my crypt in San Francisco, which has seven bedrooms in total…

a new walk-in closet; though, I don’t keep a lot of clothes here; because, I’m not down here to socialize nor party…this studio is strictly a place for me to sleep, eat, meet my audition coach, and memorize my lines for my auditions, and poop — that’s it — I am laser-focused with my mission — book gigs!

I’m not here to make friends nor to be seen at the newest and hottest spots in SoCal — I am here to to achieve my acting objectives and goals — that is it! I’m am laser-focused when I’m in SoCal — auditions, eat, sleep, and poop…and repeat…I don’t hang out with other actors nor my acting classmates…my focus is to book my auditions…that’s it…

this is my FAVORITE update Nataya did for me…a brand new bathroom with a BRAND NEW BATH TUB!!!

I love baths; and, now, I can have one and many during my residence here.

After my Disneyland experience with Marta, I was pleasantly rewarded with a warm bubble-bath…I love bubble baths.

I thanked the Trinity for my blessed life and my day at Disneyland with Victoria, as I soaked in the tub, and I transitioned to a pre-REM.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino