Alfonso Faustino: Couples Therapist: Jessica Harvey, MFT

I have never been to a therapist as an individual; because, thanks for my father, he gave me the mental tools to figure stuff on my own; and, he gave my strong self-esteem and strong PMA (Positive Mental Attitude); hence, as a result of my father and the Trinity, I am proud to claim as my badge of honor, I NEVER, as and INDIVIDUAL, felt the need nor want to have therapists (psychologist and psychiatrists) in my life.

Personally, I walk the same side as Tom Cruise in that I don’t believe in mental illness when pertaining to depression, stress, anxiety, and so on.

Like my father and Tom Cruise, I don’t believe in drugs for depression, stress, anxiety, and so on; and, I never took any drugs to this day.

The only drugs I take is for my hayfever: Wal-act.

Well, for the past two years, I’ve been dating a wonderful person that I really dig — her name is Melanie.

She believes in therapy — psychologists and psychiatrists; and, her belief in those people had been a sore spot with us. She always pushed for us to go to see a couples therapist, and I adamantly resisted.

After 18 months of Melanie pushing us to see a couples therapist, I acquiesced — look up the definition of acquiesced.  If I did not acquiesce, Melanie mentioned she was going to break up with me; because, we are having problems working out several problems in our relationship on our own.

I want her to be my last stop; and, because, I’m in love with her and want her to be my last stop, I acquiesced.

To be clear, this is couple’s counseling, and not individual counseling.

So, I searched the internet.

On my first set of search results I found Jessica Harvey, MFT.  I read her biography, and it impressed me; so, Mel and I scheduled a session with Jessica Harvey, MFT; and, we have been going to her twice a month for the past quarter; and, I’m really glad I did.

Jessica Harvey, MFT helps us, as a couple, in the following ways:

  • Non Judgemental:  Jessica Harvey, MFT creates a safe place for Melanie and I to freely express our thoughts and emotions; and, she doesn’t judge us for our points-of-view.
  • Solution-driven:  This is one of characteristics I love about Jessica Harvey, MFT…she gives us guidance and solutions.  She makes sure that she understands both sides of the argument, then she gives us her analysis as to the best way to handle the situation.  She gives her honest professional analytical solution as to the reason I need to look at the problem from this aspect or another aspect.  She provides solutions to our problems!
  • Positive-attitude:  Many times when Melanie and I are in an emotional battle at Jessica Harvey, MFT’s office, she will bring to our attention the positive aspect that Melanie are in and works with us on seeing that point from that point help us work together on finding a solution based upon our common ground.
  • Real-life experiences:  Jessica Harvey, MFT doesn’t give us industry-text-book analysis — rather, she gives us real-life present-day experiences that confront all couples in the world today.  The advice she gives us isn’t something I can buy from a book-store; her advice is from her own perspective of life, here education, and experiences she had in her own relationships — this, for me, is more important than reading some book, John Gray, Carl Jung, or Sigmund Freud wrote.
  • She’s a person:  Jessica Harvey, MFT has strong sympathy and empathy for Melanie and me.  When we are upset, I can see Jessica Harvey, MFT’s genuine care and concern for us; and, she makes sure we are fine to continue forward with the therapy session.
  • Objective and Goal-oriented:  Jessica Harvey, MFT gives us objectives to work on towards getting to our milestones and goals.  I follow her guidance, and I notice the drastic improvements in my relationship with Melanie.  I like seeing and measuring my progress.
  • Tools:  Jessica Harvey, MFT gives Melanie and I useful tools to improve our relationship, and these tools also work in my business relationships.

I can go on and on about my positive experiences with Jessica Harvey, MFT, as a couples therapist and psychologist; but, I will stop now — you get my drift.

Now, don’t get me wrong, as an INDIVIDUAL, I still have a negative images of 99% of psychologists and psychiatrists; however, Jessica Harvey, MFT is not in that 99% of those people. If I ever need INDIVIDUAL counseling, I would definitely seek her out.

So, if you are looking for individual or couples therapist, consider Jessica Harvey, MFT and give her a ring.

/s/ Alfonso Faustino

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