Alfonso Faustino: Richard Pon, CPA & CFP

Richard handled our 2018 Tax filings in a professional and accurate manner.  We were very happy with his professional tax services.

Richard represented clients at top CPA firms including BPM (the largest SF based CPA firm) In addition, he managed the worldwide taxes for Morrison & Foerster LLP (one of the world’s Top 30 law firms).

He provides tax and financial advice to individuals, businesses, and nonprofit organizations. He served individuals ranging from Fortune 500 CEOs, self-employed individuals, and retirees. He represented start-ups, family businesses, as well as publicly traded companies. His nonprofit experience includes charities, schools, trade associations, and private foundations.

Although based in San Francisco, he serves clients throughout the U.S. and globally.  He does a lot of his work in the cloud; however, If the cloud isn’t the way you like to work and prefer meeting Richard in person, he will accommodate personal meetings, too.

One of the important features we like about Richard, in addition to his education, experiences, and extensive training, is his expedient reply to emails and phone messages. He responds within 30 minutes and can answer a question in one response.

For the latest tax and finance tips, visit

Oh, if you’re into comic books, ask him his advice for a cool comic book series recommendation…mine would be The Walking Dead.

Drop Richard an email or ring him and schedule an appointment to meet with him.


Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)

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