Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF): Maxpedition Falcon III


I dig bags — I have so many of them — yeah, it’s a fetish of mine, and I’ve put them all to the test — from EDC to bug-out survival bags, I’ve deployed them on land, sea, and air excursions.

Based upon my experiences thus far, I must say, unequivocally, the Maxpedition Falcon III is the best bag I own at this time.



It has great weight distribution; and, that’s an important thing when I am loading up 10-20% of my weight on my back.

My survival training instructor and courses recommend a maximum load of 20% of my weight, which is no more than 30 pounds.

My load never hits 30 pounds — for a full excursion, I can get by with ~23.8 pounds of survival gear, which includes my sidearm and two loaded magazine.

With that much weight and hiking around for an 8-hour day, it is extremely important my bag can distribute 23.8 pounds in an effective manner, and the Maxpedition Falcon III does that very well via padding, strap adjustments, and strategically placed compression straps.


An additional factor in the Maxpedition Falcon III’s weight distribution is the MOLLE webbing throughout the bag. The MOLLE webbing allows for strategic placement of module packs along the bag to lighten the load off my back.

Finally, the Maxpedition Falcon III has good -sized compartments with internal sleeves in the main compartment to store water bladder or other items. I don’t use a water bladder, so that compartment is for me to store snacks to get me through the day and night in the event that I’m unsuccessful in my quest for food from the land on which I’m training.

The compartments allow me to distribute my survival items throughout the bag; so, I don’t feel like I’m carrying a potato sack with two shoulder straps on my back.


I use the middle compartment for my clothing that needs to be wrinkle-free, such as my dress-shirts.

So, for me, it is an excellent bug-out bag; BUT, it is also a good weekend and EDC bag.

I travel to Beverly Hills, CA every weekend, and my Maxpedition Falcon III collapses to a carry-on-size bag.

I don’t believe in checking in bags on my domestic and international flights — I always carry my bag with me for every flight.


If you’re looking for a comfortable, strong, durable, functional back-pack, consider the Maxpedition Falcon III.

Check 6!

/s/ Alfonso Faustino (K6ASF)